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22-spot Ladybird.


Minute lady beetles/bugs, only 3-5mm long and therefore a formidable challenge for even the most powerful macro lens, particularly when they are on the move like this lime-coloured fella.


Dutch: Citroenlieveheersbeestje (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

Here's some some razor-laden apples to bob for this Halloween season. It's the 2001 Big Enchilada Spooktacular to help you keep the true spirit of this holiday in your heart. This also marks my third anniversary of doing this silly show. So come on, podlubbers, let's get creeped out together!




Here's the playlist:


(Background Music: Zombie Drums by The Zombie Surfers)

Devil's Stomping Ground by Southern Culture on the Skids

Ghoulman Confidential by The Fleshtones

Vampire Sugar by Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons *

Spiders and Skulls by The Liquid Vapours *

I Walked With the Zombie by Roky Erikson & The Nervebreakers

The Haunted House Boogie by Happy Wilson


(Background Music: There's a Creature in the Surfer's Lagoon by The Deadly Ones)

Mostruo Vodu Punk by Horror Deluxe

Frankenstein by 22 Pistepirkko

Creature From The Black Leather Lagoon by The Cramps

Transylvania Terror Train by Capt. Clegg & The Night Creatures

Monsters of the ID by Stan Ridgway

The Skeleton in the Closet by Putney Dandridge


(Background Music: Miss Monster by Modie Bones) *

I Lost My Baby to a Satan Cult by Stephen W. Terrell

Wolfman on Your Trail by 3-D Invisibles

Hungry Teenage Wolfman by The Bama Lamas *

Devil Dance by The Devils

Vampire by Half Japanese

Ghost in the Graveyard by The Prairie Ramblers

(Background Music: Halloween Hell by The Goldstars)


Songs so marked are from the fabulous Best of The GaragePunk compilations, Click on the links over the songs -- as opposed to the ones over the artists -- to get to the correct compilation. Then do yourself a favor and buy some of these comps.


Want More Spooky Tunes?


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Finnish rock band that I used to listen to a few years ago. 22-pistepirkko.Oh, and also known as the 22-spot ladybird. Landed on my finger today as I was sitting in the sunshine reading a crime novel.

22 Pistepirkko - Broken Toys



Jendrix en la web









22. Marienkäfer (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

Girl on a moped. Golfers near Årsta Säteri. 22-Pistepirkko. Military vessels at Berga. Ambulance helicopter over Tungelsta. People enjoying the Summer at the beach at Årsta Havsbad. Lasse's new cool looking bike. Girl going the wrong way. She stopped me a few minutes later asking for directions so I helped her out. Photogenic dog at the art gallery. Sportscar at Dalarövägen. Corn field at Alby. Curious cat on a balcony above the cafe. Bus 839 to Dalarö at Klockarlötsvägen. The woman getting off the bus was on her way to a wedding or a funeral. She asked me when the return bus would come so I looked that up for her. Guided walk at the Art Promenade, (konststigen). That's a wrap. Well just one more then, a panning photo of a motorcycle, shot that one this afternoon.

Live @ Flow 2008 HKI Finland.

Featured in We are Helsinki magazine nov-dec

Not a bad band, not sure if they are still around. Flew in while I was chatting away with some of the usual suspects at the cafe yesterday afternoon.

Out chasing that Finnish rock band in the wet grass. Try saying Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata a few times.

Love it when an old Rock band you used to like as a teenager is still going strong and able to rock your socks off. Went to this concert, placed right to the scene like a real groupie, reaching for my camera and ready to shoot like a maniac. There was this guy next to me, ready to shoot like a maniac as well and using Nikon like me. When he saw my lenses he offered to loan me one of his ( which by the way I cant afford right now). I have never seen this guy before, and yet he was ready to hand his lens over to me just because we were both using Nikon!!?! How great is that?? Well took like 350 photos, I have yet to go through them all, but I really liked this one :)

22.Marienkäfer (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata)

BBQ with two of the usual suspects at Villa Blåmes today. This ladybug flew in and landed on the table. It shares it's name with a Finnish rock band. One of the suspects remembered a gig with the band at the local music scene Gula Villan a number of years ago. The Latin name is Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata.

