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Prior to the 1850’s there were many Scottish coastal ale-houses which brewed their own ales, these ales were made from local malted barley which was grown on fields fertilised with seaweed. This environment gave the barley a very specific flavour which we have recreated by the inclusion of fresh seaweed in the mash tun.


In addition to the seaweek (bladder rack) harvested on the Argyll coast we have used darker malts roasted by ourselves. Kelpie is a rich chocolate ale which has an aroma of fresh seabreeze and a distinctive malty texture.


The name Kelpie is the term for mythical creatures one of which lives in each loch of Scotland. The best know kelpie is the Loch Ness Monster. The symbol on the label is a Pictish symbol of a kelpie.


Complements to Kelpie:

Perfect with seafood and sushi.


Katcat- The crab came from Maryland.


Borderscot- The salmon also came from Scotland. I know you are a Veggie, there is veggie sushi there as well. :-)


This had a milder finish that I thought it would, for a dark ale. The seaweed flavour was just a kiss on the lips. It was quite refreshing and it did compliment the food well.


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some shots from a 6-course vegetarian Dinner we catered for.

Couch #37 - Treehouse Manor, Los Angeles, California - July 6th, 2010

One of my photos from the Thurso Camera Club evening out in Skerray Harbour. There is a fantastic drive through the thatched cottage village on the approach.

Yup, that sure is some tasty looking ... seaweed.