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This darling donkey lives down the road from where we spend our vacation time in Cumbria. I discovered that the family who owns these donkeys has rescued them and given them a "forever home".


Further research led me to a charity that rescues donkeys in the UK, called The Donkey Sanctuary

I am so impressed with what these people and the individuals who provide homes do to care for these animals.


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The law of the jungle: only the weak survive." Well, not on my watch!


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WRONG - Bento static poses 109

session - Dante skin

Letis Tattoo - Hermes

LOB - Squad rescue armor

Meva - Marc bento rings




♫♥♫David Sylvian & Ryuichi Sakamoto - Bamboo Houses♫♥♫

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Hiya! This photo was WAY out of my comfort zone, but it was so much fun to create! I hope everyone enjoys!!^^<3

Emozione - Credits


Pic made @ Norderney


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OneRepublic - Rescue Me



[KNOX] Nala A – Blondes

GENUS Project - Genus Head - Baby Face W002

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Pose By EMOZIONE - Rescue me

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Taken @ Mimmo


Song that inspired this picture is

Marshmello Ft. A Day To Remember - Rescue Me


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surrounded by mice

I’m not one to know when to leave

Giving up when love seems over

I’m not one to stop till the game is won


I been told that I’m just naive

Like a child that has no reason

Loyalty’s all I got so I’m not gon run


But I been treated like I’m haunted

Like a ghost that no one knew

I been left for dead unwanted

When there was no sign of you

I moved on

It didn’t matter anyway


Just when I thought that nobody was watching

You came to see what no one ever saw

Just like a dream that seemed would never happen

You came and took me home

I feel like a rescue dog

Feel like a rescue dog


Train - Rescue Dog


Rescue 2021 ( HOPING FOR )

IMAGINARY " Photoshop " CREATION by Ihsan Steve Duman


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I was almost going to call this picture "Beware of the Signs" but then I added a broken glass frame to the image and the "Rescue Me" title sprang to mind given the almost pleading pose that I found myself in at World's End Garden SIM.


And this is the blog post ...

♫ Rescue Me ♫





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Luane's World Bento Poses "Dreams On Fire"

Well, rescued, of course. Even though he is a pirate.


Generally, I do my own rescuing, but in this case, the would-be rescuer was so nice, and looked so much in need of someone to rescue, that I decided to help out.


I'm just generous that way.

"I hear the whisper underneath your breath

I hear you whisper you have nothing left

I will send out an army

To find you in the middle of the darkest night

It's true, I will rescue you

And I will never stop marching

To reach you in the middle of the hardest fight

It's true, I will rescue you"

Emotionally drained yesterday, after these wonderful people got these dogs, plus one more, plus 3 bunny rabbits, and 2 cats across the currents of Wilcrest at Briar Forest, in Houston. I helped to strategically get them all into a small hatch-back for eventual evacuation to Magnolia. The human spirit is amazing, why can’t we all work together like this in times of peace.


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Guest Photographer Fin Ley

The photo was taken by him and I present this photography

Fin Ley


Rescue Me


Would you rescue me? Would you get my back?

Would you take my call when I start to crack?

Would you rescue me? Uh

Would you rescue me?

Would you rescue me when I'm by myself?

When I need your love, if I need your help

Would you rescue me? Uh

Would you rescue me?

We don't talk much, not anymore

Broken bottles and slammin' doors

But we still care about each other

Say we care about each other

I know life took us far away

But I still dream 'bout the good old days

When we took care of each other

We were livin' for each other


SN~ Her Fate

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It's 27deg. and two days ago it was 72 deg. We really didn't need to flip those numbers! I must say though, it is kind of pretty. Looking to get a foot of the white stuff, before all is said and done.

