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Gore Building, University of Delaware

2018/365/120 The Stress of Work is Killing Me, Man

Roof detail over bicycle shelter, Thompson Rivers University. Classic blue sky.

D'arcy and Jen at Northern Voice Tiki Party

a little Photoshop work messing with the colors- mainly just upping the saturation


At the end of a snow wintry day, the sun bust through at the end to put on show, firing up the sky here behind my Soleri bell.

This feels planned but I just headed out a bit early to roam around and ran across this gentleman painting a perfect sign. I gave the universal "Can I take your picture gesture?" He nodded and I took a few shots before wandering off. I really feel like the world is full of these cinematic moments and the more you're out in it looking around, the more amazing things you see.


Knowing Richmond, someone may know who the artist is. If so, let me know and I'll add the information.


A is for Adventure


Sure Hand Signs

Meet Felix, the dog I adopted today from the Humane Society of Central Arizona. He is 2 months shy of 2 years old, and his breed is Australian Shepherd mixed with "Catahoula Leopard Dog" (yes, I had to look it up).


He's.... adorable.


I'm.... happy.

I've not kept good care of Dad's old boy scout axe (badge symbol on top, the word GENUINE stamped in the middle), but I still have it.


If anyone every finds this and asks, I will reluctantly tell the story when as a stupid drunk college student Alan lost Dad's old scout knife.

a slide I made for a presentation on school data - I like it


source of the numbers

A swath of HDR to crisp this picture up?

this was unbelievably good

I almost missed the colors on this oak tree at the bottom of the hill

Nice surprise to see brand name of these rechargeable batteries

Second of three themed hand made crafts bought from the craft stands on Chapultepec in Guadalajara.

My diorama of the standoff at Standing Rock -- these are my old Matchbox trucks an set of Indians and Cowboys I had as a kid.


How can we be at the point where speaking up is met with freezing violence?

For the second Daily Photo prompt, I set up:


#fotodia2 Make a Portrait of Someone’s Shadow


Well, it did say "someone" needs to be "someone else". While outside, I noticed the pitch fork I used in my compost, and wondered about an image representing the old dude in the painting doing a post-divorce pose.


Also, I can do E-P-I-S-T-E-M-O-L-O-G-I-C-A-L

These are the "Southside Bobs" as we call them. The Northside ones are more elusive, and also mingle with llamas.

Yeah I did by Biden ballot, but I'm really in it for tacos. Not stale old vapid cheetoes.

these are my old Matchbox trucks an set of Indians and Cowboys I had as a kid

Setting up a shot for today's Daily Digital Alchemy

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