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Halyzia sedecimguttata


Photographed in my Kent garden.

The orange ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata) has 12-16 white spots. It overwinters in leaf litter or sheltered positions on trees and eats mildews. Considered until 1987 an indicator of ancient woodland, it has become widespread since it became common on sycamores.

Very pleased to see this beauty yesterday!

Just love their partially translucent pronotum!

Shawbury Moat - Shropshire

ein unerwarteter Besucher

sehr starke Ausschnittvergrößerung

Wiki sagt: "Die sowohl tag- als auch nachtaktiven Tiere sitzen meist auf Blättern, von denen sie den Mehltau abfressen."

Huch, an mir gibt´s aber keinen Mehltau !!!


unexpected visitor

orange ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata) with 16 spots

very strong enlargement


dog-walk Friday October 6th 2017


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16-spot Orange ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata)

Do love these little characters with their 'sun visors'!!

Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

At least the head's sharp... sort of!!

Wollerton Wetlands - Shropshire (May 20)

A male Adonis Blue ( ab Krodeli ) and an Orange Ladybird ( Halyzia sedecimguttata ) photographed at Yoesden Bank in Buckinghamshire.

Day 23. They still think I am dewdrop. Must present some form of daltonism...

Orange Ladybird 16 spot, leaving the scene! Happy Wing Wednesday. Have a great day ;0)

Not a great shot, the little darling didn't want to pose, just getting ready to fly!

Lovely to see the next generation underway, and was pleased to find some eggs that were identifiable, being on the same leaf, as ladybird eggs generally aren't!

Llynclys Common - Shropshire

Sechzehnfleckiger Pilz-Marienkäfer (Halyzia sedecimguttata)

Before it took off!

Stanmore Country Park - Shropshire

Happy weekend!

Happy Halloween!

Do love this species!

Was pleased to find a larva in July too!

Main shot taken in Mortimer Forest - larva (in comments) from Bucknell Woods - Shropshire

This orange ladybird just stopped where the sun was shining through the leaf! Really makes those translucent edges disappear!

Brown Moss - Shropshire

Infected with Hesperomyces virescens it seems!

Nocé - Parc du Perche - France

Halyzia sedecimguttata

Este pequeño escarabajo mide 5mm de largo. La foto está realizada con Canon 20D, canon 100mm macro tres anillo de extensión y raynox 250, foto original sin recorte

16-spot Orange ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata)

Been quite keen to find an orange ladybird for some weeks now, after hearing that other people were seeing them. So I was extra pleased to finally find this one last Sunday!

Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

My lockdown walk in the frost at the weekend had me checking an unexpected discovery by a friend in Killingworth of a group of ladybirds hibernating under the lip on a gravestone.


I was able to confirm his suspicions that they were Orange Ladybird (Halyzia sedecimguttata) a new species for both of us.


Distinguished at this time of year from the similarly patterned Cream-spot Ladybird by the lack of any black in the head, the darker body and spot colours of the Cream-spot can fade in winter to make them look similar.


It just goes once again to prove there is always something new to find.

Never seen so many as I did along that mildewed sycamore hedge!! From early right up to final instars! See in comments, all viewable large.

The Cliffe - Shropshire

Was fascinating watching this orange ladybird grazing, by sweeping her head from side to side, on the mildew!

Llynclys Common - Shropshire

They're so adorable!

Brown Moss - Shropshire (August 20)

Love these distinctive pupae!! Of all the larvae and eggs I found, this was the only pupa and adult (in comments) I saw. Not sure whether the eggs are hers (if it is indeed a she!) or not!

The Cliffe - Shropshire

Aka orange ladybird.

Such a cute little face!

Mortimer Forest - Shropshire

Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

aka orange ladybird.

As you know, I just love their semi-translucent pronotums!

Photo in comments with his little head out!

Merrington Green - Shropshire

aka Orange ladybird.

'Twas blowing a hoolie yesterday, but I was determined not to spend another Sunday stuck indoors!

Made my day finding this, as it's one of my fave species!

Shawbury Heath - Shropshire

Saw quite a few different ladybirds yesterday, which was rather pleasing!

Halyzia 16-guttata (orange ladybird) above, being one of my fave species, I was extra happy to find one!!


Dothill NR - Shropshire

Such beauties!!

Llynclys Common - Shropshire (Aug 19)

A month ago I was shown a group of 14 Orange Ladybirds (Halyzia sedecimguttata) hibernating.


That group was gone when I revisited but further investigations uncovered nearly 100 on other gravestones and trees.


Then I spotted one that had woken up and was marching up and down a tree in the sunshine, the 20 degree plus temperature jump from one weekend to the next has the insects stirring.


In a very short space of time it went from pale and washed out colours to vibrant and marched to the end of a twig and took off.

Possibly my fave ladybird species! (Orange ladybird)

Shawbury heath - Shropshire

"Halyzia sedecimguttata" - meeldauwlieveheersbeestje

Was pleased to find this species in France! As I've said before, I just love their translucent 'visors'!!

Maison du Parc - Nocé - France

aka Orange ladybird.

Main shot is from Shawbury Heath (Sept 18) and the one in comments (a bit dark!) was from Grinshill on 24.01.16.


Was pleased to find a pupa as well as another larva (in comments) on Sunday. I love that you can see the eyes already with the pupa! The pronotum is already translucent, as it is as an adult.

Aston Locks - Shropshire

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