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Avalon Beach - sunrise with the Focus group.

Tonight is 80th birthday of Sohrab Sepehri, famous Iranian poet and painter. I've changed the posting date of this old desert photo that I believe has something from him in it to celebrate his wonderful life and beautiful delicate soul. this photo was originally taken 35 years ago and posted in Flickr 35 months ago.


Sohrab Sepehri (October 7, 1928 - April 21, 1980) was a notable modern Persian poet and a painter. He was born in Kashan in Isfahan province.


He should be noted as one of the most popular figures of Iranian modern poetry compared to his contemporary poets. His literary style is simple and without pretension and verses are written in a way very close to spoken language. Some of his poems have either meter or a mild melody within while some others have no meter and no rhyme. However the widely read of his poems belong to the former category.


A selection of such poems has been sung by Iranian celebrated musician Shahram Nazeri in an al bum called “Dar Golestaneh”. His poems have also been featured in a few Iranian movies.


In his poems he talks about the relationship between nature and human spirit and turns around the general idea of re-discovering and returning to the roots (nature) and appreciating its beauty and serenity instead of giving in to the down-ward spiral of modern life’s preoccupations. He died in Tehran of leukemia at the age of 51.


This website contains my rendition of a selection of his poetry including the English version of The Footsteps of Water which is a long poem originally published as a book by itself. Note that the illustrations, with some obvious exceptions, are selected from Sohrab's paintings.


Text by: Maryam Dilmaghani


A lone fisherman at dawn. Long Reef.

Copyright © 2010 Ray Wood. All Rights Reserved.

flood zine work review


curensea feature


analogue multiple exposure

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Just gave permission to Cornell Labs of Ornithology to publish this shot of a Black Phoebe in their upcoming book about Backyard Birds. It's good to get recognition sometimes :)


Don't forget to visit their website and make a donation today to help them continue their wonderful conservation and education efforts.

Published in the Showcase Photography section of Landscape Photography Magazine

well I'm no good at blowing my own trumpet and I'm a little embarrassed

at doing so but this image of mine was published, so what the hell...

Jeffrey Street Ferry and CBD., from North Sydney. Milson's point.


Vivid Sydney.

Avalon Beach sunrise with the focus group. This long rockshelf has plenty of photogenic spots. If you look carefully there is one other photographer hwo became a part of this landscape.

Very happy to have one of my images of Ratcliffe on Soar power station included in this month’s edition of Practical Photography Magazine.

Not only that a couple of friends that I have got to know through Flickr are also in this months mag. Well done guys.


Gary Clark

Raymond McBride

just had another picture published ,taken a couple of years ago ,its in the july 2011 edition of the searcher magazine .

Newport rock shelf with the focus crew.


Low tide and small swell resulted in some delicate flows and nice colour reflections off the water.

Bungan Beach with the Focus Crew.

Waiting for the tide to come in. Waiting patiently to serve.

One of my location sketches has been published in a new book titled "Pen And Ink" by James Hobbs. I did this sketch last year at a bike night on Long Island. I am thrilled to be among many fantastic artists, many of which are Urban Sketchers.

Queenscliff Tunnel.


The wormhole (also known as the Queenscliff Tunnel) was constructed in 1908 by local fishermen as a shortcut through from Manly to Freshwater beach to the north.


I have been meaning to get to this location for a while now, and finally had an opportunity early on Friday morning.


This is actually quite a low and narrow tunneel - definitely a solo shooting oppotunity.

Mid February I was contacted to see if I was willing to send this picture in full resolution, because they were considering to use this in a future publication. Now, almost three months later it is published in the June edition of “Digital SLR Photography” magazine.


Small boats beached and waiting for the tide.


Experimenting with textures and toning.

Forgive the shameful showing off but I'm very pleased that one of my images was chosen for the cover of this month's Hampshire Life magazine.


A minimalist composition from Coogee tidal pool a couple of weeks ago.

I am kind of stoked about this because a) it is my first photo that has been used in a print medium (; b) it was because of my video that I made promoting our VR Lab that they wanted it. Or so I am told. ( Anyway, its kinda cool. Once you see the video the photo will make sense.


I am putting my camera down for a while this year because of work. Don't get me wrong, I will still find sometime to take pictures, just not a lot. Which may have been noticeable. But I am still here checking out all of your inspiring photos. And don't forget to smile, it is contagious.

A revisit of an iconic location Sydney CBD from Kirribilli.


The view that has it all: the CBD, the Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Circular Quay, the Rocks, as well as Jeffery Street Wharf and the historic Finger Wharves.

The cliffs overlooking North Turimetta slowly crumbling.


What once seemed permanent and unchangeable is now just history.


A grey and overcast morning, but the colours on the jumble of rocks made up for the lack of colour in the sky. Particularly the bright green moss and algae. This was the last shot of the day. On of those, "lets turn around and have one more look" shots on the way to breakfast.

A brisk morning at Freshwater, and a sunrise that showed a lot of promise, but didn't develop.


Can anyone see the turtle emerging from the rock?

A face frozen in the sandstone screams helplessly as the elements nibble at the cliffs it calls home.


Cape Solander.

An early riser heads out into the surf. Predawn on Avalon beach.


Trying a couple of different processing techniques with colour toning and textures. I quite like the effect it has had on an otherwise flat image.

A lonely tree clings to the side of the cliff in the middle of the big city.


Cremorne Point

My Little Grebe image published in a French Ornithological magazine.

The Coathanger, The Bridge. Sydney Harbour Crossing.


No matter what you want to call it. It always delivers.

This is part of the double spread of the featured 6 page article in the Practical Photography magazine (February 2017).

I talk about my inspiration, technique, lighting, creative process and and share insights that have never been published before.

I am thrilled with it!


If you want to see/read it, see here: iOS iPad app link or here: Android link


Thank you, M, (*_*)


For more of my other work visit here:

The lives of the rich and famous. Clifftop vantage points along Balmoral Beach, with views of the sunrise over middle harbour.

Part of the small fishing village at Bulgo Beach. A fantastic, location untouched bar these small cottages, and only accessable by sea or a steep path back up the hill.

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