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© Edwin Doughty 2020 - No Unauthorised Use Please.

© Edwin Doughty 2020 - No Unauthorised Use Please.

Sparkle posted a greenscreen so it would be rude not to see what I could do with it.

Submission is a two edged sword, both parties have huge responsibilities to the other person and to themselves.


Respect, Love and Trust are the key elements of a good and healthy Submission.


Models(s): MY DOLL & ME



Photographer and Editor: ME

-> The 2021 SciFi Expo is bringing the science fiction community together to benefit Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and the American Cancer Society in Second Life. From Friday, October 8 to Sunday, October 17 come experience New Eden, featuring the biggest sci fi designers and shops, live performances, roleplaying events, and so much more, as the community comes together to support finding a cure.


-> -MUSU- >>> Deck Turret


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ExalteD - Bulletproof Vest @Man Cave




TROPIX // Sci-fi Tunnel @TOKYO ZERO

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Dagon Set @ Mainframe

Stunning metallic collar and headdress. Dagon include headpiece, headpiece orbit, brow and collar in left & right sections with 14 colours via HUD.

Eyemakeup and Lipstick sets, include Omega HUD, tattoo & universal tattoo BOM layers

18 Colours, Lips with 2 fits.



Cherie Ankle Boots @ The Mainstore

Super High Latex Heels, as usual Luna's designs come to life in Advanced Lighting giving that luxurious shine and a low script meaning with just a touch you can pic from a huge range of colours.


Inithium Kups Body, Catwa Majer Head, Hair by Sintiklia, Corset by Phy.Ka

Backdrop by ZONE88 @ Mainframe (gacha item)

Oceanic Skin by Rachel Swallows coming soon to the Skin Fair

Just a gal living her Sci-Fi fantasy! Tehehehe!

Taken at Sunny's Studio:


Backdrop: Guardians Pose: 3

Elegance Boutique

- "Linn" - Harness & Bodysuit

- "Linn" - Mask -

@ Fetish Fair


after ✩Elegance Boutique


Just a gal living her Sci-Fi fantasy! Tehehehe!

Taken at Sunny's Studio:


Backdrop: Guardians Pose: 1

Valencia: Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias - City of Arts and Sciences by Santiago Calatrava. More images in my album C.A.C.

Flickr compresses images, affecting their quality. I rendered this one multiple times at varying resolutions and light settings and each time uploaded it to check distortions caused by Flick's compression algorithm. This is the least bad. The original file looks better.


I am making progress with Blender. Never thought I would be able to make things like this. When I first opened Blender, I had no idea what to screen showed, and it took me a full day to work my way through the first 30 minutes tutorial I had a go at. The first task being somehow getting rid of the infamous default cube!


Still, I figured if others can do it, so can I. If something is learnable, I can learn it. It took some determination though.


The alien space ship is made by applying the discombabulator on a torus mesh (a technique explained by Kev Binge here), then I removed a ring of protrusions and replaced it with a cylinder in which I made windows (inset faces, extrude along the normals) with an emission shader for the lights.


For the city I used the same technique as the one I used to make the carpet with the piano some time ago:


I first made a dozen or so low poly buildings and put those in an object collection.


Then I set up a plane as particle emitter but instead of emitting hairs I made it randomly emit hundreds of buildings from the collection at random heights. This is a lot quicker than having to copy/paste and resize buildings manually.


Light effects are created with area lights. And the fog is created with volumetrics.


By keeping everything low poly, it is possible to make such scenes even with my computer. The most important thing is a good graphics card with decent cooling.

Green screen Photo by Cream Release, Edited by Paulus Portland.

Last update was done so the timing looks better now, this is a nice dark theme with light animations that is easy on the eyes and main background was done in art style effects to go with this group better.


You can view it working in the comments area!!


( Award made for Elite Artists Artistic Creation Arts )


Reload the page for changes to show up:

Animation Awards Click Here


I will be adding landscape art to this group soon, will do few nice ones up in art style. Over time i will get more added to this group for better matching in real life photo's and other type of work

A MOC of a Star Wars-esque hologram table.


Hope you like this build, have a good day.



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Other items used...


Head: Lelutka - Ceylon

Body: Legacy

Rings: CULT - Emily Rings

Hair: KUNI - Gabriela

Choker: CURELESS[+] - Manea Choker

This mask is extremely cool. It's designed by cinphul and called cinphul // debris [veil + mask set]. It's a very great item for sci-fi and fantasy RP or anything really! It comes with a hud for metals and for the veil. Coming soon to Mainframe Event!


My blog:

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cinphul // debris [veil + mask set]

TP to the Mainframe Event:


More information about cinphul


LM to Store:














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Other information, items/accessories in picture:



DOUX - Miyeon hairstyle



Izzie's - BOM Layers Face & Body Bruises

[] Trauxis Scar



.random.Matter. - Junee Human Ears

"When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too."

wow!!! @@!!!

I got summer Gift again (๑→ܫ←๑)♪

My work has been selected as a cover for "Second Life Sci Fi Fantasy" Group XD

I'm sooooo happy and, sooooo honor and, soooo ultra Excitings !!!。:.゚ヽ(´∀`。)ノ゚.:。

and, Thank you so much again for choose my work my dear group owner and, admins (人´ω`*).☆.。.:*・゜Arigatou♡


+++ Second Life Sci Fi Fantasy +++

Hmmmm Not A Sci-Fi Person But I Tried


Just a gal living her Sci-Fi fantasy! Tehehehe!

Taken at Sunny's Studio:


Backdrop: Guardians Pose: 2

A sci-fi - esque technique for floors that uses upside-down tiles placed on regular tiles.


Feedback is appreciated

Also thank you for 1M views :)



Skayline del Low Manhattan. El edidicio más alto que se ve en la imagen, es el nuevo rascacielo One World Trade Center, que se construyó al desaparecer las Torres Gemelas el 11-S ...Este imponente edificio hacia el cielo con una altura de 546.2 metros, se levantó en memoria y como sustitución de aquellas.


Cámara Nikon D850 con lente 24-120 F4/G-VR editada con Capture NX-D de Nikon y Photoshop CS6


Recomiendo "HACER CLICK" sobre la imagen y ver en grande / I recommend see in larger, clicking on the imagen.


Muchas gracias por adelantado, por vuestros favoritos y comentarios. Saludos.

Thank you very much in advance for your favorites and comments. Greetings.

Awesome Sci-fi backdrop from Sei of TwoCats!

Please get it. Its amazing :D

Just join the group and grab it from the notices \o/



Stumbled across a new cool Sci-Fi sandbox/location so grabbed a shot of this great space station and made a LM.


Timelord Sandbox

Find my Flame Outfit here

Check out the details of what I'm wearing here

Gacha stuff from cyber fair.

© Andre Rowley Photography





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Second Life Inworld Name: Andre Rowley


Made for Art Week Gallery - 7 to 13 of November of 2021 - Theme Futuristic

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