Florida 2007
The trip:

Late March 26th
Touchdown at Orlando

March 27-28th
Orlando with Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Sea World
Plastic tourist world and lots of bad fastfood restaurants (and some fun amusements;-))

March 29th
Kennedy Space Center
The grand tour

March 30th
Miami Beach
Hanging out, just enjoying life:-)

March 31th
The big swamp with varied vegetation, and lots of birds, crocodiles and alligators

April 1th-2nd
Florida Keys
The most beautiful colored sea, Key West and snorkeling at Key Largo

April 3th
Naples (Old Naples and The Naples Pier)
St. Petersburg/Tampa

A long all day drive from Key West to Tampa with a few stops on the way

Very early April 4th
Lift-off from Tampa

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Not every photo I have uploaded from the trip are included in this set. It will be boring and much to many to look through at once:-) If you really want to see everything go through my photostream for pictures tagged with Florida and 2007 (almost twice as many as in this set).


You might wanna see Henriks photos too


On the way to Florida we passed the southern tip of Greenland


We had a few hours to spend in Atlanta before our connecting flight on the way home
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