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Bokeh-battle vs Stefan. Theme: Macro (=no close-up; 1:1 ratio)


Round 2 - pic 2/5 - follow the Battle in the group "BOKEH-BATTLE"


Here I wanted something special - a "double Bokeh", you can see it inside the water droplet. It took me a lot of time to arrange this kind of Bokeh.



Sony ILCE-7

Sony FE 2.8/90 MACRO G OSS (f3.2)




Manual focus, manual setup, available light at sunset, handheld. Hope, you enjoy! All visits, faves and comments are appreciated!

This is way my 2nd choice for MM. I poured a few colours of nail polish and created a mini master piece. (LoL) This is a very small part of a piece that is no bigger then 3" of course.

Emperor (immature male) Spotted on an clump of reeds in the middle of a pond I just managed the shot before he took his maiden flight, worth getting wet for.


Many Thanks for all your views, faves and very kind comments.

40% longer exposed as the previous one, SE6 Blue, Copper bleach, Easy Lith 4+4+500ml 40°C one minute followed by a hot water bath30 seconds.

© pp



2nd Advent


Château de la Bretesche à l'aube... Chouans pas loin... 😉

Select Sepia (PW14), ECO 4812,

Lith Copper bleach, redevelopment Easy Lith 3+3+600ml at 45°C 1 minute + 45 seconds hot water.

Cybergraphics Oriental VC Warmtone 2nd pass lith.

Of course the results are identical to those on Fomatone.

Entrance at East 83rd Street and 2nd Avenue - 2017 - Mosaic Portraits by artist Chuck Close of the composer Philip Glass (straight ahead) and Cindy Sherman a New Jersey-born photographer and film director (right)


The sun rises again above the murk. Baginbun beach, Wexford, Ireland.



-*- No Cabide Doll Lingerie




-*- -*- DOUX - Maddie hairstyle



-*- CATWA Catya

-*- BELLEZA mesh body

Thanks [] for the cinema!

Heidi for store India ♥

Halftime performance

Huge thanks to Belli e brutti un gruppo per tutti... ahahah! (blogger and not) for this honour in choosing this as their group cover.


I wish I could claim this as mine, but alas, I am only the model in this one.

Take a bow Nathaniel Pierce. All credit to you.


Original Here

The lower, 2nd drop of Wentworth Falls.

A bit of an indulgence to post this, but it's a waterfall I particularly like to visit.

200mm f/4 K Series and railingpod

2nd pass lith from the same digital print negative with Kallitype curve.

Ilfomar A112 in Eco4812, Copper bleach, Easy Lith 5+5+500 hot 2 minutes.

thats the stair house of the lost child hospital of Hohenlychen, many light flooded rooms are here

The base of the 2nd drop of Wentworth Falls. Still flowing nicely.

The base of the 2nd drop.

Done using a treepod - always handy when the real one stays home.

Bunker Hill

Downtown Los Angeles


This area of the city looks nothing like it did in the 1920's. Now it is luxury apartments, skyscrapers and people living in tents on the street. It is a whole other world and I am drawn to it.

HVOB - 2nd World


"with your hand

you kept the real world outside

i hear you and you hear me

through the songs

we can not be

i draw a way out of this mess

and it leads into a 2nd world

a 2nd world

a world where you are free "

FP4 35mm, N+1 in Finol,

2nd pass lith on Fomabrom 113 BO


bonus: bloomed twice this year

Just over 11 weeks from my first C-19 vaccination, I received my second dose last night at the mass vaccination centre in Bournemouth.


© 2013 tapa | all rights reserved

This is only the 2nd snow this winter.

But it completely changed the city


Lens: Kiron/ Panagor 28mm f2 MD mount


If you want to see great photos please visit

Only Awesome Photos Group

Fomatone 132 in Eco 4812,

Copper bleach only 30 seconds,

redeveloped in Easy Lith 3+3+800ml 1 min at 36°C


You might happen to recognise this as the same location as my previous photo... ... Except there are trains!


We had an afternoon punctuated by showers of rain, and decided it was worth the risk in an attempt to get some nice cloud. The plan was to head further out along the ECMT where it is more open, but the signals at Ruakura were set for a crossover, thus we went back to this location.


The final shot is a combo with the DL pasted on top of the other image.


The locos were DC 4611, but for life of me I can't remember the DL :( I think it was 94** but I don't really know.

Taken as the sun was going down, looking towards Wales

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