eMate 300 Clear Case by Apple
eMate 300 Clear Case by Apple

UPDATE: I have now acquried an example of the eMate 300 Clear Case generously offered to me by fellow Newton Users - Ermin Mistica.

Thanks to Phil's (near Seattle) eagle eye sight I was directed to these photos of the eMate 300 Clear Case that were displayed in the February 2004 SNUG Meeting photos located here on Adam Tow's site www.tow.com

February 2004 SNUG Meeting
Used by permission
(Adam Tow)

Flash, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to provide these nice shots of your eMate!

eMate 300 Clear Case
Used by permission
(Flash Sheridan)

Original refernece I found about the eMate 300 Clear Case:

Hey I found this reference at ‘comp.sys.newton.misc’ about a eMate 300 Clear Case.
Does anyone know anyone in Apple who coordinated the eMate 300 Learning Classes?

From: Joshua Keay - view profile
Date:Wed, Apr 8 1998 12:00 am
Email: "Joshua Keay"
Groups: comp.sys.newton.misc

At MacWorld Boston 97 I saw a cool clear eMate being used by the guy
coordinating the learning class about eMates.

It was pretty cool, though I prefer the green.

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