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Yard, Parkview Trail, Baltimore county, MD 8/19//2020

Ellicott City Quad


At Franklin Parker Preserve in Chatsworth, New Jersey 7-26-14.

30 Jul 2017.

Buckingham Springs, Bucks Co, PA.

Attracted to porch light.

Probable ID courtesy of Eric Cummings:

Tentative ID


Night shot on my back porch


Chicago, Illinois.

Palpita magniferalis - Splendid Palpita - Hodges#5226

Based on an image from BugGuide, this appears to be a variant of Splendid Palpita (Palpita magniferalis) with completely blackish wings. Dallenbach Lake, East Brunswick.

ID by me, posted on BugGuide:


July 14, 2012

Bennett Spring State Park

Laclede Co, MO

Palpita magniferalis is a type of crambid moth. At a blacklight in Lenexa, Kansas. August 25, 2017.

Palpita magniferalis, H-5226

I could tell it was related to this moth, so I browsed that sectionon BugGuide and sure enough - there it was.


Splendid Palpita

Palpita magniferalis

Hodges #5226

We think this is the Splendid Palpita (5226). Sound right? Also posted on BugGuide:


Hawn State Park, Southeast Missouri County, MO

May 18, 2011

August 4, 2015

Bob Kipfer Farm

Christian Co, MO

Beautiful specimen of Palpita magniferalis (Splendid Palpita)...or maybe I'm supposed to say Splendid Specimen? ;-)


This species almost exclusively uses ash as a host, so is likely to suffer as emerald ash borer spreads throughout our state.

Splendid Palpita. Photographed at Thickson's Woods, Durham Region, Ontario on 13 May 2016.

Splendid Palpita Moth – Hodges# 5226

attracted to mothing light

Northfield, Minnesota

Resting on the house under the front porch light, captured and taken downstairs to the "studio" for a few photos and then released.


National Moth Week (NMW) is a celebration of moths and biodiversity.


Palpita arsaltealis. Photographed at Portage Lake, Parry Sound, Ontario on 10 May 2015. I'm pretty sure the identity of this moth is correct. Palpita magniferalis, though rather variable, tends not to have the blotched appearance of this less common species...

Moth night at Batsto Village in the Jersey pinelands, August 2nd. hosted by my friends and fellow moth'ers Bernie, Matt and myself. Thanks to Terry, Lisa, and all who made us feel welcomed! Everyone had a great time, thanks to my cousin Shawn for light set-up assistance and species ID help too :-)

(Palpita magniferalis) Howard County Conservancy, Ellicott City Quad, Howard County, Maryland. August 11, 2017. At UV light.

This species is currently quite widespread in Pennsylvania, but it's caterpillars only eat ash leaves, so it is expected to disappear in coming years as its host does.

Splendid Palpita attracted to my black light. Howard County, Maryland.

In my backyard in Toms River, New Jersey 8-11-13.

Species: Palpita magniferalis

Common Name: Splendid Palpita Moth

Hodges Number: 5226

Date: 7-21-2019

Location: Aberdeen Proving Grounds--Woodrest Creek, Harford County, MD

USGS Quad: Spesutie



© Jim Gilbert 2006 all rights reserved.


It looks like Palpita magniferalis. I was going for a really cool Sphinx moth (I think) that got away, but I found this handsome little creature on the side of the house.


Bernardsville, NJ

See BugGuide.


Celebrating National Moth Week 2014 at Batsto Village here in the New Jersey pinelands, July 19th. 2014, from 7:30 to 11:00. What a great night had by all filled with wonderful friendships, great snacks, and of course awesome night time visitors to the lights!

(Palpita magniferalis) Kuhns Ridge Road, Indian Springs WMA, Washington County, Maryland. May 10, 2019. At UV light.

1st Moth night at Batsto Village in Wharton State Forest in Hammonton, New Jersey 8-2-13.

Visiting one of three mothing light set-ups at Whitesbog, during National Moth Week 2014.


National Moth Week (NMW) is a celebration of moths and biodiversity.


Splendid Palpita Moth, Palpita magniferalis (Hodges #5226). SERC, Edgewater, Anne Arundel County, MD - 06/06/15. Photo by Robert Aguilar, Smithsonian Environmental Research Center.

02 Jun 2013.

Buckingham Springs, Bucks Co, PA.

(Palpita magniferalis) Greenbrier State Park, Myersville Quad, Washington County, Maryland. June 1, 2017. At UV light.

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