Yet, another antique store here in Wimberley..;) This one's been around for a while. If you're ever seen the show "Pickers" that's this place. It's just like they found it, without the dirt..;) Nothing's painted or shined up

Navajo - Pose

no match - Hair

Revoul - Skin

Gild - Linen over top

FashionNatic - Jeans

Why Not? - Perranporth Beach Set

Gacha Garden


♫♥♫OneRepublic - Rescue Me♫♥♫


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The place where you are


In this vast universe

You're the only one


Even when I didn't say it

You understand it

I'm full of scars and you healed me

At the end of your gaze

If I'm not there

Even existing is impossible for me


Wish I could reach you

Scream with all my strenght

I'm desperate


Rescue me baby

Please take me away

To the place where you are


Rescue me baby

Only your touch

Can rescue me


Day6 - Rescue me


*It's the same previous picture, but edited in Photoshop

Thinking about how your feeling, wondering how your dealing, missing every moment that we shared and will share. Missing you, can't wait til you return ♥


Pose by: Secret Poses - Oceana


Outfit by: Blueberry

Hair by: Truth


Taken at Hotel California


One Republic - Rescue Me

But I start to wonder

If I’m slipping under

Would you rescue me?

Would you get my back?

Would you take my call when I start to crack?

Would you rescue me?

Would you rescue me when I’m by myself?

When I need your love, if I need your help

Would you

Rescue Me .

B*L*O*G .

Rescue Me_Fontella Bass


Rescue me

Take me in your arms

Rescue me

I want your tender charm

'Cause I'm lonely

And I'm blue

I need you

And your love too

Come on and rescue me


Taken @ Home

Whatever you do don't ever play my game

Too many years being the king of pain

Ya gotta lose it all if you wanna take control

Sell yourself to save your soul


Rescue me

From the demons in my mind

Rescue me

From the lovers in my life

Rescue me

From the demons in my mind

Rescue me

Rescue me

Rescue me


Rescue me...


Whatever you do don't ever lose your faith

The devil's quick to love lost in pain

Better to say yes than never know, ooh...

Sell yourself to save your soul



Oh, my love I think I’m drowing

Take me down into the deep

Been so long since I’ve been found, yeah

So won’t you come, won’t you come and rescue me

Spent my mornings just a searching

Wandering down these roads alone

Sleepless nights I’m left believing

That you’ll come, that you’ll come and rescue me

Won’t you come, won’t you come and rescue me

Save me, my love

Take me from the hands of the sea

Oh save me please, my love

And come, won’t you come and rescue me

Waking from a night of drinking

Lost beneath our willow tree

In the wind I hear you breathing

You say you’ll come, say you’ll come and rescue me

Say you’ll come, say you’ll come and rescue me

Save me, my love

Take me from the hands of the sea

Oh save me please, my love

And come, won’t you come and rescue me

Save me, my love

Take me from the hands of the sea

Oh save me please, my love

And come, won’t you come

Oh come, won’t you come and rescue me

Rescue training off the cliffs at Portknockie

While working in my garden this week, I found this sprig of a Hyacinth laying on the ground. It was probably trampled by a neighbors cat who likes to stalk in my garden for the birds. I put it in a glass of water to enjoy on my deck. I couldn't let it die before it's time. I rescued it for selfish reasons though. Now I get to enjoy it close up with my coffee when I relax.

This beautiful American Kestrel is a raptor living at Liberty Wildlife, a rescue organization. The goal of Liberty Wildlife is to rehabilitate injured birds and release them back into the wild. But they felt this fella could not hunt enough to survive so now he now he is more of a community outreach bird. He was one of two raptors brought to the Riparian Preserve at Water Ranch to help educate park-goers. I think the kestrels are one of the coolest looking raptors around. There are a couple of kestrels flying wild at the park right now, but it was fun to see this guy up close and personal.


And then I heard Aretha Franklin singing Rescue Me in my head the rest of the morning

Yesterday I spend many hours on the beach. The sunset had been spectacular for many days now, and finally I was able to be there. There will be several pictures from this session in the days to come. This was one of the first pictures and the chopper and the ship made a great collection. Rescue at sea. , lighthouses and chopper... You get the picture:-)

66164 comes to the rescue of disgraced 60015 running an hour late seen here passing Woolaston working 6B47 18:05 Westerleigh Murco to Robeston.

I was a rescue dog but I got adopted.....and I LOVE my new family!

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