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Any appetite for this?

From left to right: Langoustines (Norway), Oysters, King Crab Legs, 4 Sea Urchin

Type : Photograph Medium : Print-black-and-white Description : The photograph shows a group of workmen laying tram lines Newcastle upon Tyne taken in 1901. The workmen are in the foreground. The shop of 'John Maxwell Oyster King' is on High Friar Street in the centre to the left.Transport Collection : Local Studies Source of Information : Used in Library calendar for 1987 Printed Copy : If you would like a printed copy of this image please contact Newcastle Libraries quoting Accession Number : 010480

A seafood platter for two with lobster, crab, oysters, king prawns, calamari, fish, scallops and various fruits. (and some french fries...) a the restuarant underneath the "Observatory" apartments. It got a new name which I don't remember.

A seafood platter at "Rocklobster" with beer battered fish, calamari, oysters, king prawns, blue swimmer crab and balmain bugs. Also: some fruits and chips and various sauces.

Lazio – 997

Pairing: 2009 Nervi Spanna Coste Della Sesia Nebbiolo DOC, Piemont, Italy


Final savoury course featured a pizza topped with a mixture of mushrooms: hen of the woods, oyster, king oyster. The thick focaccia-like spongy crust was finished with Fontina cheese, a compound butter made with tarragon, roasted black garlic and an arugula salad tossed with truffle vinaigrette.


It was over pizza that we got to chatting with Steven Page about influences in his career – from John Lennon and the Beatles, to many great stories of down to earth celebrities (Tom Hanks ranks high as one) that he’s met over the years. It was pretty cool.


It was also pretty cool to have said we talked about meeting Sir Paul McCartney over a pizza. Well Steven did. I haven't. Sigh.


This year of 1905 calendar was a complimentary item from J.G. Carver’s Oyster Saloon on Queen Street in Charlottetown.


A 1901 ad that the establishment ran in the local paper read as follows:


“OYSTERS! OYSTERS! OYSTERS! We have a large stock of oysters on hand and we are putting them up by the quart or in any way to suit the purchaser. The Royal Restaurant is open from early morning till late at night and we are ready to give the nicest lunches a hungry heart could wish. Drop in and look over our Bill of Fare. J. Geo. Carver.”


George Carver was known on the island as the “Oyster King,” and a different newspaper article from the 1950s describes him as a well-known businessman in the Maritimes, and the New England States, for his work in the oyster industry, along with his status as the “first man to successfully can lobster rarebit.”




Ce calendrier de 1905 était offert gratuitement aux clients du J.G. Carver’s Oyster Saloon, de la rue Queen à Charlottetown.


Voici une annonce publiée dans le journal local en 1901 par le restaurant :


« DES HUÎTRES, DES HUÎTRES ET ENCORE DES HUÎTRES! Nous avons une importante quantité d’huîtres en stock que nous vendons à la pinte, ou sous tout autre format au goût du client. Le Royal Restaurant est ouvert du petit matin jusque tard le soir et nous offrons de magnifiques lunchs qui sauront satisfaire les clients les plus affamés. Venez jeter un coup d’œil à notre menu. J. Geo. Carver. » [traduction]


Les gens de l’Île avaient surnommé George Carver le « roi des huîtres ». Un article publié dans un autre article de journal au cours des années 1950 le décrit comme un homme d’affaires bien connu dans les Maritimes et dans les États de la Nouvelle-Angleterre pour son travail dans l’industrie ostréicole, ainsi que pour son statut de « premier homme à avoir réussi à mettre en conserve le welsh rarebit au homard ».



The history of Sam's Grill actually stretches back to 1867, when an Irishman began selling the delicious fresh oysters that were abundant in San Francisco Bay. His stall was in the open air market at the base of California Street, which probably looked very similar to the open air markets we find today in many third world countries. In the pungent area where vendors hawked fresh fish, crabs and seafood, Michael Molan Moraghan founded an institution that thrives in the City's financial district today.


Mr. Moraghan was apparently a very savvy businessman. By the 1890's, his company had developed into the City's leading seafood establishment, supplying fresh fish and shellfish to the City's best restaurants and hotels. But his specialty continued to be local oysters harvested from the Bay tidelands near Burlingame. Mr. Moraghan was then known as "The Oyster King."


The California Market was destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, but the Moraghan business continued to thrive. For a time it operated from various addresses around the City, but in 1919 it rejoined the City's other oyster dealers in a rebuilt California Market, located between California and Pine Streets, where the Bank of America Building stands today. By that time the operation was known as the Burlingame Oyster Company.


In the meantime, Samuel Zenovitch's fortunes also prospered. In 1905 he purchased San Francisco's Reception Cafe, where he had first worked as a bartender. The Reception Cafe was a hangout for high-flyers in the boxing and racing world, including John L. Sullivan, Jim Corbett, and Jack Dempsey.


