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This female Phainopepla was sitting pretty waiting for a nice insect to come her way. These amazing flycatchers make beautiful music and were a joy to listen to.

Taken @ Amrum.


"When the blood in your veins returns to the sea, and the earth in your bones returns to the ground, perhaps then you will remember that this land does not belong to you, it is you who belong to the land." - Native American saying


Song: Petit Biscuit - Sunset Lover.


When music sounds, gone is the earth I know,

And all her lovely things even lovelier grow;

Her flowers in vision flame, her forest trees

Lift burdened branches, stilled with ecstasies.


When music sounds, out of the water rise

Naiads whose beauty dims my waking eyes,

Rapt in strange dreams burns each enchanted face,

With solemn echoing stirs their dwelling-place.


When music sounds, all that I was I am

Ere to this haunt of brooding dust I came;

And from Time's woods break into distant song

The swift-winged hours, as I hasten along.


- Walter de la Mare, Music, Selected Poems (1927 - 1931)


Texture Overlay: Lenabem-Anna J.

● .:Tribal Tuesday:. The Cello M @ FOCUS Photography Fair


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The sound of music

gives state of relaxtion

whenever you are in doubt

or any type of confusion.


The sound of music

have the healing power

escape from the the worst days

in an hour.


The sound of music

give immense pleasure

worth to maintrain

a forever treasure.


The sound of music

geated by rain

listen it carefully

the rhythms in chain.


The sound of music

is not only topic

it`s part of my life, without it

i can easily become sick.

Every evening I am watching amazing sunsets here on Tenerife.

Have a nice new week !

Nothing special. Just a photo for my DJ sets ♥

“Music is the beat of a drum that keeps time with our emotions.”

― Shannon L. Alder


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Challenge 37 - Lamps And Street Lamps - Blind Pig Speakeasy Challenge (September 15 to October 14)



Someone once asked me:

“Why do you love music so much?”

I replied:

because it’s the only thing that stays when everything and everyone is gone.

“Live your truth. Express your love. Share your enthusiasm. Take action towards your dreams. Walk your talk. Dance and sing to your music. Embrace your blessings. Make today worth remembering.” ― Steve Maraboli

no music & laughter, no life


✔ Backdrop : .PALETO.Backdrop:. New York For Equal10

✔ Hair : Exile - Phoebe

✔ Glasses : #7 CHAIN - Weird Gacha - Glasses - Black & White

✔ HeadPhone : .miss chelsea. Niki Headphones Gold

✔ Top : Gaia - gigi crop top For Equal10

✔ Jeans : Gaia - gigi denim jeans For Equal10

✔ Jacket : TETRA - Tokyo Puffer jacket (Bubblegum)


● Post : Music & coffee

Head: Genus Head Strong Face W001


Hair: Magika - Gemma


Rings: ~~ Ysoral ~~ .:Luxe Set Rings Kim:.


Boots: Semller - Brit Boots Black


Poses: Focus Poses. Get Lost In The Music Vol 1


Mariah Carey - All I Want For Christmas Is You (Official Video)


Melanie Thornton - Wonderful Dream (Holidays Are Coming) [Radio Version]


We are so excited to announce the fifth Friendship Valley Music Festival and Photo Contest! The festival will take place on Friday and Saturday, August 27th and 28th and the photo contest starts now and runs through Thursday, September 2nd! Please visit our festival photo contest group ( ) for more details about submissions and the 50k L$ in prizes!


Landmark/Location for the Festival Grounds:


Here is the lineup for the fifth Friendship Valley Music Festival!


Friday 8/27

2PM Nebulae Sands

3PM JenJen Watanabe

4PM Cake

5PM Dino Viper

6PM Little Hurricane

7PM Soda

8PM Calliope Mitchell

9PM Fifi Oh

10PM Lilith


Saturday 8/28

9AM DJ Bedlam

10AM Nirea Mercury

11AM Chi

12PM Kanjena

1PM Desterac Laval

2PM Noirran

3PM Syn Beresford

4PM Eduardo Hyx

5PM Cipher

6PM RǔRox

7PM Soda

8PM Sparklebottom Lastertits

9PM Lita Luckless

10PM Rapa

Autumn music is the sound of rain and rustling of falling leaves.




