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The Adventure [6] - The Banshee | by Boys and Bees
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The Adventure [6] - The Banshee

As the travellers climbed the Burning Steppes into the dragon's lair, it was not Aydan's Buzz Lightyear Gun that freed his dad and uncle from the Serpent--It was his SCREAM! RETURN MY UNCLE AND FATHER AT ONCE OR BE VANQUISHED!!! (not in so many words of course he's only 3.5 after all! It's a fairy tale but let's keep it somewhat realisitic :p).


The wise and mystical dragon cowered and was in awe of Aydan's great power and quickly admitted defeat but the proud serpent gave one last quest to the weary travelers--"Gather 3 things of beauty in the Land of Color and return back up the Burning Steppes into the lair and be rewarded".


The 3 battle tested adventures accepted because how can adventurers be adventurers without accepting a quest from a dragon--duh! So they headed towards the Land of Color...







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Taken on April 21, 2011