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This guy is pretty much the best G.I. Joe figure ever released.

Aleph the mysterious man behind the Night Creepers. If you can afford him and his men it's a sure bet that he'll fulfill any contract.


Finished this long going custom thanks to my lovely wifey. Who tracked down the perfect matching purple paints. On a side note I gotta Night Creeper upper half that needs legs n a waist.

I need to clarify with the ninja if she was on the side of G.I. Joe or COBRA.


Ninja: Joe

GI Joe Pursuit of Cobra Snake Eyes and Renegades Storm Shadow with Sideshow Background on lcd screen.. :D

Figure 1 of 13 from the G.I. Joe Club's exclusive figure subscription service

Where ninja meets commando.

sort of a final "mini meetup". lunch at tai sei ramen with xapa and jphilipson. not quite as good as the ramen at ichiraku but not too bad.

the company, of course, was great and these are two of the nicest folks you could ever have the good fortune of meeting!


farewell, kara! blessings to you on your new life in the windy city! we'll certainly miss you!


jp, thanks, my friend and see you next friday!

While the battle rages on the far side of Turtle Mountain, the TMNTs, intending to sneak up on Cobra's blind side, have been confronted by Storm Shadow! As the ninja's do battle, Major Bludd spots the combatants! The Turtles have been found and back up is engaged with the Cobra assault! They are on their own!

Two Hasbro guys having a sword fight. The posing is not very good, they look as if they are about to break a PIÑATA!! but getting them to stand on their feet was pretty hard.

Comic Con 200 Exclusive - limited 1000 pieces


Alien Bee B800 in Westcott Apollo Softbox Camera Right

Bare 430ex Camera Left and Behind

Fired with Radio Poppers

Back in '84 or '85 I would have loved to have a rainbow of Storm Shadow based ninjas.

haa ha got the inspiration for this when i was looking through the pictures of joe working out at the santa monica pier. what do you think ?

please credit if you use & be sure to follow me on twitter : @jonasGRAPHICS

Dogs will be dogs... Explore Aug. 18, 2007

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Another shot of my first Snake Eyes custom, based of the Devil's Due comic art.


X-Men Classics Gambit body base, biceps and coat from a movie X-Men Cyclops figure.


Finished in March 2004.

This version of the ol' sword wielding commando was a total success of an update to his classic look. Webgear, handguns, swords, knives, what's not to love?

Classic Snake Eyes in the classic pose. I figured it was a must!

After having sold mine a lnog time ago found one at a decent price.

Project 365 // Day 86

Ninja Joe the Egg was a San Diego Comic-Con 2009 exclusive plush from the world of Mr. Toast, he is Mr. Toast's best friend! Standing 5.5" tall, Ninja Joe the Egg was limited to 1000 pieces.


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Custom Stikfas Action Figure utilizing a G2 body with armor and swords from Omega Knight, gauntlets from Gamma Viking and pouches and bootsoles from Firefighter...


Not as "ultimate" as one would hope. The POC W3 version would be my nomination. The preview figures are a mix of waves 2 - 4.

A cross between the movie version and the class ARAH version, the head is from Retaliation.

He comes with his pal Timber, 2 x knives, pistol, submachine gun w/removable silencer, assault rifle, sword, removable belt and bandolier and a figure stand

In 1991 Snake Eyes departed from his usual black color scheme for something, shall we say, a little more crayola? Changing up his mask yet again, this time ol' Snake sports some ski welding goggles over a hockey face mask.


However, after recent inspection, I now maintain that this sculpt is actually pretty cool, and wouldn't be half bad if he sported the "black on black" tones of say the v1 or v2 Snake Eyes figures!

Storm Shadow kneels atop a mountain, his mind focused completely on the one thing that even Storm Shadow can not escape; the passage of time. He is concerned that his reflexes are getting slower and contemplates the potential of his apprentice, Kamakura.


Time, it would seem, may not be Storm Shadow's only foe.

Another hybrid movie/ARAH version (inclusion of Lee Byung-Hun's head as an alt portrait)

A pretty kick-ass version with lotsa accessories: alt portrait, 2 x swords, backpack, arrow, bow, 2 x shurikens, 2 x cudgels, fan, nunchucks, removable sash, C.L.A.W. with "ninja fighting" gimmick and figure stand

One of the elite Black Dragon Ninja charges through the midst of battle.

Close-up of the leader of the Night Creepers, who dresses nothing like any of them, especially in terms of colours. I have never really been sure whether he's meant to be blind, just blindfolded, or if he's meant to be able to see through that bandana...

This is a custom repaint of did of the very cool comic pack snake eyes released a few years back. While he was a cool update to the classic sculpt, they had painted his belts and pockets a white/gray color. I repainted them charcoal, and gave him a silver grenade for a little pizazz!

Taito UFO Catcher PVC figure - Picked this up at Anime Palace's booth at Wondercon on Saturday. The base is designed to match up to G-1 (Ken the Eagle)


"C'mon, Ken! Let me fire the Bird Missile!"


"No, Joe! Dr. Nambu said we can only use the Bird Missile when it's crucial to the plot of the episode! We don't have enough of an animation budget to feature you maniacally pressing the red button over and over again!"


No? Well, how about this?


"My name is Joe Asakura Inigo de Montoya. Galactor, you killed my parents, prepared to die!"


Hmmm... I like it, in any case.

Snake gears up for a mission. Bullets, check. Uzi, check. Done!

Hi-tech ninjas, the Night Creepers are independent contractors who take on a LOT of work for Cobra, to the extent that some of them even wear the Cobra sigil. And drive their tanks...

The enemy hordes have them backed against a wall, but would YOU want to face a cornered Arashikage master, let alone a group of them? Ninja Force L-R: Tiger Claw, Storm Shadow, Dojo, T'Jbang, Snake Eyes, Nunchuk, Bushido, Scarlett, Kamakura, Banzai, Budo, T'Gin-Zu, Jinx.

A third version Of Snake Eyes using more custom gear I've made.

With the end of Snake Week already here, time to go out with a bang: City Strike Snake Eyes! Woo hoo! Yes! Finally! Hands down one of the coolest Snakes in the lineage. Made possible by the contributions of Mr. Danger Industries LLC. Thanks mate!

Oh my god, I love this costume. How do you make it? cut up two t-shirts for the face part. Buy some Japanese construction worker pants and some renaisance fair boots. Wear a long sleeve black t-shirt, and if you're handy, make the vest yourself. The belt/obi... well, you can't top that. I got it at Osu Kannon Flea Market for a whopping 600 yen. Ohh yeah, you also need two strips of fabric for your hands :)


And yes, I think those students are terrified lol

The bad guy forces; anti-clockwise, L-R. Inner circle: the Vypra Twins, Slice & Dice, Aleph, Shadow Strike, Hack & Slash. The rank & file: Black Dragon Ninja team, Night Creepers, Red Ninja, Ninja Troopers

A pretty decent go at an "ultimate" version. But we've had so many versions before and this doesn't really stand out as much. The preview figures are a mix of waves 3.5 - 4.

1982 was a good year! Just ask Snake Eyes.


Aside, anyone have an extra right arm for an '82 Snake Eyes for sale or trade? Mine busted long ago, and poor Snake here has had a prosthetic one borrowed from a straight arm Cobra Officer ever since, ha ha.

I just stored the sword by sticking it through the straps of his web-gear.

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