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Saw-Whet Owl | by Stephen Oachs (
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Saw-Whet Owl

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Tell me you've EVER seen anything this cute before!


I fell in love these owls first time I saw one of these little fellas. I say little becuase they are TINY! They stand about as tall as a soda can. Seriously!


Their instinctive response to danger is to freeze. They must think "hey, if I freeze he won't see my GIANT eyes and he'll go on his way..."




Well, he thought this for about 30 minutes as I photographed him for quite some time. I setup my 500mm lens about 10-15 yards from him and fired away. He just stood there, staring at me, probably hoping I'd leave soon.


I have to wonder if these little buggers are strung out on meth or something...those eyes POPPING like that...oxycontin maybe??


This was pretty easy shooting given all the other owls I've photographed in the past 9 days would fly away when you get too close. Especially the Barred Owls.


So this will be my last Owl post for 2010. I do plan to return to Canada next year to continue my pursuit of the elusive Snowy Owl.


Thank you Flickr friends and I'll see you all in March!


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Taken on February 1, 2010