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Special thanks to Cari McKeenan and Little Branch for the landscaping materials.

I'll comment tomorrow because I need my energy today rebuilding my website to prepare it for my plans for the coming year with a lot of nice items on photography. I inform you when there is something interesting for you in the photo description.

Sandy Island Comox Valley B.C Canada

Sandy Island Comox Valley B.C Canada

The very first second of 2016 in the world started in New Zealand and this is how it began. To all my friends - Greetings from my city, Auckland, New Zealand.

Sandy Island Comox Valley B.C Canada

Still loads of berries around for them to eat!

Feliz Navidad !!


Merry Christmas !!

The atmosphere of Warsaw in the 30s.

I hope you like the picture.

Thank you for your comments.

I'm very busy so I'm catching up when I can.

1/ terminar todos los que me fijé para 2015 y que obviamente estan sin hacer.

2/ intentar terminar, de una vez por todas, el libro de fotografía digital de José María Mellado,

Y sobre todo volar libre nos dejan los políticos.



2016 projects

1/ to end all those started in 2015 which are obviously still pending.

2/ try to finish, once and for all, a book about digital photography by José María Mellado

And specially....... fly free if politicians allow.





con las texturas FTexturaim058 & maxim de winter by Isabel Marchán


♫♪ play ♫♪.


Sandy Island Comox Valley B.C Canada

Can you believe it's only four more sleeps?


Is everyone ready?


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“...the endless repetition of an ordinary miracle.”

― Orhan Pamuk, Snow


It's been snowing here for the last two days, and I've been shooting snowflakes, each one an incredible tiny miracle.................and isn't it crazy how something less than 2mm can accumulate into 8 inches or more in such a short amount of time ???!!

Olympus digital camera

Sandy Island Comox Valley B.C Canada

Music box dancer



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