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Introducing AK - Akeruka Creations Chubby & Cute Female W18 4.0 Advanced Head in Mainstore

Akeruka Advanced W16 Head


Shape-included with the head.

skin-Maia 007c glam affair




GREAT bento mesh head with the option of 2 uv maps for skins, Including one for Lelutka skins to work.

HTT - happy truck thursday. Simulated retro photo 1947 - 1953 Chevrolet "Advanced design" pickup and Minneapolis Steam Tractor


Experience and photograph the Great Wildebeest Migration (calving period) in February 2020 in the Southern and Central Serengeti, Tanzania. 8 days / 7 nights of excitement and photographic opportunities await you in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area. Over several days we will move camps as we


#phototour #photoworkshop #wildlife #wildplanet #wildplanetphotomagazine

1951 Chevrolet "Advanced Design" truck. HTT Happy truck thursday. Canon EF-S17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM

Great News for you Ladies!!!!!

Akeruka had the authorization from Lelutka OWNERS to add on our Pack a version of head with Lelutka EVOLUTION UV, (NOT Evo X!!!).

So since now all new advanced head will come with 2 heads, 1 with SL UV, so like always will fit all heads with Secondlife face map skins and a second head with Lelutka EVOLUTION UV.

Enjoy the new Advanced head W11 is available on Main store.


[AK] Team


Another re-reander of my older MOCs with some minor changes, like advanced targeting system and sensor arrays on Nomingia and pauldrons on Plesiadapis.

An Advanced Design Chevy Truck - Happy Truck Thursday

Sister photo to 'So Cute It Hurts'. Couldn't pass this portrait up (plus Sparkle told me it was worth it, so here we are!).


Hope you like it! <3


>> Details in my blog

Chevrolet "Advanced Design" Pickup (1947 -1954) HTT Happy Truck Thursday Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS II USM


[AK Advanced] - Bento Head 3.5 #W10


:SlackGirl::: Pamela Bento Mesh Nail


TRUTH Flirt - Brunette

Creative Stylez - Bento Poses - Diana


Another, dare I say gorgeous look with the Akeruka Advanced mesh head and I got slightly wrapped up for colder weather too AND I'm using a free meshbody.

Deets in my blog:

3rd session of playing around with the Akeruka Advanced mesh head and discovering another usable skin. Head over to my blog for the deets:

Atop his trusty steel steed, an ARC trooper leads a squad of ARF troopers on their next mission. Quick and agile, the AT-RT has been known to take out even the separatists heaviest war machines, but to be sure, the outfit is accompanied by the more heavily equipped, AA-RT.


I promise this is the last AT-RT photo i'll be posting for a while. They will be popping up in MOCs and in my Republic Army Collection photos, but otherwise, I'm happy with where they are at for now so I will no longer be tinkering with this design.


I have never liked 'split leg' saddles nor do I like the 2x2 seat design for vehicles of this scale. Using the bike chassis was the best way to get an accurate looking model. The fixed front forks have been an issue all the way along, but after lots of trial and error and digital buidling, I built my solution and I'm happy with it.


It's a great scale model and slides nicely into both LAAT/i and AT-TE compartments by simply moving the AT-RT into 'resting' position.


My next project will be my BARC Speeders.

A second look with the Akeruka Advanced mesh head. The deets are on my blog:

I had another go at styling the Akeruka Advanced mesh head and rather enjoyed it.

One of the last trucks remaining in the fleet that was originally bought by IWS. It’s next in line at Camp Hill to be ran through the shop and then (probably) get new WM Decals.

This is an APS-H photo shot on Fujifilm APS Nexia A200 using a Yashica Profile 4000iX camera.


I did this because all the equipment involved was cheap and easy to get, but it sucked. It wasn't worth it. Here's my blog post about it.

New advanced head have all new amazing features of newest AKERUKA releases with a big difference this one was already upgraded, so now you can get the full featured head with Omega support so you can use also your omega appliers on it :D


W04 head is on promo until Sunda 22 march (1pm of sunday the sale will be removed.)


Check it out on Akeruka Main store!

This is an APS-P (Panorama) photo shot on Fujifilm APS Nexia A200 using a Yashica Profile 4000iX camera.


I did this because all the equipment involved was cheap and easy to get, but it sucked. It wasn't worth it. Here's my blog post about it.

This trip was developed by photographers for photographers. You will be enchanted by the natural treasures of Zimbabwe.


The majestic Victoria Falls are among the largest waterfalls in the world. The Hwange and Mana Pools National Park are two of the best and most animal-filled parks in southern


#phototour #photoworkshop #wildlife #wildplanet #wildplanetphotomagazine

*BRAND NEW* 14146 (LF70YVY) on route 174 at Dagenham Heathway Station.

Hi Ladies here is another upgrade to 3.5 of Advanced series, if you have another number of head just be patient your time will arrive asap! :D

You can see all info about upgrade here on our post of w10 are the same features added .

To get redelivery of your W08 Head just go on Redelivery terminal on AK main store.



[AK] Team

Temporarily addicted to creating new looks with the Akeruka Advanced mesh head, though I probably got it out of my system now. Deets on the blog:

GMC "Advanced design" pickup 1947-1953 HTT Happy Truck Thursday Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM

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