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🍂 Top:

Loki - Alexa Strappy Top @Access August


🍂 Tattoo:

NOAM - Ingel tattoo (body edition) @mainstore


🍂 Pose:

[Empowered] - Umbrella Poses @mainstore


Done for the Artweek Music Theme


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Tell me who, and I'll be thanking them

The numbered lovers of Duke Ellington

Do I owe each kiss to lip and cheek as soft

As Chet can sing "Let's Get Lost"

And "Let The Good Times Roll"

Let "Smoke Rings" from this "Paper, Doll"

Blow sweet and thick 'til every thought of

"It Don't Mean A Thing"

I've got some colour back, she thinks so, too

I laugh like me again, she laughs like you

I wouldn't know where to start

"Sweet Music" playing "In The Dark"

Be still "My Foolish Heart, "

Don't ruin this on me




♪♪Must Listen♪♪


Destination: Mimmo

Taken at Sunnys Studio grounds using get lost in the music vol 2



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bag Dress Sila *Arcane Spellcaster*








Avada~ Evil Eye Stiletto Nails for Bloggers








[Ds] Opulence Chair ADULT KINK v1 PKG




W. G. Magazine Photographer.




Relaxation by the fire with *Daze* Ear Buddies. I love these! ♡

Pose by Dean Bourne - Poses by Debaucherous Bourne

Only available on the EvoShop28 Shopping HUD. Get yours here!

Featuring Anthem Event, [Cinoe], FaMESHed Event, Atelier Burgundy and [Rezz Room].

Credits at my blog, HERE.


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Let the music move you



Belle Epoque-Rosie at Mainstore

BONDI . Party Headphones . at Cosmopolitan

Exile Jenna at Mainstore

The sun goes down, the stars come out, and all that counts is here and now. My universe will never be the same, I'm glad you came. (Robin Schulz - Sun Goes Down)

Anita Sweet

Through Music anything can be Expressed.


♡( ◡‿◡ )

When words fail music speaks.

“I believe in Magic every time I hear Music.”

― Michelle Schaper


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Music is the closest thing we have to a time machine!!!

Hello amazing Flickr People !!


Today is a black and white day at Color my World Daily and it is Sliders Sunday.

So lets enjoy some music or ice cream (it all depends on what you prefer !!) and have a beautiful day !!


See you later my friends !!


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and healthy!! And see you soon on Flickr!!

Panel music mixer with sound controls. Exhibition of music and light in Moscow.

Let the music take me to the places I dream of




Hail your taxi to Mimmo

As you know by now, I love when artists use music to tell a story, weaving the music and the lyrics into a tale filled with emotion and colours. Don McLean is one of those Artists who masterfully achieve this. Vincent is an Ode to the dutch painter Vincent Van Gogh (1853 - 1890). He struggled with mental illness all through his life and died at his own hands at the age of just 37. During his life, he barely sold any of his paintings. Which makes the fact that these days they are worth millions kind of a cruel joke. Don McLean weaved numerous paintings of VanGogh into his Lyrics, which is another nice touch


Vincent - Don McLean


Starry, starry night

Paint your palette blue and gray

Look out on a summer's day

With eyes that know the darkness in my soul

Shadows on the hills

Sketch the trees and the daffodils

Catch the breeze and the winter chills

In colors on the snowy, linen land

Now, I understand what you tried to say to me

And how you suffered for your sanity

And how you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they did not know how

Perhaps they'll listen now

Starry, starry night

Flaming flowers that brightly blaze

Swirling clouds in violet haze

Reflect in Vincent's eyes of china blue

Colors changing hue

Morning fields of amber grain

Weathered faces lined in pain

Are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand

Now, I understand, what you tried to say to me

How you suffered for your sanity

How you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they did not know how

Perhaps they'll listen now

For they could not love you

But still your love was true

And when no hope was left inside

On that starry, starry night

You took your life as lovers often do

But I could have told you, Vincent

This world was never meant for one

As beautiful as you

Starry, starry night

Portraits hung in empty halls

Frameless heads on nameless walls

With eyes that watch the world and can't forget

Like the strangers that you've met

The ragged men in ragged clothes

The silver thorn of bloody rose

Lie crushed and broken on the virgin snow

Now, I think I know what you tried to say to me

How you suffered for your sanity

How you tried to set them free

They would not listen, they're not listening still

Perhaps they never will

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