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“Photography is the story I fail to put into words.”

Quote – Destin Sparks


For the group "Looking close... on Friday!" theme: "Textile Texture".



He treats her the way she deserves , cherish her the way a woman should be cherished when her man loves her .... because is his woman , his weakness and his strength, his sanity and craziness .His freedom and his captivity.He grabbed her in his arms and thats all she ever needed.


🎵 ... T U N E 💞 .... 🎵


Check her amazing work here :

Her SL Name: NellyFurtado

CSR Manager: pilar60.amat

(hairs are hand drawn and not exist in sl)


-Thank you my love for this amazing Birthday Gift- 💞

Some beautiful light this morning and this little one landed.

Minox GT-s,Minotar 35mm,Kodak T-Max P3200,dev.Ilfosol s

Don't shoot

what it looks like.

Shoot what it feels like.


- David Alan Harvey

Bella Grace, our 10-year-old Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier, accompanies me just about everywhere I go on my photo shoots. I took this shot of her sitting in the back seat of my car at the end of a full afternoon of picture taking. Her look told me she was ready to go home for dinner.

Hello my amazing Flickr friends !


Today is an orange day at Color my World Daily. We have Mr. Teddy Bear with us to celebrate Happy Teddy Tuesdays and the theme at Crazy Tuesday is Mirror Photography.


Mr. Teddy Bear thinks mirrors are dangerous… Especially since he gained few pounds, during the pandemic, Mr. Teddy doesn’t like mirrors as much as he use to…Looking directly in the mirror may sometimes be like looking directly at the sun…. you don’t want to stare for too long ! Looking in the mirror is like looking into the abyss and you know what they say about that …When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

But my tiny vintage mirror ( I got it a few years ago at a garage sale…I truly miss garage sales!!!) is harmless…It will only show you the truth !!


I wish you all an amazing day !! See you later my friends.


Thank you so much for all your lovely comments / favs/ general support / happy thoughts!! Stay safe and well!! And see you soon on Flickr !!

The birth of Aphrodite it is not. Is it an oversized pearl? Well, we are getting closer. I am not sure whether my advice would carry any weight, but if asked what camera somebody beginning photography should use, my advice is clear. Do not go for the latest and most sophisticated model (very expensive anyway). Get yourself a quality second-hand camera body (mirrorless these days probably) that enables you to do a lot of things manually. And add a fine and 'normal' (close to the human angle of view) prime lens, perhaps second-hand too. And look and behold, you would have a powerful combo that does not break the bank but would allow you to do some serious photography. It took me a while to understand this.

Helios 44M-7 at F11.

Klöntal HDR

Royalty Free for Privat and Commercial use.

Have Fun.

Location: San Jose Custom Cycles

Bike: James Garcia Cafe Honda CB550

the new Fondation Henri Cartier-Bresson


Heart lying in my hands

I never wanted this

This tear will never mend

How did it come to this?


Please don't slip away

'Cause my heart can't take it

Don't let this be the end

Please don't slip away

'Cause I'll just keep breaking

Don't let this be the end


Dark waters caving in

You were the light I knew

Don't know how to pretend

'Cause I'm not bulletproof


Please don't slip away

'Cause my heart can't take it

Don't let this be the end

Please don't slip away

'Cause I'll just keep breakin'

Don't let this be the end





Thanks a lot everybody for all the faves and lovely comments ! ❤️❤️❤️

Trichromatic photography is the process of taking three identical black and white photos (film), each taken with a different color filter (red, green, and blue), and then combining the three photos to create a color image. This is how it was done before color film arrived.

After 11 months of of not having the capacity to do this I was able to write another photo blog post about the benefits of photography projects based on my own experiences.


You can read my post and see some of my images here:


And I would love to hear your thoughts, ideas and feedback on this topic if you would like to share! [It may take me a little time to respond—please know I really appreciate you viewing my images, your support, feedback and sharing of your thoughts a lot!]

There is no doubt about it. However, if you wish to do things yourself, instead of letting the phone's algorithms do their work, you may wish to use an old-fashioned quality camera. It is cheaper too and visually more satisfying. This combo here, a Fujifilm X-Pro1 body (built between 2012 and 2016) and a 7Artisans 35/1.2 lens (current) can be had for very little money and would allow you to do serious photography, manually that is. I have said this before and I am not afraid to repeat it: the advance of camera technology is mainly on the digital side producing greater capabilities and increased versatility. It does not, however, produce 'better' images than the quality cameras of the past are generating. That in the end it is the photographer who creates the image, I don't need to tell you.

Mitakon Speedmaster 35/0.95 wide-open and at closest range.

Photographer taking photo of park symbol in Yellowknife Canada.

(Stacked Photography with Q2)


Some say love, it is a hunger

An endless aching need

I say love, it is a flower

And you, its only seed


-The Rose

Bette Midler

This is to the Brexiteers and to the "Wallbuilders"in the USA,because its the same Spirit.


The Sound of Silence-Disturbed


a Vision,

realized with a Image from Pixabay.

Taken on Narrabeen Lake during sunset

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