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Aglais io



La mariposa pavo real


occhio di pavone


Babočka paví oko,

Inachis io, Peacock, Tagpfauenauge, Babôčka pávooká, Paó de dia, Dagpåfugleøje, Päevapaabusilm, Pavo Real, Paon du jour,

Danje paunče, Vanessa io, Spungės, Nappali pávaszem, Dagpauwoog, Dagpåfugløye, Rusałka pawik, Dnevni paunovac, Neitoperhonen, Påfågelöga, Tavuskelebeđi

čerstvě vylíhnutý jedinec, fresh butterfly emerged in the morning

A caterpillar of European peacock butterfly (Aglais io); island Zealand (Denmark), 13-07-2020.

The image was taken handheld during my own private tour.


Thanks a lot, everyone, for stopping by, for looking my work, for your comments and likes! Always appreciated!

The European Peacock is formerly classified as the only member of the genus Inachis - the name is derived from Greek mythology, meaning Io, the daughter of Inachus.


Aglais Io - Inachis Io - European Peacock - Peacock butterfly - Tagpfauenauge - Paon du jour - vanessa io - occhio di pavone - mariposa pavo real - Dagpåfugløye - Dagpåfugleøje - Påfågelöga - dagpauwoog - Deipau-each

European Peacock, or Peacock butterfly (Aglais io), island Zealand (Denmark)


Павлиний глаз, или Дневной павлиний глаз (Inachis io), окрестности Копенгагена на датском острове Зеландия


Dagpåfugleøje (Inachis io), område omkring Måløv på øen Sjælland (Danmark)

Dagpåfugleøje - European Peacock - Aglais io, from our garden - København - DK

Dagpåfugleøje - European Peacock - Aglais io, from our garden - København - DK

Aglais io - neitoperhonen

Lens used Tokina 100mm f/2.8 AT-X PRO 1:1 Macro


Paó de dia

Babočka paví oko





Pavo Real

Paon du jour

Danje paunče

Vanessa io


Nappali pávaszem



Rusałka pawik

Babôčka pávooká

Dnevni paunovac





Дневно пауново око

Многоцветница павлиний глаз

Сонцевик павиче око

Dagpåfugleøje - European Peacock - Aglais io, from our garden - København - DK

Dagpåfugleøje - European Peacock - Aglais io, Vestamager - Sjælland, DK

in de tuin, augustus 2013


Aglais io

E: European Peacock

D: Tagpfauenauge

F: Paon du jour

Dansk: Dagpåfugleøje

Esp: Mariposa pavo real

It: Occhio di pavone



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Butterfly [Inachis io - Lepideptera - Nymphalidae family]

29. jul


I gården ved fotoklubben, er der en sommerfuglebusk, her var det helt vilde sommerfugle træf. Svært at vælge hvilken der

skal være dagens foto, men det bliver denne Dagpåfugleøje, af andre var der den Afrikanske tidsel sommerfugl og Admiral


In the courtyard of the photo club, there is a butterfly bush, here it was completely wild butterflies hit. Hard to choose which one

must be the day's photo, but it will be this day-bird eye, of others there was the African thistle butterfly and Admiral

Aglais io, the European peacock

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