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365 Day 29 | by pimpexposure
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365 Day 29

I am not religious, although I was raised Episcopalian. That is a religion that is basically Catholic but doesn’t have affiliations with the Pope. But let me tell you a little something about Jesus Christ. First of all, what an interesting character in the history of the human race. I fully believe that we are still in the very very very beginning stages of our existence. I believe we will be around for millions or billions of years (humans) and science tells us we have only been using tools with very basic social development for about 10,000 years, dating back to the Mesolithic age. If you put the number 10,000 on a scale with 1,000,000,000 (1 billion), then we are in the WEE beginning stages of human existence and technology and everything else.


Well – during this 10,000 or so years, the most interesting, revered, mocked, mysterious, and crazy character has been Jesus Christ. First of all here is a guy that we base our entire DATE on. When you write 12/23/2008 (today), that technically is based on this guy’s birthday. We base our entire calendar not on the revolutions around the sun or the stars or some kind of drastic event like an ice age or something. No – we base it on this dudes birthday. Wow.


Not only that, he is the most popular person in the history of this planet bar none. No one beats him. He is an instrumental person in all the major religions. You can say his name to anyone that I know, poor or rich, dumb or smart, dirty or clean, Mexican, Indian, Black, White, woman or man – and they will know who he is. That is amazing. I bet I can go to any country and just say the word “Jesus Christ” and they will have heard of him. I’m betting my left leg that I could go into a weird tribal village in Africa and mention Jesus Christ in their native language and they would have heard of him. I’ll bet you.


So that alone tells me this guy did something pretty damn significant. He died about 2000 years ago around the age of 30. He had a few followers. The Roman government killed him. His followers and their suceeding followers wrote about him for years and years. The Romans actually eventually took his Christian religion as their own. Funny how that worked.


He is the main subject in the most popular book ever written; The Holy Bible. You can find this book anywhere on this planet including motels, department stores, and every book store around (although he didn’t write a word of it).


You can find him on thousands of bumper stickers, car air fresheners, on the back of a cup you buy at Wal-Mart, on stickers, mowed on the side of the highway “Jesus Saves”, on car license plates “Jesus4”, EVERYWHERE!! It’s almost a fucking joke. It IS a joke. Somehow, I don’t think the guy who existed 2000 years ago wanted his mangled picture on some hippies t-shirt with a hand glider saying “What Would Jesus Do”. He would be ashamed and embarrassed of such ridiculousness.


All this guy preached was love. I think the people that act like they follow him or revere him have gotten so past the original teachings of this obviously fantastic man. Most of them make me sick with their stupid flashy graphics and advertisements. Jesus is rolling in his grave, believe me.


Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that millions of people consider him THE SON OF GOD. Ha, wow.


December 23rd, 2008

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Taken on December 23, 2008