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Invention: Idea Globe™ or Polar Chalk Board | by NineInchNachosII
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Invention: Idea Globe™ or Polar Chalk Board

Don't have much room for a full white board or maybe you think chalk boards are outdated and take up too much invaluable wall space? Why not build yourself a handy desktop Idea Globe™!




1. Used classroom globe (in this case my wife bought me one from target for x-mas).

2. Chalkboard Paint

3. Spackle

4. Newspapers

5. Gesso (with squirt of black acrylic paint).

6. Coat Hanger




remove earth globe from mount, bend coat-hanger into strait wire. stick through globe. hang the skewered planet over a layer of newspapers, sandpaper globe smooth using Spackle in any cracks. After every sanded Spackling job paint with a coat of black gesso. This will show you where you need more spackle in addition to getting things dark and primed for the eventual chalkboard paint. When the paint is dry roll up the layer of newsprint careful not to spill any dust or paint drips and throw it in the trash. Re-bend the coat hanger back and return to closet. Mount the sphere into the globe mount. Now you are ready to give it a test-writing. I recommend the word: "Rocket Sauce!"


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Taken on December 31, 2006