7 June 07 Thursday
Today was spent locally on the Fearn Peninsula. First back to Dornoch for a little shopping and banking -and a visit to the Dornoch Cathedral (yes, that's the one that Madonna has used for marriage and christening purposes). And then a drive to Tarbet - on the edge of the peninsula on the North Sea with a lovely lighthouse (not visited as it was a bit of a walk). Visits also to the local Potteries - Tain Pottery (much damage done there) and Anta Pottery (just looked).

Then after dropping Mother off for a nap, I went gallavanting around the seaside villages - Ballintore, Shandwick and Hilton. First the Shandwick Stone - quite amazing. Stumbled upon a lovely house (a little worse for wear) that immediately I fell in love with - its now my dream house. sigh.

Spent a bit of time at the shore of the cove at Shandwick - look at all the gorgeous rocks - such incredible colors - I have to admit I brought a few back with me!

Also discovered two lovely seaside gardens - although adjacent completely different in style. One of the owners came out and we had a lovely chat. I found out the name of the owner of my dream house!

And then back to the B&B for a lovely meal prepared by our hostess and the end to our last day in the northern Highlands.
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