Day 195 // Y4 // 09.09.2011


She was never alone,

I have to nail it down -

Radio tuned to the lonely hearts.


Sometimes I feel like coming home,

Walking in the boardroom.


-- "Boardroom Walk", by 22-Pistepirkko




Project Soulpancake Week 32: Buy an album based solely on its cover art.


I actually bought this album ages ago, in my favourite record store (101 Records in Croydon) - they have loads of used music for daft prices, and one of my favourite things to do in the store was to pick things to buy by the cover art alone! This has proved to be an awesome way of listening to things that I would never normally buy, sometimes good, sometimes bad... This album in particular is pretty rad - it's by a Finnish rock band formed in the 1980s, and is brimming full of lovely sounds.


I did actually order a new album from the internet this week, with this theme in mind... But it hasn't arrived yet!

22 Pistepirkko playing their last ever gig at Tavastia in Helsinki, 22.8. 2015

Gutter Island Garage Rock Festival, Denmark, 2006-08-26.


The Others are 22 Pistopirkko covering their favourites. When they did 'Love Hurts', I fell apart. I love these guys.

Re-organizing my records..

Finnish band 22-Pistepirkko at the Laboratorium, Stuttgart, 2013-03-22


more: 22-Pistepirkko im Laboratorium

22-Pistepirkko @ Vastavirta-klubi

Wed 05/03/2008 21:52

Here´s the unedited version.

This was the only one shot w/o flash. Some Photoshop done afterwards, cleaned away some stuff, changed the hue and contrast und so weiter.

Asko plays guitar (?) and keyboards. He is also quite an artist. Check out his gallery through the official website of 22-Pistepirkko. I added a link to some previous photo description.

22-Spot Ladybird - ahopirkko, 22-pistepirkko


(Lasilaakso, Espoo, Finland, 25.5.2013)

Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata (often abbreviated to Psyllobora 22-punctata), the 22-spot ladybird, is a 3.5 mm long ladybird commonly found in Europe. In fact, this guy was noticably smaller than any of the other lady bugs that I spotted. While I was busy shooting a bee hunting nectar, I accidentally stumbled upon this.


Each wing case features 11 evenly spaced black spots. The pronotum, or section between the head and the abdomen, also features 5 black spots, so it probably should have been called the 27 spot ladybird.


Unlike most other ladybirds which feed on aphids, P. 22-punctata eats mildew, especially from umbellifers and low-growing shrubs.


A Finnish name of this beetle, 22-pistepirkko, is the origin of the name of the popular band.


Shot at the Red Cross Museum lawns while waiting for the next tour at the United Nations office, Geneva, Switzerland. This is one of the rare occasions when I have been able to pick up a macro. On most others, I have been overwhelmed by the scenery and (hopefully) the 10mm has been able to do justice to it.

22-pistepirkko at Ruisrock

Yes, Espe not only playes drums but sings, too! :)

Espe is the drummer of 22-Pistepirkko. 22-Pistepirkko was founded 1980 and still they are alive and kicking. ;)

22-Pistepirkko with Super Horns @ Valtteri-festivaali

22-Pistepirkko with Super Horns @ Valtteri-festivaali

22-Pistepirkko with Super Horns @ Valtteri-festivaali

22-Pistepirkko with Super Horns @ Valtteri-festivaali

22-Pistepirkko with Super Horns @ Valtteri-festivaali

Yeasayer: End Blood 7", Gil Scott-Heron & Jamie XX: We're New Here Box Set, Clinic: Ladies Night 10", Warpaint: Undertow/ Warpaint 7", Radiohead: Supercollider/ The Butcher 12", V/A: A Rekords Rekords Record 10", 22-pistepirkko: Birdy/ Birdy Dub 7", ZZ Top/ Mastodon: Just Got Paid 7", Arctic Monkeys: Don't Sit Down 'Cause I Moved Your Chair/ Brick By Brick 7" & Franz Fedinand Covers E.P.

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