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I took a photo today of fog rolling over the South Downs National Park.....somehow it evolved into this.....I hope you like it... :-)


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... un petit café s'il vous plait ! Moulin à café de mes parents

qu'ils utilisaient encore dans les années 1955

- Il n'est pas meilleur bonheur que celui d'apprécier les petites choses de la vie - Bruno Guilliard


Pour voir plus d'images de ma 1 ère galerie


Yo a lo mío haciendo patria.

Evolution of Sydney No 6

Darling Harbour

Chief, would you believe 30-second exposure from a moving ferry, Max don't be ridiculous. Chief would you believe 15 seconds, ok chief how bout 5 seconds OK chief would you believe PHOTOSHOP.


The Nearness of You ♫ by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong


And I’d choose you;


in a hundred lifetimes,


in a hundred worlds,


in any version of reality,


I’d find you and I’d choose you.


~ Kiersten White, The Chaos of Stars

Bike by MotoDesign - Renegade

Change! It's all I need

Cause I can not figure me out

It's inundation

Now! Now it's time

I gotta change everything stop this delusion


If we are not so strong

Sometimes things can go wrong

We're going round and round again with


I'm stuck inside a bad dream

To wake I need gasoline

What am I looking for now?

It's evolution!


Do something big

Just tear your heart out

Do something...


Hey! We are the evolution

Take charge of your own transformation

Hey! You need a revolution

Your brain needs a major mutation


Faith! One must believe

Wake up your brain come through the strom

You must have conviction

Time! You can't escape

The future starts today

Release your illusions


Let go of ego

Let go of bullshit

Stop your whining it's time for action



Why do you spiral around?

Stop drowning inside of your fear


Hey! we are the evolution

Take charge of your own transformation

Hey! you need a revolution

Your brain needs a major mutation


Now! we are the evolution

Now! you need a revolution

It's time for action now


Crossfaith - The Evolution




- Heels by [A&Y] Opiliones Cyber Heels

- Hair by [A&Y] Medusa Cyber hair

- Outfit by [A&Y] Phex Cyber Shorts&Top

- Backdrop by Florix - Cyberpunk Room

- Pose by SAPA - 68

- Weapon by BAMSE : Guardian - Fury @this is in an event but i forgot which one, im sorry




I decided to update my look a little. Tell me what you think!


Birth skin

Dura hair

[MF} beard


BMTH - Ludens ♫


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Head Evolution by Lelutka

Sky by Glam Affair

It’s not hard for the snail kite to plan its daily menu. The endangered raptor eats only one food: apple snails, and a lot of them—10,000 a year per bird. Catching the freshwater snails is a laborsome venture that involves waiting until the snail comes to the surface to breathe and—at the exact right moment—swooping down to grab it. Employing its perfectly adapted curved beak, the kite then extracts its escargot and repeats the process 27 more times, every day.


This specialist bird has been hit hard by habitat declines and other changes in the Florida wetlands it calls home. From 2000 to 2007, scientists noticed a steep decline in the number of snail kites, owing in part to two major droughts that left their wetlands parched. The decline was also affected by the rarity of the apple snail, which lives in a very particular habitat and has a relatively short lifespan. Without its snails, the snail kite's chances of survival were looking poor—until an unlikely invader found its way to Florida.


It turns out there is more than one variety of apple snail. The non-native South American apple snail likely made its way to the Sunshine State via the pet trade, possibly when a rash aquarium owner released the species into the wild. The South American snail, which can grow to nearly the size of a tennis ball, quickly outpaced its native cousin, which is only the size of a ping-pong ball. It lays more eggs, lives longer, and can adapt to more diverse habitats than the native variety, and so spread widely all over the Florida wetlands.


You may sense where this story is going. A recent study in Nature Ecology & Evolution found that the snail kite has rapidly evolved so as to be able to forage on this new, larger prey. The bills of the raptor, says Robert Fletcher, coauthor of the study and associate professor in the department of wildlife ecology and conservation at the University of Florida, have increased in size since the invasion of the South American snail.


“Bill size and shape are heritable, meaning that birds with larger bills pass the trait onto their offspring, and larger-billed birds have a higher survival rate,” says Fletcher. Parent kites that are able to handle the larger apple snail bring it back to their young, who are more likely to grow stronger, survive, and breed in turn. The first couple months of life are the most dangerous for young snail kites, who are just learning how to forage on their own and aren’t yet skilled at it. “Bigger-bill snail kites seem to survive much better during this time,” says Fletcher. The result: Numbers of large-bill snail kites have tripled in the past decade.


I found this Female at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, Prairie Division, in Osceola County, Florida.

Before and after

Happy Macro Mondays to everyone


The Drop - Inges Idee

Same cloud as previous but five minutes later.

Two objects in a single photograph to show the evolution

Look at the trees 😀

And have a nice day.

a new red Poppy Star is born ♥

Three Pink Tulips.

taken at the Wastelands


Trip's pose - Ana Poses - Oslo 2 Taxi

Rai's pose - Bauhaus Movement - See You In Hell Taxi


Fun Toys can be found here - Thereafter - A Post Apocalyptic Affair


The Forge - Banshee Rocket Launcher

The Forge - Salvage Axe

The Forge - Diesel Mech Ear Piece


hair DOUX – Nansi new @ Tres Chic


head Genus Project – Genus Head – Baby Face W001


skin Session - Sara for Genus new @ eBENTO


bikini Blueberry - Sunny cloud


scales Izzie's - Mermaid makeup new @ Summerfest 2019


shoes CandyDoll - Ayashe cherry


pose Kokoro Poses - Nara bonus pose 6 new @ eBENTO

What I saw today in my 'little' walk...Walk into drive...I evolved...b.mikic


Dove & Glenn


to be reborn,

be someone new.

is this a dream?

or is it true?


Nothing changed more dramatically in her life; than her discovery of love on her pathway to death.

Endless eternal obsessive love.

Love that overcame all pain; all suffering, all grief.

A love to fight for.

A love to live for.


A love to die for.



AMAZING raw photo taken by: Edgar

Edit by me.

the ever-changing silhouette of a nearby farm. once cows, now shrimp and incredible fresh croissants and kouign amann, ready for saturday morning pick-up. the survival game.

Park Güell, Barçelona, Spain 2017

Samsung PL120 Digital P&S

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