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seen Cropper Street Liverpool


TA Dominion Armchair

TA Dominion Armchair - Adult


MP - PG version


MP - PG & Adult versione


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TA Elogy Piano

TA Boss Drinks Tray

TA Embassy Mini Table

TA Opulent Birdcage

TA Elogy Wine Set 1.1

TA Boss Plant



TA Polaris Wall Panel (Menu)


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barcelona, hotel arts

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TA Thai Chill Bed Set

TA Thai Snake Plant


TA Noor Couch Set

TA Noor Palm


TA Private Massage Table Set

TA Private Palm

TA Private Massage Table v2

TA Private Trolley

TA Thai Decor Set

TA Private Oil Burner

TA Private Amenities

TA Petals and Candles v3

TA Buddha Incense Set


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MudHoney Roman Shades

MudHoney Roman Shade Down

MudHoney Roman Shade Up


Both up and down versions are included.

Texture change HUD - you can either wear or rez. (The HUD is 48 prims)


90 Texture change options.


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uK - Sweet Sakura

uK - Sweet Sakura Branch v2

uK - Sweet Sakura Bed

uK - Sweet Sakura Table

uK - Sweet Sakura Tray


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TA Boss Desk Lamp

TA Boss Torch Lamp

TA Ultimate Laptop

TA Boss Office Desk - Basic

TA Boss Guest Chair

TA Boss Office Chair

TA Boss Agenda Set - Horizontal

TA Ultimate Laptop

TA Boss Floor Globe

TA Boss Bookcase

TA Boss Torch Lamp

TA Luxury Tri Lamp

TA Boss Office Rug

TA Luxury Statue

TA Boss Wall Art

TA Boss Drinks Tray *

TA Club Cigars Humidor

TA Boss Side Table

TA Boho Lights Art

TA Boss Plant

TA Infinity Bag Set

TA Infinity Photo Set

TA Concept Wallet

TA Infinity Table

TA Boho Desk

TA Classic Typewriter Set

TA Boho Desk Chair

TA Project Safe Box

TA Project Fax Phone

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[Kres] Angel Slave Bed



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Love Calls Us To The Things Of This World


The eyes open to a cry of pulleys,

And spirited from sleep, the astounded


Hangs for a moment bodiless and


As false dawn.

Outside the open window

The morning air is all awash with



Some are in bed-sheets, some are

in blouses,

Some are in smocks: but truly there

they are.

Now they are rising together in calm


Of halcyon feeling, filling whatever they


With the deep joy of their impersonal



Now they are flying in place,


The terrible speed of their

omnipresence, moving

And staying like white water; and now

of a sudden

They swoon down in so rapt a quiet

That nobody seems to be there.

The soul shrinks


From all that it is about to remember,

From the punctual rape of every

blessed day,

And cries,

"Oh, let there be nothing on

earth but laundry,

Nothing but rosy hands in the rising


And clear dances done in the sight of



Yet, as the sun acknowledges

With a warm look the world's hunks

and colors,

The soul descends once more in bitter


To accept the waking body, saying now

In a changed voice as the man yawns

and rises,


"Bring them down from their ruddy


Let there be clean linen for the backs

of thieves;

Let lovers go fresh and sweet to be


And the heaviest nuns walk in a pure


Of dark habits,

keeping their difficult



Richard Wilbur


Since 1929, when the Supreme Court of Tasmania established a court in Launceston, this precinct has been a focus for legal, education and arts matters. We see here across the major arterial Wellington Street, the Esk View Terrace building in the Gothic Revival style, and in the background the Launceston Supreme Court.


The Supreme Court is the highest court in Tasmania (and serves the function of both the County and Supreme courts in larger states) and it is where all jury trials are held. The building was originally a private residence in the 1870s. It then became for a time a private hospital, before being converted into the Supreme Court in 1929.

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Our new group "GAGA 4 ARTS" is up and running! It's a group where you may post your best ARTS photographs (= pics that are in themselves ART and present you as an artist) as well as ARTISTIC photographs which show ARTS (= pics depicting ART done & performed by others).


I hope that many of you will join us in this innovative and challenging "GAGA 4 ARTS" project. Please, check our new group @ ₪ GAGA 4 ARTS ₪ [+Add 1/ Award 3+] and join us if you wish!


Wishing you a Happy New Year, dear Flickr friends!

Cheers from Boston,


Arts Centre Melbourne Spire, all 162 metres of it.


Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.


Hymn To Life


The hair falling on your forehead

suddenly lifted.

Suddenly something stirred on the ground.

The trees are whispering

in the dark.

Your bare arms will be cold.


Far off

where we can't see,

the moon must be rising.

It hasn't reached us yet,

slipping through the leaves

to light up your shoulder.

But I know

a wind comes up with the moon.

The trees are whispering.

Your bare arms will be cold.


From above,

from the branches lost in the dark,

something dropped at your feet.

You moved closer to me.

Under my hand your bare flesh is like the fuzzy skin of a fruit.

Neither a song of the heart nor "common sense"--

before the trees, birds, and insects,

my hand on my wife's flesh

is thinking.

Tonight my hand

can't read or write.

Neither loving nor unloving...

It's the tongue of a leopard at a spring,

a grape leaf,

a wolf's paw.

To move, breathe, eat, drink.

My hand is like a seed

splitting open underground.

Neither a song of the heart nor "common sense,"

neither loving nor unloving.

My hand thinking on my wife's flesh

is the hand of the first man.

Like a root that finds water underground,

it says to me:

"To eat, drink, cold, hot, struggle, smell, color--

not to live in order to die

but to die to live..."


And now

as red female hair blows across my face,

as something stirs on the ground,

as the trees whisper in the dark,

and as the moon rises far off

where we can't see,

my hand on my wife's flesh

before the trees, birds, and insects,

I want the right of life,

of the leopard at the spring, of the seed splitting open--

I want the right of the first man.


Trans. by Randy Blasing and Mutlu Konuk (1993)


Nazim Hikmet

Shout to Lyns for the invite.

I've been up North painting snaggletoothed battlecats. In Grimsby.

Alongside the likes of Barry 'Zee' McNab Andy Dimeone Birch Neonita Le Sueur Faye Oliver Jo Jo Gabor Lynsey Powles Mark Tens Stafford Cheo inka spymad, Got, nomad-clan. dibz, miss pinky, loads of other artists breakdancers, mc's dj's photographers, and general riff raff.

Thanks for the invite lyns.

Great jam, great atmosphere. Thats the way to do it. Cheers you lot fir a great weekend

City of Arts and Sciences (Valencia)


EXPLORE, March 12th, 2010, #88


If you would like to use any pic from my gallery, don't hesitate contact me, I'll reply you gladly.

The Millgate Arts Centre and library in Delph - a view I have sketched many times before. It's something about the shape of the building and its crossroads position with the late afternoon light hitting the honey-coloured stone walls.


Fineliner and watercolour in Stillman & Birn Alpha series sketchbook.

Arts Centre Melbourne, Victoria (ABC1 Weather)

Arts West Building, The University of Melbourne

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Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, California, USA.

Shot in Delray Beach, Florida with the Olympus E-M1.

It appears that this arts building along Arts Alley recently received a fresh coat of paint.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

10 second exposure at f/13, looking towards the University of Sheffield Arts Tower





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The Dallas Arts District’s One Arts Plaza is reflected in the glass facade of the adjacent Wyly Theatre.

Portia Munson

Botanicals Below Bryant Park

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston, Texas

Pre-dawn photos of Valencia City of Arts and Sciences, I missed the blue hour in the evening because my flight from Sofia landed long after sunset, this place had been on my list of places to photograph for a long time, I tried to make the best of an early morning when some of the buildings were not directly lit. Flickr has been selecting the oddest photos to be on top lately. Anyway, more to come from this morning shoot session.


Wiki says:

The City of Arts and Sciences (Valencian: Ciutat de les Arts i les Ciències; Spanish: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias) is an entertainment-based cultural and architectural complex in the city of Valencia, Spain. It is the most important modern tourist destination in the city of Valencia and one of the most relevant in Spain.


The City of Arts and Sciences is situated at the end of the former riverbed of the river Turia, which was drained and rerouted after a catastrophic flood in 1957. The old riverbed was turned into a picturesque sunken park.


Designed by Santiago Calatrava and Félix Candela, the project underwent the first stages of construction in July 1996 and the finished "city" was inaugurated April 16, 1998 with the opening of L'Hemisfèric. The last great component of the City of Arts and Sciences, El Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, was presented on October 9, 2005, Valencian Community Day.

peterborough 2010

painted with tags and pixie

color version of illustration for kitchen sink magazine

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