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My contribution to International Draw Muhammad day, 5/20

muhammad fails at science

La gata de Raquel, Ligeia, tiene muy mala leche.

Pero cuando está en celo se deja hacer de todo, vendetta...


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Gerard Girbes Berges (2008)

Hi! I wanted to depict my disagreement of the death threats that have been going on just for drawing Muhammad. The people who drew them are not Muslim, so naturally they would not think it is a sin to draw Muhammad. using force to make someone not draw Muhammad is forcing your belief on others, that should be pretty obvious what is wrong with that. Freedom of religion means freedom of religion for all. If you want the freedom to express your religion you should be for it, not against it. People need the freedom to think, the freedom to explore the truth about the universe for themselves. Real truth doesn't hide from investigation, the people who want to force religion on others do not show that behaviour. Freedom of religion also sustains peace in a world of people who have, or are very capable of having, all sorts of different beliefs. Religions mostly are based on faith, believing in things without evidence. Its believing in something, supposedly, only non-believers can't see. If the non-believers can't see it than that is nothing to force on them. Imagine if one day someone someone told you that it is now a law that you can only wear things that are purple, because their invisible magical monkey god who created the universe told them so in their mind. This opens the door for all sorts of irrational laws to take place. So laws need to be based on something people, including non-believers, can observe and verify.


People need freedom of speech no matter what their religion is. There is nothing someone can say that wouldn't be offensive to someone else out there in the world. New ideas to a mind that is not used to them will sound silly to that mind if that mind is not open minded to new things. New ideas that directly disagree with someone elses worldview will sound both silly and they can be easily interpreted as insulting, when the person with the new ideas are just speaking what they honestly think. To some people this drawing might be seen as insulting their religion, but it is what I honestly think. I'm not trying to insult anyone. I only want to show what I see as the truth. I feel bad for the extremists trying to take away free speech. Real truth doesn't hide from free speech and expression, because it's reason shines through any mockery or illogical arguments.


This drawing also portrays my disagreement of telling people "You have to believe in us or suffer eternally in some bad place, or we will send some goons to kill you (They murder people for apostasy in many Muslim theocratic countries)" I don't think that is moral at all and it is like a Mafia Boss threat. I know many other religions do it too, many Christian denominations use fear to bring in the converts by saying if they don't believe in them, they will be burning for eternity.


I also find it convenient for many ideas of Heaven or Paradise that they offer a reward to people that they can never receive, unless they are at a place that we have no evidence of, and so no way of verifying if what they say is accurate. It is a good way to manipulate people to get them to do what you want, without ever having to give them something back in return.


I know not everyone uses these Heaven/Paradise and Hell concepts in these ways. The point is though that they can be and are used in that way by many people. Even if someone doesn't intend to use them in that way they are obvious players of people's emotions. It is saying, if you believe in us you can go to a land of eternal happiness, and if you don't you go to a land of eternal torture. Its the best thing that can imaginably happen to someone, opposed to the worst thing that could imaginably happen to someone. That is all something that really plays with peoples emotions. Christians will say those concepts don't effect them because the only thing that makes them believe is how much they worship God, but there is the point that admitting the latter would make them appear as not true Christians. Which would be people who are believing just to get out of hell. I've been there, I used to be a Christian for 20 years and I used that excuse. I even tried to hide it out of my mind and think that was really the case but those two concepts are obvious players of peoples emotions in matters of persuasion.


I know I missed Draw Muhammad Day *lol* That's okay. This only took me 2 days to draw and I can't believe that, it usually takes me around a week to draw something like this.


(Please do share this drawing and spread it around as much as you like)



My entry for Draw Muhammad Day 2011 is a custom Magic: The Gathering card created with Magic Set Editor (

Happy Draw Muhammad Day! =]

May 20, 2010

A poor drawing done in about five minutes with a pencil and a sharpie.

Today is Draw Muhammad Day. On this day people are encouraged to draw portraits of the Muslim prophet Muhammad. In Islam, it is forbidden to depict the prophet, but they seem to think people who don't believe in Islam have to obey this rule. They bully and intimidate anyone who does with threats of violence and death. So today we purposely break this rule they seek to impose on all of us to stand up for free speech and show them that we cannot and will not be intimidated by irrational extremists!


I can't draw very well, but i did my best. It's based off Pac Man in case you didn't get the reference.

maybe all of this drama about drawing muhammad really came from an innocent drawing by one of his child brides. maybe she took the time to scribble out a drawing of her future husband and master... maybe she expressed her excitement... or anger/fear/frustration.

Sorry, muslims, your prophet is in another castle! Recently featured here:

i know it's early, but i'm busy Friday - i gotta attend important matters so i uploaded these raw drawing samplers of muhmmad in case i'm not available the 20th....

but as long as it offends is-lame, the job is done....

Happy Draw Muhammad Day from Tux!


Support Free Speech!

I opened my sandwitch this morning to add more jelly and found this miraculous image of the Prophet Muhammad (P B U H, P B & J). By an amazing coincidence, today is "Everybody Draw Muhammad Day."

i know it's early, but i'm busy Friday - i gotta attend important matters so i uploaded these raw drawing samplers of muhmmad in case i'm not available the 20th....

but as long as it offends is-lame, the job is done....

for everybody draw Muhammad Day....

My small way of standing against intimidation by religious extremists...

My bid for the international draw Muhammad day.

Everybody Draw Muhammad Day

On behalf of Everybody Draw Muhammad Day May 20, 2011.

ai ai ai ai happy Draw Muhammad Day

My effort for draw Muhammad day 2011