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I took this at the Microsoft offices in downtown San Francisco. Fortunately I got the shot I wanted before the security guard came out and told me to go forth and multiply.

Yes, Microsoft has its own museum on their Redmond, WA campus, located beneath the company store. It has some cool interactive demos and an XBox 360 area.

On the Redmond campus at 36th & 159th.

Anscoflex II

Kodak T-Max 400

Blazinal/Rodinal 1:50, 12 minutes, 68F/20C


Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Digital Inspiration - Business Leadership and Digital Innovation for Future Graduated


Louvain-La-Neuve, Belgium

Current and former Microsoft chariots.


© 2017 Paul Carter


Verizon aka Yahoo Holdings, Inc does not own this photo because they bought Flickr or because Flickr is a public place. I pay for the right to post, thus it is not a public place to post. Should you think Verizon is the one to contact if you like this photo, keep reading.


That photo attribution means you need to ask me for my permission first (, before you download this photo to use it for whatever reason you're thinking of.


This photo includes my copyright, name and the date it was taken in the EXIF data, therefore, it is


this work holds no reference to Verizon owning it for any reason at all regardless of what they think.


Bill Gates outlines the Microsoft Live Platform

Microsoft Global Security Patrol Vehicle


Check this out:

Microsoft planea adquirir Yahoo!, y ya ha lanzado una OPA hostil para hacerse con el control del portal.


¿Habéis pensado que ocurrirá con Flickr, propiedad de Yahoo, si pasa a ser un producto de Microsoft? Pues que terminaremos siendo un simple space o fotolog, y probablemente, veamos una auténtica emigración de los talentos que hay por aquí.


¡No a la compra de Yahoo por parte de Microsoft!

Microsoft Store, Pic by Mike Mozart

Let's have a look at Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, a flight simulator from Microsoft released this year (2020):

Microsoft Store, Connecticut, 12/2014 by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

Microsoft Store, Connecticut, 12/2014 by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube

US software giant Microsoft has chosen Agriport A7 as the location for an ultra-modern data center.


Various regions, at home and abroad, have been in the race to greet the software giant.

By providing construction and maintenance of the data center primarily gives indirect employment.


The choice Agriport seems to be partly determined by data centers can run on (rest) energy from the greenhouses and greenhouse growers can benefit from warmth that leave computers.


Cooperation with growers on Agriport.


The data center will be built on a plot between the A7 motorway Amsterdam-Leeuwarden and a large greenhouse full of peppers on the Agriport A7 terrain.


The electricity is supplied by gas engines from 35 growers with a total of 220 hectares of greenhouses. The growers burn the gas for the production of heat and carbon dioxide - gaseous fertilizer for their crops. The electricity is their waste product. The data center, in turn excess heat to the gardeners.


In the background the second datatcenter is build




Amerikaanse software gigant Microsoft heeft Agriport A7 als vestigingsplaats uitgekozen voor een hypermodern datacentrum.


Diverse regio’s in binnen- en buitenland zijn in de race geweest om de softwarereus te verwelkomen.

Die levert door bouw en onderhoud van het datacentrum vooral indirecte werkgelegenheid op.


De keuze voor Agriport lijkt mede te zijn bepaald doordat datacentra op (rest)energie uit de glastuinbouw kunnen draaien en kassenkwekers kunnen profiteren van warmte die computers achterlaten.


Samenwerking met tuinders agriport


Het datacenter zal verrijzen op een perceel ingeklemd tussen de snelweg A7 Amsterdam-Leeuwarden en een grote tuinbouwkas vol paprika’s op het Agriport A7-terrein.


De elektriciteit wordt geleverd door 35 gasmotoren van tuinders met in totaal 220 hectare aan tuinbouwkassen. De tuinders verstoken het gas voor de productie van warmte en kooldioxide – gasvormige kunstmest voor hun gewassen. De elektriciteit is voor hen een afvalproduct. Het datacenter levert op zijn beurt overtollige warmte aan de tuinders.


In de achtergrond zie je de bouw van het tweede datacenter.


Mijn foto's en meer kun je ook bekijken op

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Platform: PC


Brazil - Rio de Janeiro (Christ the Redeemer Statue)

-22.952213, -43.211337

Platform: PC


Japan - Mount Fuji

35.349476, 138.713357

Microsoft Flight Simulator

Sony tarafından yapılan güncellemenin ardından Microsoft oyun konsolunda da yenileme geldi ve yeni Xbox One modeli tanıtıldı.

Microsoft has disclosed the first details of Windows 10 - its next operating system (OS).

Microsoft, önceki modele göre %40 daha ince olan Xbox One S oyun konsolunu resmen duyurdu. Sony ve Microsoft’un yeni konsollar üzerinde çalıştığı biliniyor Haz 14, 2016

Lawsuits in Florida and Haifa (Israel) allege that Microsoft overstepped its legal bounds with pushy Windows 10 upgrade prompts.

This would be the new Flickr if Microsoft acquires Yahoo! ? :S


I did this with Fireworks.

All your IP are belong to Microsoft!


From AnandTech's disassembly of the Xbox 360!


The North Bridge also features a 500MB/s interface to the Xbox 360's South Bridge, which was designed by SiS (pictured below).


Once again, you don't see any non-Microsoft logos on any of these chips. It's clear this time around who the IP belongs to. The South Bridge is responsible for communication with the audio codec, storage devices, USB ports, controllers, and any other I/O devices.


The full article is at AnadTech: Inside Microsoft's Xbox 360.

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