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Downy Woodpecker diving down to the ground at Lake St Clair Metropark.

A Kingfisher emerges from the water on an unsuccessful attempt at catching a fish.

This gull dove off its perch on top of the light pole. Taken along Norwalk Sound where the Norwalk River enters Long Island Sound in South Norwalk, CT.

© Copyright SVETAN Photography™ - All rights reserved.


Memoirs of Curacao vacation.


Nikon D700 + Nikon 14-24mm f.2.8

Corazon Tattoo Corazon New @ Jail Event


♪ Dive ... ♪


Maybe I came on too strong

Maybe I waited too long

Maybe I played my cards wrong

Oh just a little bit wrong

Baby I apologise for it


I could fall or I could fly

Here in your aeroplane

And I could live, I could die

Hanging on the words you say

I've been known to give my all

And jumping in harder than

10,000 rocks on the lake


So don't call me baby

Unless you mean it

And don't tell me you need me

If you don't believe it

So let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you


You're a mystery

I have travelled the world

And there's no other girl like you, no one

What's your history?

Do you have a tendency to lead some people on?

Cause I heard you do


I could fall or I could fly

Here in your aeroplane

And I could live, I could die

Hanging on the words you say

And I've been known to give my all

And lie awake, every day

Don't know how much I can take


So don't call me baby

Unless you mean it

And don't tell me you need me

If you don't believe it

So let me know the truth

Before I dive right into you ...

Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues

Diving in Borneo, like a big aquarium.


Tiny tiny fish

With the moonlight to guide you

Feel the joy of being alive

The day that you stop running

Is the day that you arrive

And the night that you got locked in

Was the time to decide

Stop chasing shadows, just enjoy the ride


Listen to Meeee



Dive bombing the long grass


I suppose the ultimate would be to 'catch' the target in the photo at the same time


Never done it yet

But., as long as I can hold a camera I'll keep trying for that elusive shot

If anyone asks why owl's have flat faces just show them this picture!


*glub glub*

The new Deprived Diving Helmet, from Short Leash. It is on sale at Aenigma now!


So Many Fun Things to do at the 808 went scuba Diving the other day




for the #AdamsPhotoChallenge


Posted extra for my brother who just loves my Pelican shots.... (not), he complains that is all I post, so this will be his christmas card too..... I have sold a lot of my pelicans, so I say keep em coming!

Great way to start Happy Ass Monday is to dive in to the sea at Naturally Naughty beach. Shot on March 7, 2021.


Taken @: Naturally Naughty in SL


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I had a go at some diving Kingfisher shots at the wood, definatley not easy so work in progess.

Want action?

Look no further than a short eared owl

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Summer, sun, ocean and the perfect jump off the diving board. Great vacation 🏊🌊🌞😎. Now i still need to find someone for the evening fun 😏

To see more pics of this set of poses please see my blog




Waterfall Poses @ The Mainstore


Set of 8 poses, poseballs, posestand and loose pose.


Shoot Location: Lake Delaria Resort.

Diving grape in a small shot glass full of cold and sparkly mineral water.


Music to go along with the image:


All images © 2017 Daniel Kessel.

All rights reserved

I have just got back from spending some time trying to get diving shots of Kingfishers. While they didn't play ball as much as I'd hoped I still managed to come away with a few that I'm happy with, this being one of them!


Hopefully I'll have more luck next year!

There are times that moving in so close to a flower, you lose sight of the over-all beauty of the thing. However, by diving into the center of this rhododendron flower, I discovered a whole new world.

Thank you for your kind visit. Have a wonderful and beautiful day! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

I've tried to get this dive entry shot so many times, I finally surrendered and left it for the younger folks with faster reflexes. So, on my recent diving-tern session, this was in the day's take. Who knew?!


The terns do come to SoCal every spring/summer, and it's a loud, raucous, exciting time for us.

Again another fairly severe crop of a gannet diving off the coast of Seacliff beach taken this morning. I'd estimate he was between 60-80m away. I can't sing the praises of the Sigma lens which amazes me with its performance time and time again. I'd say for the relatively lean price of around £750 you can't spend your money better if your in the market for a 400mm + lens.

Hi all. Sorry for a little absence from Flickr... life and work has just been busy. Im off work on staycation for the next week though. Lots of DIY jobs to do in the house and garden... but hoping to also catch up here and get a few photography trips in store.


This was taken early this morning at Seacliff. After sunrise light got to stark I grabbed my wildlife camera and spent a great hour just watching the Gannets. They where quite far off shore and this pic is quite a severe crop... but it was great fun. Focus as they dive is a great challenge!

Diving Blackberry. There are never enough Blackberries at home 😁. This glass candlestick stands on a colorful cloth napkin. I put just a litlle water inside to make the refraction look bigger.

Now that COVID restrictions are being eased it was great to head back to Tom's hides in Bourne ( recently. He has a new setup for diving kingfishers so it was great to give it a go for a few hours...

Polar Bear Anana takes a dive to chase the trout at the Columbus Zoo and Aqurium

RAF Harrier GR9 ZD375 diving into the "Cadair Idris" pass in the "Mach Loop"

April 2010

Macro Mondays - Egg

The art of showing an ugly egg in a romantic way.

HMM my dear friends!

Summer action continues in this photo of a Belted Kingfisher diving into the pond in search of small fish. It is 98% crop. Markham, Ontario.

Scarborough, England

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