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sasrai-Movement Appeal 04 | by sasrai-Movement
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sasrai-Movement Appeal 04

“sasrai-Movement” & Pope’s “bold cultural revolution”

Pope Francis says the world urgently needs a “bold cultural revolution” to tackle the looming challenge of catastrophic climate change while addressing the needs of the poor. In a much-anticipated, 184-page encyclical, the reformist Pope endorsed the scientific consensus that humankind is causing a dramatic shift in the world’s climate, which will have the greatest impact on the world’s poor. But he rejected the notion that market mechanisms or technological approaches alone can provide the solution.


Since 2004 “sasrai-Movement” appeals `We must get each child caring to each particle of food and resources. Combat the Climate Change, Global Warming, Poverty, Hunger, Disaster, Ensure Peace, Justice, Dignity and Rights for Each - save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources.’ Unfortunately most of the focus is human biased, but everything on this planet is symbiotically connected - plants, animals, humans and the Earth itself. We are in need of far sighted Goal & Target.

Planet in Need:

Each Creature Equality

Gender Equality

`sasrai’ Living

Stop Consumption Slavery

Stop Advertisement Administered Lifestyle


Pope Francis indicates: “Today, we have to realize that a true ecological approach always becomes a so¬cial approach; it must integrate questions of jus¬tice in debates on the environment, so as to hear both the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor,”


“sasrai-Movement” ONLY THE PATH TO SAVE MOTHER PLANET EARTH, NATURE. It’s only the path to Eliminate Racial Discrimination - End violence against WOMEN and CHILDREN. sasrai only the path to end POVERTY, VULNERABILITY, HUNGER, DISASTER, CLIMATE Change. Each second, minute, hour day needed to be spent considering earth, environment and humanity. We must get each child caring to each particle of food and resources. Wish the Peace, Justice, Dignity and Rights for all - save a bit, reserve, preserve, rejuvenate and conserve resources.


Let's we try to save one Taka/dollar/pound/yen ........from our daily use, consumption, expenditure, LUXURY combat the CLIMATE CHANGE, GLOBAL WARMING and the sequences Poverty, Hunger, Disaster, Peace, Justice, Human Security, Dignity, Rights


Let's be a desired friend to all creature, humanity, environment, earth

Plant for planet, water for world, environment for entire

sasrai – work locally-serve globally, initiative local-outcome global

sasrai – sustainable augmentation, solicited restraint, animated integrity

NB. UN, INGO,NGO officials need orientation on sasrai-Movement Pope’s Cultural Revolution


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Uploaded on June 26, 2015