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Wish you all a Happy Weekend

Taken in the Dunsmuir area of Mount Shasta. After a 2 mile hike along railroad tracks this area is known as Mossbrae Falls.


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Thank you for taking the time to take a look at my photos and as always, your views, comments, faves, and support are greatly appreciated!! Have a great weekend everyone :)


If you have any questions about this photo or about photography in general, I will do my best to help, just post a comment or send me a Flickr mail and I will respond as quickly as possible.

A early spring view along Cottonwood Creek in the hay flats on upper Cook Inlet.

The Ice is gone and now time for waders.

Happy new week to all!

Once upon a time... a ✿ вυттerғly fαιry ✿ ...

and her magic, gold kingdom of butterflies!

For you... ♥



Photographer & Model: A.Slade

AyE ღ Cre[ART]ive Photography

Digital painting with Painter/Photoshop



Mץ Ŧlιcĸrocĸ Porтғolιo

Mץ Ŧlιcĸrocĸ Porтғolιo | Slιde Sнow



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A rusting fire escape climbs the facade of Downtown Houston’s Great Southwest Building.

a plastic microwave rack? dunno, but it is too valuable to use in the kitchen. besides hours of fun, shooting away, i actually got some fun images out of this $1.00 buy. a keeper, for sure.

Einträchtig sitzen alle nebeneinander. Der Schmetterlingsflieder ist ein wahrer Schmetterlingsmagnet!


Eine wirklich nette Gesellschaft! 😔 😘

"Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour. "

--John Boswell


Texture: Distressed Jewell and Shadow House Creations

Bird brush: Distressed Jewell


This, and all my photographs are copyright protected and may not be used anywhere, including blogs, without my express permission.

Bayde was leading a unicorn, and it whinnied as she came near, stomping its foot as her hand brushed the side of the animals face. Ori was amazed. Unicorns were rare, even in the Elven world. That he not only saw one but was leading it, was something special. “How did you –”


Bayde piped in before Ori could finish speaking, “A rare mount for one who is equally as rare.” He hoped it would keep her from asking what he didn’t want to answer.


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Yesterday was such a great day for clouds. From Los Angeles to the Nevada stateline all up I-15. I took over 90 pictures, landscapes with cool clouds, stopped maybe about 5 or 6 times, I didn't keep count. Ended up with 8 or 9 pictures I really liked, many of the others were very similar, so tried to pick the best from each stop. This cloud shot was taken at the last rest area on top of the mountain just before the long hill down to the Nevada stateline. I wasn't actually above the clouds, but they were about even with the altitude I was at.

Just a little sunlit corner of the garden.


Thanks for all the lovely comments and favs on my purple field and hope everyone is having a good weekend.

And a new lease of life for this little windmill near Delft.


It was torn down a few months ago, and now has been resurrected somewhere close to its original place.

A look back after a new snow dump and removal for most of the day, sick of snow, so a visit to the lake in autumn with a final light. Hope you enjoy and happy Sunday!

A Dutch mill during sunrise on a cold morning.

A new day's breakin' through,

a new beginning.......


Enjoy your week!


A female St Andrew's Cross Spider, Argiope keyserlingi, backlit.


Thanks for the kind wishes for my elbow. It is in a cast for a couple more weeks. Typing very slowly.


es war einmal, schon lange her,da war so wenig so viel mehr.

Ich wünsche mir in diesem Jahr mal Weihnacht' wie es früher war....euch allen ein sehr schönes Wintermärchen Lg. :-S.


Once upon a time, a long time ago, there was so little so much more.


I wish this year Christmas times' as it used to be .... you all a very nice chrismas :-S.


♥y thanks for each view,faves,comments to all my wonderful flickr friends :-S.

So far the only one in the garden this year.

A beautiful start to the day along the Erewash canal close to the Derbyshie town of Sandiacre this morning

A the Canal waterway in Gulf Shores Al.

A happy and bright Sunday to my friends

A 2 shot landscape pano stitch of the sunrise at Sawley marina yesterday

A Sunset at Sea


GPS 24 deg 39.27 N 88 deg 29.27 W

GPS Altitude - 24 m

A portrait shot that I took last week.

A lovely little pollinator on a floribunda rose 'Grand Prize' growing in my San Diego garden.

Varenna is a comune on Lake Como in the Province of Lecco in the Italian region Lombardy, located about 60 kilometres north of Milan and about 20 kilometres northwest of Lecco.

Varenna was founded by local fishermen in 769, and was later allied of the commune of Milan. In 1126 it was destroyed by the rival commune of Como, and later received the refugees from the Isola Comacina, who had met the same fate (1169).

Frost crystals


Pls press L and view the details


My Photoblog- My Third Eye...!

Winter made a feeble attempt to finally return yesterday, temps dropping to the point where the rain turned to sleet leaving a few inches of white "stuff" (I don't think I'd really call it snow) covering the ground, just enough to qualify for a white Christmas if it lasts. Temps continue to hover right around the freezing point and the lake remains completely ice free.

Taken @ Autumn Trace.


I love a quiet place miles from the streets of human created noise

A sunlit place full of birdsong and beautiful butterflies

That flit about the wildering flowers all through the Summer day

I know of such a lovely spot two miles off of the highway.


Where the flute like song of the grey shrike thrush is carrying in the breeze

In temperatures not too warm or cool from twenty to twenty five degrees.

To lay on the lush grass out of the sun free of care and at ease

Alone with Mother Nature in the shadow of her trees.


The busy street is full of noise the cars buzz up and down

And though magpies and magpie larks they sing all day in the parks of the Town

I much prefer the quiet place where Nature reign supreme

A shady unpolluted spot beside a rippling stream.


Were I a poet with the gift of words of Nature I would write

Of wildering flowers blowing in the breeze blooming in the warm sunlight

In Nature's garden by the hill a hundred shades of green

And I could share with others of the beauty I had seen.


I love a quiet place by the hills miles from the noisy street

A few miles off of the highway where peace and beauty meet

Where grey butcherbird with the bubbling notes he pipes all through the day

In the place where Mother Nature lives I too would love to stay.


- Francis Duggan, A Quiet Place (2008)


Texture Overlay: cris buscaglia lenz.

a red winged starling (onychognathus morio) on a succulent plant.

a quiet common bird but as many starlings a bit complicate for photography.

starlings are erratic,never stand still and the reflecting plumage is a challenge under the sun light.

"a thorny perch"

zululand reserve,kzn ,south africa

original HD file here:


A dragonfly is an insect belonging to the order Odonata, suborder Anisoptera. Adult dragonflies are characterized by large multifaceted eyes, two pairs of strong transparent wings, sometimes with coloured patches and an elongated body. Wikipedia

... with a special guest

for a Happy Springlike Bokeh Wednesday !


Tulip / Tulpe (Tulipa)

in our spring garden - Frankfurt-Nordend


If you love tulips, have a look at my personal Tulip Collection.

A sunny moment on the last day of 2015, highlighting new slush after days of rain and high winds. Thanks for looking and may 2016 be good!

A slow shutter speed shot.

Hardly a spectacular sunset, but I liked the sky’s subtle changes in colour above the low cloud. I hope you do too :)

A Folly tower in the Shibden valley, Halifax

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