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Scene created by Scylla Rhiadra

Scene created by Scylla Rhiadra

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MANUELLA Gown was made for mesh bodies Maitreya, Belleza and Slink, comes with 03 textures per hud color to change it.

Norwegian icebreaker D/S Isbjørn photographed in 1902 by Anders B. Wilse. Isbjørn, built in 1894 by Akers Mekaniske Verksted in Kristiania (Oslo), served as icebreaker for the port of Oslo until1937, when it was sold to A/S Inger (Jacob Kjøde A/S), Bergen, in order to be used for the traffic to Svalbard. This image in the Maritime Museum of Norway archive (Digital Museum) was digitally hand painted by me.

The fate of this beautiful 35.9 m ship was sad :

"on Apr. 30-1942 Isbjørn departed Greenock for Svalbard, together with the seal catcher Selis. On board was a force of 82 men, whose task it was to regain control of Svalbard. They got as far as Isfjord, but in Grønfjord the ice stopped them, and the next evening 4 German aircraft (from Norway) attacked, hitting Isbjørn with 2 bombs which immediately sank her. Selis was hit shortly thereafter and caught on fire, 12 were killed and 15 wounded. The rest scattered on the ice and were able to avoid the machine gun fire. The survivors rescued some weapons and equipment from Selis and managed to get to Barentsburg, where they were assisted by a British Naval Force on July 2."

Scene created by Scylla Rhiadra.

doing some car art / desktop images for friends while lockdown is going on..


Internet sourced image. 3 jpgs (-1.0 , 0.0, +1.0) then HDR merge..CS3 effects with Topaz plug in


Leverkusen / North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany


Album of Germany (the west):


Album of "Doors Of The world":

In 1902, China was still ruled by the Qing dynasty, under the reign of Guangxu, controlled himself by Cixi. The decline of the empire was already well underway...


This is China~~







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Preserved Midland Red Mercian Olympian 1902 prepares for a trip to the Maypole


Vehicle Details

Operator: Midland Red Mercian, preserved

Fleet Details: 1902

Registration: EEH 902Y

Vehicle Type: Leyland/ECW Olympian

Built in 1902 by Robert Andrew “Buck” Sangster (1878-1957), with part of the proceeds from a winning lottery ticket. Constructed in the Queen Anne revival style with classic revival elements on the exterior. Curly red pine woodwork decorates the 12-room interior. Ernest Lord (1860-1941) was the architect. The house was purchased in 1929 by Sangster’s brother, W. W. Sangster, and it remained in the Sangster family until 1965.

Pastel, 61 x 50 cm, 1902, Walters Art Museum, Baltimore.


Mary Cassatt, la fille d'un riche banquier de Pennsylvanie, a beaucoup voyagé à travers l'Italie, la Belgique et l'Espagne et s'est formée à Paris avec plusieurs professeurs notables, dont Gérôme et Couture. Elle a rencontré Degas en 1877, et bien que leur amitié soit agitée et se termine par un éloignement total, la rencontre s'avère significative pour les deux artistes. Sous son influence, le style réaliste et terreux de Cassatt a cédé la place à une approche plus impressionniste. Comme Degas, elle a exploré diverses techniques, y compris les pastels et les gravures (cf. musée de Baltimore).

Breda, the Netherlands.


Dit prachtige herenhuis, in art-nouveaustijl uitgevoerd, is een rijksmonument (nummer 519024) in Breda. Het werd in 1902 gebouwd in opdracht van de steenhouwer Ch.P.A.M. Petit. Ontwerp van de Bredase architectencombinatie P.A. Oomes en L. van der Pas. Bij de bouw van 1902 is het voorste gedeelte van een vroeg 19e eeuws huis weggebroken. Het huis is gebouwd aan de haven van Breda, die in ca. 1970 werd gedempt. Het smalle hoge huis, met de voorgevel op het oosten, ligt ingeklemd door belendende bebouwing op een grillig gevormd perceel dat doorloopt achter verschillende percelen aan de Haagweg en Prinsenkade. Twee belangrijke verbouwingen vinden plaats. De eerste in 1928 door architect H. Berben (Breda) die de 19e eeuwse achtergevel aanpast. De tweede in 1970 door architect C.F. Verheul, die in de voorgevel de raam- en deurpartij verwisselt. Sinds ca. 1995 is de achtergevel bekleed met kunststof platen. Het gebouw heeft thans een winkelfunctie. Anno 2020 zit chocolatier La Bohème in het gebouw.

Old and now abandoned factory building long tied to John Deere which has a Plow Works plant down the street.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police


Random Goodness Working towards a Better World


Public Domain

Amersfoort, 15 November 2019.

The hospital. Trondheim, Norway.

Schoonselhof, Antwerpen

The Bandstand in the park lit up for Christmas. The bandstand was built in 1902.


National Express West Midlands Scania Omnilink 1902, BX09 PCU, is seen in Birmingham on the 6 to Solihull.

NMBS 1902 met M6 + 18/19 met M6 sporen richting Hasselt.

Zichem 23/2/2021

1902 con el mercante Ariz-Santander con únicamente plataformas de bobinas pasando por Artxube camino de Aranguren.

The gasoline-powered Curved Dash Oldsmobile was the first

mass-produced automobile; it was built on an assembly line using interchangeable parts. It was made from 1901 through 1907.

-- Wikipedia



Transportation Museum, Owls Head, Maine


The car had quarter elliptical springs for a quite flexible suspension and ... plenty of ground clearance ... It had a top speed of 19 MPH and was marketed towards people who thought they preferred a horse and carriage. It sold well and was considered a success.

-- From Steve's Comments (below)

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