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10 Spot Ladybird - Adalia decempunctata

Saw quite a lot of 10 spot ladybirds nestled amongst the oak buds. They're such a variable species, in colour and markings! Common name ought to be 'Variable ladybird' instead of 10 spot!! (Although the Latin name refers to 10 spots, so no doubt the 'describer' had only found specimens with 10 spots at the time!!)

The Cliffe - Shropshire

10-spot ladybird - Adalia decempunctata


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Still have problems calling this the "10 Spot Ladybird", looks like the Pine, Heather, and Kidney spot to me.


ID by rockwolf.


Only ever recorded on the highlands in Ireland on Biodiversity's records, but now exclusively living in my garden. Well i can't travel to the mountains, but seems these little guys have traveled to me.

Tienvleklieveheersbeestje - 10 spot ladybird (Calvia decemguttata)

f. decempustulata which is my fave form!

Shawbury Moat - Shropshire (May 20)

from a few weeks back now!

Upton Magna - Shropshire

Pleased to find these 3 beauties last Sunday. Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

Another shot of this beauty (fave form!) from last year!

Shawbury Moat - Shropshire (May 20)

Being one of my fave species, I'm always pleased to find it!

Main shot from Shawbury Heath last Sunday, and the one in comments is from Eardington Quarry a couple of weeks back!


aka 10-spot! One of my fave species!

Merrington Green - Shropshire (April 2015)

A very mucky one (dried aphid juice)!

Wem Moss - Shropshire (May 20)

the gorgeous decempustulata form!

Shawbury Heath - Shropshire (May 20)

Just to show the size difference between a 10 spot ladybird (native) and the Harlequin 'invader'! (also aphids lurking in the BG!)

Tesco car park - Shrewsbury

Do love this species' variability!

Oswestry Old Racecourse - Shropshire

The bird cherries (Prunus padus) are developing well now, and the ladybirds are already making their way to them in readiness for the aphids that normally explode on them in the spring!

Upton Magna - Shropshire

With rather attractive markings!

Brown Moss - Shropshire (June 20)

aka 10-spot, and yet another form!

Venus Pool - Shropshire (May 12)

Was very pleased to find these 2 beauties last Sunday! The 10-spot is one of my fave species!

Prees Heath - Shropshire

Very excited to find my first 10-spot of the year last Sunday!

Sansaw - Shropshire

aka 10-spot, from back in 2013!

Wanted it included in the album.

St Dégan - Morbihan - Brittany

aka 10-spot, on heather.

The Cliffe - Shropshire

Adalia decempunctata form



Having found 10 spot Ladybirds for the first time in the Great Park during the spring I then came across a ‘new’ species but on further investigation it turns out they are highly variable as well so this is the ‘chequered’ form rather than the spotted one.


Another new one for me

A rather nicely coloured one!

Mousecroft - Shropshire

10 spot ladybird "adalia decempunctata" photographed in the garden Malvern Worcestershire

Adalia decempunctata


Another new species for me, my post work walk on Thursday I encountered a single tree next to the path that was coated with ladybirds of 5 different species, this tiny 10-spot maybe half a centimetre long was the only one I found of this species.


These #ladybirds are the most variable in the UK, and newly hatched ones take a long time to develop the orange background so are pale brown. They also don't always have 10 spots! But they usually have 1 shoulder spot and a white pronotum with black spots. Large groups can be found #hibernating in sheds or under bark.


Adalia decempunctata


This is quite a large macro subject for this time of year. I found it overwintering in the leaf litter whilst looking for some globbies. It seemed to keep still for a good stack, but in editing there was actually quite a lot of movement. Eventually the flash disturbed it too much and it stretched and wandered off. Nice to see a species other than the ubiquitous harlequin!


14 images @ 1-2X magnification


Shottisham Creek, Suffolk, 18 March 2020

a commonish species here in Glentrool though all species require a deal of time to locate them.

It is ridiculously varied in color forms inc melanic and in the number of spots, anything from 0-15.

I found this tiny ladybird (which I assume is a 10-spot ladybird), of about 3 or 4mm (so this is a bit of a crop from my 100mm macro), sunbathing on a tree stump in Kilmaurs yesterday.

We spotted this little Ladybird on the move, not sure on the ID of which Ladybird it is

Not sure if it's fairly newly eclosed, or if that's just it's colouring, but thought it rather lovely! It was certainly lively! Dorsal shot in comments.

Aire de la Mare des Fourches - France

Harlequin ??? though I don't recall it being of a particularly large size. I hope not as I found this locally in Glentrool.

Thank you Mick for ID, many images of this form available on a web search.

Do love this species! Hopefully will find plenty more in 2020!

Upton Magna - Shropshire

As I've said before, I love the variation in the 10-spot ladybirds!

All taken in Parc du Perche - France (July 19)

Main shot from Étang de la Benette.

I think this strange looking beetle is a '10 Spot Ladybird' (Adalia decempunctata).

I tried to get a better shot, but it ran away :-(


Taken at Marden Quarry, Whitley Bay, North east England.

10-spot ladybird. Focus stacked using zerene

10-spot ladybird on camellia leaf. One of the smaller species. Focus stacked using zerene

Variable 10-spot ladybird. Seeing a few of these this year

Just moulted ladybird nymph. Probably a variable 10-spot ladybird. Focus stacked using zerene

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