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Fun with stars, the reflections are sweet, the fog and ambiance was something else

Santa Pauli-Weihnachtsmarkt

Reeperbahn Hamburg

Hace unas semanas Bego subió una foto de una Queimada (que no quiso prender) en la que recitaba un conjuro donde se invocaba a las fuerzas de la naturaleza, aire, tierra, mar y fuego. Desde entonces que me rondaba la idea de representar los cuatro elementos y Celeste con su reto me brindó la oportunidad. Gracias a las dos, chicas!

Lake Ippesheim. Thanks for comments and awards. I appreciate it!

A stobie pole on Little Rundle Street with blue 4 painted on it, as seen in conjunction against a commercial signage on the wall behind.

Rio Guadalquivir, a su paso por Coria del Rio, Sevilla

Playing with my stairs-photo 'Different' (see first comment box).

I put the other 3 previous abstracts there too.


HSS ;-)

4 caterpillars on one branch. Taken in my garden.

Channel 4 TV headquarters, London.

TGIF and HFF everyone :)

Looking close... on Friday! : Three

Channel 4 TV headquarters, London.

Capture of a Kronstadt quay wall and one of the numerous fortresses. At the far right a glimpse of the famous Naval Cathedral or St Nicolas Cathedral.


Wikipedia: Kronstadt


Wikipedia: Kronstadt Naval Cathedral


From the album Russia Summer 2016

Pip's face when I tell her she's about to be picked up for a day up the farm.

There'll be much scampering around when she hears the car pull up out front.

April's project for 12Months for Dogs group: 'Focus'

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looking back....and moving forward...


“What's done is done. What's gone is gone. One of life's lessons is always moving on. It’s okay to look back to see how far you’ve come but keep moving forward.”

Roy Bennett


We seem to be stuck in a cycle of dreary, damp, murky weather...not very inspiring, so time to dig around in the archives...and rework a shot from 2013.! first attempt at left handed texturing and tweaking!


textures thanks to Kerstin Frank and PaintedWorks.

52 weeks in 2016 ... Astrophotography/Night Photography ...


... I'm on ski holiday at the moment so had a little trouble finding a good subject for this challenge ... I ended up at the graveyard ... beautifully located near the church and the school ...



It's a damp morning here today..

I'm going to have a bit of pampering again today..Manicure time!......All masked up.....

Strange title today but I hope you can see the reasoning behind it.....

Have a great day dear friends and stay safe...

Lobe June and Algie xxx



from my files, revisiting a favorite place

on the Oregon coast, Cannon Beach.


wishing everyone a fab next week

and happy sliderssunday!


Playa de la Fustera. Benissa, Alicante.

Comunidad Valenciana, España.

Le sublime Shariputra, renommé pour sa grande intelligence, demandait au Bouddha :

“Pourriez-vous dire quels peuvent être les bienfaits de circumambuler un Stûpa ?”


Le Bouddha répondit :

“Voici quels sont les bienfaits advenants à celui qui circumambule un Stûpa.

......" Libre des huit circontances défavorables, il renaîtra dans une noble famille et possèdera de nombreuses richesses : libre des émotions conflictuelles (avarice, etc…) il aimera pratiquer la générosité. Il sera beau, attrayant, aura une belle carnation. Les autres aimeront à le voir ; il sera puissant sur le monde et deviendra roi du Dharma. Puis il renaîtra de façon fortunée, sera enthousiaste envers les enseignements du Bouddha : ayant parachevé la pratique il fera de grands miracles et progressivement obtiendra les trente-deux marques pures et les quatre-vingt perfections physiques du Corps de Bouddha “


autrement dit:

Par la seule vue d’un Stûpa, l’écoute des qualités d’un Stûpa, le souvenir d’un Stûpa, le contact d’un Stûpa etc… Ou ne serait-ce que le passage à l’ombre d’un Stûpa, l’on obtiendra le bonheur en cette vie et, ultimement on atteindra l’éveil.

Thanks to everyone for taking time to do this, really appreciate it and special thanks to you babe for planning this and setting all up, you have always such cool ideas! ♥

Channel 4 TV headquarters, London.

Fruits in my garden summer 2020.


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