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CERN did run a weekend of open days for 14/15 September.

And it is a huge success. We arrived at 10.30 AM at the ALICE site and waited for an hour to go down. Going down means you take an elevator 100 metres underground.

ALICE (A Large Ion Collider Experiment) is one of the big four experiments on the LHC on the CERN. ALICE is about 25 metres by 16 metres large and has the tremendous weight of 10'000 tons.

The staff explaining what you see and how they work was truly engaged and noticed how they live for their research!


If you have nothing yet planned for Sunday and you're around Geneva - please go and see!

@CERN PhysPics15 Photowalk

Just imagine 4 billion years from now and your technology would be undamaged. This is what it could look like at CERN headquarters.... :)

Radio frequency cavities to store the microwave energy.

My pic in the top 20 photos from the CERN #PhysPics15 Photowalk

Ultra fractal program - no post manipulation

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Nature does it all the time with cosmic rays (and with higher energy) but this is the first time this is done in Laboratory!


CERNs LHC accelerator will have the coldest temperatures in the universe when its superconductor magnets start up next year.

The European Organization for Nuclear Research (French: Organisation européenne pour la recherche nucléaire), known as CERN, is the world's largest particle physics laboratory, situated in the northwest suburbs of Geneva on the franco-Swiss border.


The organisation is currently the workplace of approximately 2600 full-time employees. Some 7931 scientists and engineers (representing 500 universities and 80 nationalities), about half of the world's particle physics community, work on experiments conducted at CERN.

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