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Drawn with kind permission from a fabulous photo taken by Sarah Dodd (Sera.D. on flickr). See below:


This lovely little frog, roughly the size of the tip of a thumb, was rescued and re-homed by a wildlife expert. Sarah visited him to take some photographs of his menagerie and was touched to find that he had named this endearing little character after her.


This is Sarah's description of this Big-Eyed Tree Frog:


'A rather fidgety (but incredibly beautiful) Leptopelis Vermiculatus. Often referred to as a Peacock tree frog (so called for the sound of their call), Big-Eyed tree frog, or Amani Forest Tree Frog (please feel free to correct me!). They originate from the closed-canopy wet tropical rainforests of Tanzania and are insectivorous. '


Signed limited edition prints are now available through my website: £25 unmounted and £33 mounted (before p&p if outside of the UK). The link below will take you straight to the page you need:


Dimensions for the prints are:

Image: cm x cm (" x ")

Paper size: cm x cm (" x ")

Another commission safely delivered :0) This time to Reno. Meet Sammy. She is a black Goldendoodle (Golden Retreiver x Standard Poodle). The 50/50 cross is sought after as theoretically you get the best of both breeds. Her owners are lucky in that she is a GREAT representative of both breeds. She is highly intelligent (Poodle) and very loving and calm (Golden Retriever) and as an added bonus she does not shed.


Sammy spends her days in the yard with Craig who is retired. Her favorite thing in the yard is the lizards. She will hold a point on a lizard for 15+ minutes! This is great if you want to hunt lizards. When she is not in the yard she is running errands with Craig in the car. Her nights are spent on the couch, which is something that none of her owners other dogs have ever been allowed to do! In their words:


Paula: 'In our lifetimes we have had many dogs and she is by far the most intelligent. Craig: "She is without a doubt the most fun, personable, intelligent dog that I have ever owned." Her portrait was a gift from Paula to Craig for their 31st anniversary.


Happy lizard hunting, Sammy :0)


(I'd be doing the same ...if we had lizards here!)


As always, info on commissions can be found here:

JAKE (pastel on pastel card)


This was a rather special commission for me. Everything about it from was hugely heart-warming and showed me the incredible kindness, consideration and generosity of all involved. I will remember it for a long time.


The portrait of Jake, a much-loved four-legged friend who had not long passed away, was commissioned as a surprise present.


Jake's owner had rescued him as a puppy from a skip park in Battersea, 'He was constantly by my side for his whole life and there will never be another like him. He would come everywhere with me, including work where he was the best ice-breaker when I was photographing people in the studio or on location. He didn't have a bad bone in his body and loved everybody and they loved him. Being half Collie and half Jack Russell he was two very intelligent dogs in one and was so clever and obedient that he would never need to be on a lead even in a busy crowd. You will think I've lost it, but he was a kind of a (short legged) sheep dog!'


I don't usually do this but I wanted to share part of the thank you message that I received from Jake's owner as I really appreciated it and think that it's rather lovely (and will probably make us all want to go and hug our animals!):


'Dear Ali, Susie and I were completely and utterly stunned to receive your portrait of Jake from Katie and Dan. Actually you will think I'm a soft fool but I couldn’t hold back the tears and cried like baby. I miss that dog so much and when I saw that picture it really got me. I haven't been able to look at photos of him since he died so I was choked!


These kinds of paintings are usually impressions, illustrations or 'likenesses', but what you have done is the most difficult thing of all and create a real portrait. You perfectly got his character and gaze, that only we could recognise and the detail is stunning. More so than any photograph. I love what you did with the wall and the background colours, it's a really happy and serene painting. I think you are so talented and am really grateful for the thoughtful work and care you put into it.


We've hung the picture where we can see it all the time so at last I'm getting used to seeing the old chap!!


Perhaps we could thank you in person some day,



Ahh, isn't that lovely? :0)


(If anyone is interested in limited edition prints of Jake's portrait they are available here):


As always, Information on commissions can be found here: