Halloween Trip 2009
This trip was spur-of-the-moment. I left home on Monday, Nov. 2 and spent the night in Bluff, UT, at the Kokopelli Inn. I came back home the next day.

I always visit the Comb Ridge Coffee House whenever I get the chance. I arrived in Bluff around 11 am and stopped there for a bagel and cherry smoothie. The folks there are vegans.

Some customers come from far away.

I took my bagel and smoothie to go. I wanted to get to Fallen Roof Ruin while the sun was high. It was a cloudless day.

Driving east on US163, I passed Valley of the Gods to the north and then turned north on SR261. After eight miles, this road becomes unpaved for about three miles as it ascends the Moki Dugway. It goes right up the side of a cliff and from the bottom, as you approach, there appears to be no way that this can happen!

About nine miles past the top of the cliff, you turn right on Cigarette Springs Road and proceed 3.4 miles down this well-graded but narrow dirt road to an unmarked parking area. From there it's a 1.5 mile hike down into Road Canyon. There are no signs but the trail is cairned. Unfortunately there are other crisscrossing trails that are also cairned. So having a good map and written directions is recommended.

Fallen Roof Ruin is located high up on the canyon wall. It's about a 200 foot climb up steep slick rock to the entrance. It was around 1:30 pm when I got there. I spent about an hour taking pictures before heading back to the truck.

I drove around looking for a good place to get some full moon shots at sunset. I kept driving as the sun got lower and lower. I ended up at Monument Valley.

Back in Bluff, I spent a restless night at the Kokopelli. The temperature in the room oscillated between way too hot and way too cold. Before hitting the sack I checked the moon setting time to see if it would be worth getting up early and driving over to Valley of the Gods (15 minutes away) to get some more shots of the moon. The site I checked on the Internet has the moon setting a few minutes before sunrise, so I decided to sleep in. Imagine my surprise when I went out at 7:30 the next morning, and there was the moon a few degrees above the horizon!

So anyway I had breakfast and set out for House on Fire ruin.

Located near mile marker 102 on SR95, the south fork of Mule Canyon has many ruins. House on Fire ruin is about a mile and a quarter up the canyon along an easy trail. I got there around 10 am.

After spending about an hour at House on Fire Ruin, I went east on SR95 for about 10 miles to the Butler Canyon Ruins, where I walked the half mile out to the overlook and took some pictures.

Then it was back to the Comb Ridge Coffee House in Bluff for another bagel and smoothie. They had just made a beautiful cherry cake that I tried to photograph without much luck.

At noon I headed home, arriving at 5:30, about 35 and a half hours after departing.
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