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Tutorial  - after | by Soffia Gisladottir
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Tutorial - after

TUTORIAL on how I made this one. If you wanna try here is the orginal:



1. I´ll work with the road and the sky on 2 images, since the settings will be

different. Go to Image - Duplicate. Name it road.jpg (you can minimize it, since we will start working on one)



2. Image - Adjustment - variations... pick more yellow, OK


3. We will first work on the sky: Create new ajustment layer, Image - Adjustment - Levels, put in the numbers 21, 1.08 , 255


4. Duplicate the layer (right click on the layer, choose duplicate)

Name it Sky01


5. With Sky01 , go to levels again, put in 41 , 0.96 , 255


6. Image - Adjustments - hue saturation. In master take hue down to +4 and cyan is -9. It doesn´t do much, just little.


7. Duplicate the layer named Background, name it sky02 and drag it on top of the other layers. Go to Image -adjustment - Levels. Put in 74 , 1.14 , 197

Then some parts of the clouds get over exposed, so choose the erase tool, have the opacity on the eraser around 70% and the brush very soft, and erase the whitest. Then the layer underneath shows. Then put the opacity on the layer down to ca 74%.


8. I want it to be smoother, so I open the program "Neat image2 ( I bought it, but I think there is a free trial at Now save this image (you can save it as psd if you wanna keep the layers, and then another one, f.x save as tutorial_sky.jpg



9. Open the tutorial_sky.jpg and minimize it, you can close the psd file


10. Now we´ll work on the road. Maximize the road.jpg


11. Duplicate the background layer, name the new layer road


12. Go to Image -Adjustment - Levels. Put in 21 , 1.10 , 199



13. Go to Image - Adjustments - Brightness Contrast. Put in +53 in Brightness and +80 in Contrast.


14. I think the road itself is to yello, but I like the other colors. Duplicate this layer you named Road. Name it Road02


15. Go to Image - Adjustments - Hue Saturation. Choose, Yellows and take the saturation down to - 75


16. Go to Image -Adjustment - Levels. Put in 0 , 1.08 , 172


17. On layer Road02 erase everything but the road. I also erase the yellow lines, cause I like them to be strong.


18. Now I´m happy with the road so I merge the layers ( or save this one as psd and another one as jpg) And drag the road layer to the sky Image


19. I kind of like the color of the yellow lines on the sky layer, so I´m gonna duplicate the layer Sky and erase everything but the yellow lines, the I put around 50 % opacity.


20 Flatten Image


21. Then there are cars on the road, I use clone stamp to remove them.


22. At last, crop it as you like. By holding in Shift while dragging the retangular marquee you get the perfect square ( you can also put 1 in width and height in fixed ratio. I can´t deside on the scuare or just cutting out the car. I like the square more, but I don´t like to cut out the clouds and the lake.



Now we are done, I could tweek on, but let´s say this done for now : )


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Taken on July 2, 2006