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This photo appears on the cover of the German journal Orchideen Journal vol. 2-1, 2014, which provides the official notification of this new orchid species from Laos. It is related to Paphiopedilum canhii. The photo may have been taken in Thailand.

Ah, I looked through my notes to see just what this is. It is from a seed pod that I found on one of my very robust growers (I wonder if it might be a tetraploid). I am guessing that the pod is from a selfing, not a hybrid). The pod was sent to lab late in 2009. Jensoa cymbidiums can be very slow to germinate. In the meantime, the parent was awarded the FCC. There had been a blooming in flask, and I anticipate some of the seedlings blooming next spring.

First blooming. A year or so ago I posted a photo of a sib from this cross.

I know, both the genus and species have new names. But...


It has turned out a bit better this year, but I don't think it is yet growing in proper conditions. The roots seem barely alive.

Note the specimen Laelia anceps guerrero.

The plant (not including the flowers) is almost 15 inches across (37 cm). Most bulbos do not do well for me outdoors, but this one--from higher elevation in Thailand--has done very well. A nice feature of this species is that at the top of the flower are some parts that very readily wiggle, presumably to lure pollinators. It would take a close-up photo to show that.

It was Best slipper orchid at the recent 5 Cities Orchid Show. Thanks to Chris Ehrler for taking the photo.

Just opened. It tried to bloom once before but the bud must not have developed. So it is sort of a first-bloom seedling.

A wider dorsal than on most that I have.

If this or any of the others here were well-grown by Japanese judging standards, the leaves of each fan would be trained to grow in a single plane.

I have had this for quite a few years but somehow forgot to post a photo of it. I am not sure where I got this photo.

The hand-written label says "sulchaki" but perhaps that is a garbled mis-copying of "Sukhakul". It has 11 flowers.

Flowers about the same size but shorter spike, more compact plant.

I don't have a good photo of this flower, named for the recently deceased Japanese movie star. It appears in the upper center of this photo. If you have not seen any of her movies, try to do so. The orchid was Best Paphiopedilum of the Santa Barbara Orchid Show in 2009 (if I remember correctly).

Armeniacum in the center (the result of a sib cross) and Pedro's Moon (crossed with Pinocchio) on the left, Hsinying Agogo (crossed with Hsinying Concon) on the right. The Pedro's Moon is a first-bloom seedling.

It had no label when I acquired it. There is a nice gloss to the flowers. As with other of the tropical multiflorals I grow, it is a slow grower but quite rewarding when it does finally bloom.

5 inches (13.3 cm) across. The parents were 'Aranda B' x 'Tamiami Thunder' AM/AOS.

First bloom. The camera's close up makes it look more open than it is. It is a bit more than half open. I cut the flower so the plant get started on a second growth.

No pink at all but lots of flowers. Good fragrance in evening.

First-bloom seedling. Probably not fully open yet. Quite petite. Very short stem.

In the upper cluster I had to remove 3 flowers just before taking it in for judging: something had munched on them.

I believe this orchid should be allowed to go pendent. I will try to grow it that way in the future.

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