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Peeking upward from the museum's fourth floor to the fifth floor bridge and the shoe soles of the daring people crossing it.


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Peeking upward from the museum's fourth floor to the fifth floor bridge and the shoe soles of the daring people crossing it.


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At the 24th/Mission BART station, San Francisco, a few minutes into October 3, 2010.


Pets on BART: "BART allows pets to be brought aboard at no additional charge. The only requirement is that the pet must be secured in a container that is specifically manufactured for transport of a pet."


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Yet another case of my wanting to go for just a short walk in SF but finding the walk so enjoyable I can't quite stop. Somehow I found myself at the top of Corona Heights Park.


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The Intercontinental Hotel, 888 Howard Street, which I know better as that really, really blue building, is reflected in Bloomingdale's Mission Street face, also known as the back end of the San Francisco Centre.


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Crossing from the East to the North Bay connecting to 101 on our way to Sonoma Co.

The former Emporium department store reborn as the Westfield Shopping Center.

Some pepper for the Caesar salad? Yes please.

The signature roast chicken is superbly done but to be honest probably not really worth the hour wait and the shockingly high price, even when you include the tasty bread salad sitting underneath. Sam went over the top with the thick pork chop, well-brined and juicy.

High ceilings, big windows, a loooong bar, copper-clad tables. The perfect blend of the Californian culinary aesthetic and American comfort food. No wonder at Zuni's perpetual popularity.

Unfortunately Michelle got called in at the last minute and couldn't make it.

Pick up a few things at the waterfront farmers' market and browse the arts fair.

San Francisco all the way, baby (video)

At the 24th/Mission BART station, San Francisco, a few minutes into October 3, 2010.


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And the San Francisco Mart building. San Francisco, August 15, 2009.


SFGate, 2008: "In 2005, 300 furniture wholesalers filled the San Francisco Mart. In 2008, 30 remain. Last week, those were given notice to vacate the 1937 Art Deco building at 1355 Market St. by the end of the year so that the developer can turn it into office and retail space."


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A sloppily-assembled, more crowded counterpart to this.


Somewhere between Castro and Powell. Not that that's any pin-point...

After 73 years of service, whether for cars or trains, the curving segment of the bridge shown in the lower-right corner is now closed permanently, to be replaced initially by a detour paralleling that portion to the right and then by the new Bay Bridge Eastern Span straight ahead.


Eastern span replacement of the San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge


Yerba Buena Island Transition Structure


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One level above is the Interstate 280 Extension. One level below (not pictured) is the 22nd Street Caltrain station. And between the two is this intersection.


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Finally got to try the place widely acknowledged as SF's best bakery. The pain au chocolat and breakfast bun might be quite a bit larger than how the French would make them, but who cares about what the French would think? Especially when the pastries are tasty and cafe au lait comes in a big bowl like it should.

It was a relatively chilly night so we sat inside instead of out in the courtyard where the old foreign movie was playing. It was too bad we missed out on Foreign Cinema's namesake schtick, but the space inside was very nice, too, with high ceilings and good spacing between tables.

And it was, too.


SO had slices of Kobe bavette steak with arugula and tomatoes. Michelle had halibut on a curried chutney.

I had the salmon wrapped in fig leaf. Sam chose the Middle-Eastern-spiced lamb skewer.

Thankfully our typhoon-delayed travel plans didn't affect our dinner date with Sam and Michelle in SF.

Arrived at the San Francisco airport fresh and hale in the morning.

The last remaining two-level freeway in the Bay Area. That's not counting the Bay Bridge and the Richmond-San Rafael Bridge. But they were built to cross the bay. This was built to save on right-of-way costs. So were the two-level roadways of the Central Freeway, Embarcadero Freeway, and Cypress Structure. But those are gone, and only this is still standing. As long as it's still structurally sound, this structure seems a lot more acceptable than the other three, especially since it passes through a mostly industrial neighborhood. But I know I'm not the only one who thinks of the 1989 earthquake when I drive it.


More about two-level freeways.


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While J-Church trolleys are rolling along the tracks behind me, I witness a huge crowd of twentysomethings watching on a big screen at the bottom of the hill what appears to be The Breakfast Club. It's Film Night in the Park at Dolores Park.


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What caught my eye was mainly the Bay Bridge and also the One Rincon Hill development. The building really stands out now but might not for very long.


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Several withdrawn Muni riders in a candid, composite image made with a Vivitar Mini Digital Camera, Autostitch, and my best spy-camera technique.


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