In 1922 Samuel Zenovitch acquired the Burlingame Oyster Co. It would still be several years before the oyster saloon would be known as "Sam's". Zenovitch initially changed the name to the Bay Point Oyster Co., but the Bay Point name lasted for only a few years. Around 1930, the restaurant was renamed yet again, this time after its owners: "Zembolich & Zenovich." It was a fine name, but hardly poetic for a restaurant, or even an oyster saloon.


Not suprisingly, "Zembolich & Zenovich" didn't stick. A year later in 1931, the San Francisco Directories first show Sam's name being used: "Sam's Seafood Grotto." At that time the restaurant moved to the north side of the California Market, at 561 California Street.


Sam Zenovich passed away in 1936, and the restaurant was purchased in the same year by Frank Seput, who formalized the establishment's current name, "Sam's Grill and Seafood Restaurant." Sam's moved from California Street to its present Bush Street address in 1946. Frank Seput's two sons, Walter and Frank came into the business after the World War.


"San Francisco Eats"

on display, S F Main Library, 2011

Feb 2011 117

Snowdonia Shiitake, Snowdonia Oyster, King Oyster, Nameko, Enoki. Taken with Elinchrom Snoot plus honeycomb grid from rear right to simulate a sense of moonlight. 1/100s, f/10, ISO 100 (Nikon 17-55mm f/2.8 at 48mm)

spicy oyster

king prawn

The man is a shucking machine... Too many cheap shucking jokes to use here... resist... high brow.

A friend picked this up on his way through Jordan. I don't know the age or even the name of these fossils.

Oyster King Colin Shirlow and Onur Gul of Turkish Airlines at Turkish Airlines announcement of their sponsorship of Hillsborough Oyster Festival August 30 to September 4 in Hillsborough Castle

This is my Great Grandfather Charles Stein, who came to America from Germany in the late 1800's, legend has it with 5 cents in his pocket. He fell in love with and married into the Ockers family of West Sayville, Long Island. His wife's uncle was Captain Jacob Ockers, also known as the Oyster King, who started the Oyster trade in the great South Bay of Long Island. Charles here started the Sayville Ferry Service to Fire Island and to date it remains in the family.

$45/kg although it sounds nicer if you say $4.50 for 100g.


Fresh shiitake, wood ear, chestnut, shimeji, oyster, king brown and enoki mushrooms grown in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Nikon FM2


50mm 1.8 prime


Kodak BW400CN film


Leonardtown, Merlin

Torn and sliced, hearty chunks of mixed mushrooms (oyster, king, etc) sit waiting for one of the last pintxos y tapas (simple, and an evening fave) courses.

Cultivation Level : - Easy

Substrates : - Straw/Wood

Temps : Colonizing/Fruiting - 70-75/60-70

King oyster, (Pleurotus eryngii) is large, heavy, fleshy, and unlike any other cultivated oyster mushroom. Although quality varies, the dense bright-white stalks and creamy, concave tan caps are usually thick and solid. This mushroom grows in clusters which join at the base and not in overlapping caps like other oyster mushrooms. It is sweet and meaty and often grows on the decaying roots of plants in the carrot family. It can also be cultivated on chopped straw.

My great great grandfather Hendrik Ockers, born in 1813, emigrated to the US from Bruinesse, Zeeland, in 1852 with his children Pieter, Arij, and Jacob. His son Jacob went on to become the Oyster King, based in West Sayville, Long Island, New York. His daughter, Adelia Ockers, became my great grandmother, marrying Charles Stein, who worked for his father in law for many years before establishing the Fire Island Ferry, which has been operating in the family for over 100 years. His daughter, Marguerite, was my mother's mother. My 2nd Cousin once removed, Kenneth Frank Stein III is still running the operation. Doubt remains whether his son, Kenneth Frank Stein IV will continue the tradition.

Oysters, King Prawns, Crevettes, Scallops. The makings of Valentine's tea.

Glazed cream earthenware jug, blue rim, black inscription "THE OYSTER KING - PROCLAIMED BY THE PEOPLE A.D. 1847"; used at a fashionable oyster bar at 64 Briggate, Leeds, kept by Mr. Bowes (in Leeds Directory 1842).

object height: 88mm

object width: 120mm


Uncle Donald, the oyster king, prepping the burner.


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ohtoro, chu toro, yellowtail, oyster, king salmon, minced horse mackerel

Sushi Seki

1143 1st Ave, New York, NY 10021

Julie Curran of Turkish Airlines with Oyster King Colin Shirlow at Turkish Airlines announcement of their sponsorship of Hillsborough Oyster Festival August 30 to September 4 in Hillsborough Castle

Bilson's: Sydney Rock Oyster, King Crab, Cous Cous, Apple, Yogurt

Oyster King Colin Shirlow and Onur Gul of Turkish Airlines at Turkish Airlines announcement of their sponsorship of Hillsborough Oyster Festival August 30 to September 4 in Hillsborough Castle

3rd Course: "Hawaiian Red Veal Raviolo," Oyster King, Foie Gras, Diver Scallop, Quail Egg, Liquid Parmesan.


HVCB "Hawaii: A Thousand Reasons to Smile" Media Dinner at the W Los Angeles, Sept. 1, 2009.