TEP Staff Recommendations to Transform Muni
The TEP’s Staff Recommendations focus on service factors aimed at increasing customer convenience: improved reliability, reduced travel time, more frequent service and updated Muni bus routes and rail lines that track with current travel patterns. The recommendations focus on providing resources where they are most needed. This includes new routes and route extensions, more service on busy routes and elimination or consolidation of certain routes or route segments with low ridership. By investing in delay reduction techniques and shifting resources to crowded routes, these recommendations will deliver more service to Muni customers without increasing Muni’s operating budget; accordingly, the system will be more efficient, effective, and customer friendly.

The Staff Recommendations, which will be presented to the SFMTA Board on September 16, 2008, incorporate much of the feedback we heard during the outreach process. Reliability improvements, delay reduction efforts, and related pilot projects will continue in the months ahead, while route and line changes could be implemented as early as July 2009, depending on the required environmental assessment. In the meantime, the SFMTA will continue to work to make Muni more reliable, safer, and quicker for all our customers.
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