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... during the Anthropocenic epoch. Just a jiffy but a lot happened to happen. There were Aurora Borealis, a meteor, thick fog and the Ursa Major on the same scene. It was very dark and I saw nearly nothing but the darkness, the Great Bear and some green light scattered in the thick fog. My camera saw much more:)


Copyright © Kimmo Ojaniemi

Paseo tempranero por la playa de la Malvarosa (Valencia)

30 Aniversario de la Patrulla Águila

Postata in data: 28/05/2020 ore: 14,00

Programmi : Photomatix - Photoshop - Camera Raw

Camera : Nikon D7000

Luogo : Marocco

Obiettivo : Nikon 50mm

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The whole work is created from scratch in Ps & Painter except the wallpaper which belongs to Jerry Jones.

Brugge 01-08-2017


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Chapelle désacralisée -Chemin de la Plaine - Montmaur - Hautes-Alpes - France

your birthday was the 22.7.


done for 52 weeks: the 2016 edition

theme: birthday/ anniversary

La Malbaie, Québec, Canada

30 Aniversario de la Patrulla Águila

C16 Eurofighter

I been experimenting this kind of shot for few times and finally i got it the way i want it to be.

La rosa

no buscaba la aurora:

Casi eterna en su ramo

buscaba otra cosa.


La rosa

no buscaba ni ciencia ni sombra:

Confín de carne y sueño

buscaba otra cosa.


La rosa

no buscaba la rosa:

Inmóvil por el cielo

¡buscaba otra cosa!


Federico García Lorca



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Electrical vehicle charging station and bench at the backside of the former Shell Oil Company office building in Rotterdam.



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Vienkemis Resort_Palanga_Lithuania

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Geneva, Switzerland

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