Vernon and Florence Bailey
Selected images document the personal and professional interests of the couple, Vernon and Florence Bailey. Vernon Orlando Bailey (1864-1942) and Florence Merriam Bailey (1863-1948), both enjoyed long, fruitful careers in their respective fields. Vernon Bailey worked as a Field Biologist for the US Biological Survey, and wrote and collected extensively for the organization. Florence Bailey was known for her study and writing in the field of ornithology.
Both Florence and Vernon advocated for the wildlife they studied. Much of Florence Merriam Bailey’s field work and writing focused on the protection of birds, and she was a strong proponent for the use of binoculars instead of shotguns to observe them. Vernon Bailey had a long-held concern for humane animal population control. He went as far as to design and manufacture more humane traps and educate the public on their use.
Images include field photographs Vernon Bailey used in relation to his work for more humane trapping techniques. Images from Florence Bailey document her field work and travels.
To learn more about Vernon Orlando Bailey or Florence Merriam Bailey, please reference his or her field book records now available on Smithsonian Collection Search Center, delve into their materials in the Smithsonian Transcription Center, or browse the finding aids in the Smithsonian Institution Archives RU007267 and RU007417.
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