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Brought home #SelfieSnaps Cloe today ! LOVE her! Be careful and make sure you look at the dolls carefully when you buy them! My brother bought her for me but some of the letters on her shirt are missing and she has a few lip marks, but god she's so pretty ah!! More photos coming!!

I love this Cloe so much! Her hair is everything! I changed up her look a bit and added the white vest that #SnowKissed Cloe came with to add to her already flawless look! :)

Bratz are officially back on shelves today in the U.S! To celebrate, here is my illustration of the core 4 taking a #SelfieSnap ItsGoodToBeABratz #BratzAreBack #BratzSelfie #SelfieSnaps

I put a montage together of Cloe wearing just some of the new looks coming soon to my Etsy for #Bratz! Including this nylon Jacket, Faux leather v cut top and this plaid skirt with lace trim!


Let us know what you think, and what else you'd like to see!?


I am in love with the colour on the new #SelfieSnaps Cloe's hair, so just had to give it ago on my Cloe <3

I'm loving angels instead.

You're my paper

You're my scissors

Paper, scissors, and stone


Bratz #SelfieSnaps Wave 2 Yasmin, Cloe & Raya Review:


Bratz #SelfieSnaps Wave 2 Sasha Review:

You must be an angel

I can see it in your eyes

Full of wonder and surprise

And just now I realize

Just received my dolls from TRU! I am keeping all but #BFFL Cloe as Jade boxed! Cloe gives me Wild Wild West Fourth Edition teas tbh. Also, TRU packaging is so unique! They shipped it in four separate boxes....

Got all the #ShoefieSnaps packs and the display too haha ;D

Repainted by me in part of the celebration of the 2k15 Bratz :)

Bunny Boo slaying those rhymes!

Box Date: 2019

Condition Purchased: Used

Dolls in Line: "Bedtime;" "Feeding"

Body Type: 2010; straight, non-bending legs

Head Mold: 2016


Personal Fun Fact (written by my sister): This lovely lady was sitting on top of a pile of dollies on the elderly couple's table at our local flea market in August 2021. I saw her and I knew, "I MUST take her home." Shelly next unearthed the "Stroller" doll as well. I was pretty sure the "Stroller" Skipper was wearing what COULD be her right outfit (the fact that the color of the smile on her shirt matched the color of the skirt should have been a clue, right?), but POSITIVE of two things. First, obviously that I simply MUST HAVE this Skipper and, secondly, that she was in the right outfit. Why, you ask, was I so positive that this outfit had to be hers? I couldn't lay my finger on it at the time, but literally a week later, we stopped at Walmart after THAT flea market adventure, and Shelly spotted this girl on Walmart's shelves. HOW SAD IS THAT? This poor creature is still on Walmart shelves, and yet she was turfed from somebody's home like old news. Sadly, we see this all the time...Life in the Dreamhouse Barbie, a Bitty Baby who couldn't have been more than two years old, #SelfieSnaps Photo Booth Cloe...these are just the first three examples that came to mind. I could keep going, listing dolls that I saw or bought secondhand when they were still on store shelves in some locations. And I'm not talking the dolls who are still boxed that people scoop up on clearance and flip. No, I mean people's discarded Christmas gifts and such--dolls that were deboxed and sort of played with. If for no other reason, I'm glad I rescued this lovely lady. But I have loads of other reasons. Essentially, she's more or less the same as the "Stroller" and "Feeding" dolls I got from the same sellers. (The "Feeding" doll was a find earlier in the same season.) But something about that high ponytail and this super modern pajama look REALLY gets me. This doll is one that, even at the height of snobbery/pickiness, I could never have pretended not to like. She is absolutely perfect and I'm so glad she's mine! Honestly? If these get marked down at Walmart for a really good price, I'd buy another just because I love the Babysitters Inc. line so much and they have the best accessories!

I absolutely LOVED HMIS Jade since the first little promo shots of her were leaked. I knew I had to get my hands on her with the side shave and funky punky outfit and that gigantic kitty bag! However, I feel like she's not the epitome of Jade - that goes to SelfieSnaps Jade (while oddly enough, I feel like the rest of the HMIS core four embody their character traits to a T...). I originally had loose ideas to make this girl Kina, but at the same time this Jade felt too edgy for Kina! In my mind, Kina is the quintessential Harajuku Bratzie. So then I proceeded to make her Sabina. I repainted this Jade to have brown eyes and even went as far as to give her some darker, blue-grey eyeshadow (leftover from when I was turning Study Abroad Jade into Peyton haha...)! However, right as I was editing this and uploading to flickr, I suddenly felt like this couldn't be Sabina. Sabina to me gives a more classic rocker girl vibe. This repainted Jade gives me almost a cyber-punk gothic vibe. So right as I'm typing up this description, I've decided she's actually going to be the 2k15 version of Masquerade Kirana! This is still very much subject to you guys have any opinion on whether this is Sabina or Kirana?


Anyways, for her outfit, I chose the Totally Tatoo'd Meygan's top, and she's temporarily in Study Abroad Jade's pants and boots until I eventually purchase something more fitting...and to top off the bad-ass ness of the doll I gave her Bratzilla Meygana's earring on her shaved side.

great! I just got wave 1 and now theres a fudgin wave 2? great! honestly, rayas mumy favorite and probably wilk buy her first depending on alexs review


and I hope this time cloes not wearing a sweater. lord knows.


yasmin looks better than wave 1, I have to say.

Little bit of a fan of Cloe with pink hair!


Some Instagram shots I've taken in the past few weeks and just thought that I could upload here. I've been way too busy with uni to take proper pics, but I'm on holidays now for a bit.


I love that the Bratz have been out for like 3 months and this is the first picture I've taken of a 2015 Yasmin 8o]

but yeah just a fun moment with Selfie Yasmin hehe <3


My best friend surprised me with Selfiesnaps Sasha and a ton of Bratz clothes and shoes. He knows me so well! (:

Hello, guys! I have just got this two beauties which I ordered on July 30th on Amazon in the mail. It was a surprise because I didn't even expect them to arrive until Monday but I am really glad they are already here. I will try to take some photos of these dolls before going on holidays next week.

I hope you like it ;)

"Colors of Candies"


Outfit: Karen Smith

Belt: Integrity Toys (ITBE)

Shoes: Barbie

Bag: Barbie

Bangles: Barbie

Phone: Bratz (#SelfieSnaps Cloe)

Just take a deep breath and selfie

Left to right, the orignal body and head, Articulated Movie Body, 2010 body, party body, 2013 taller body, and now the newest 2015 body with new head sculpt!

Dressed in Bratz cloe selfiesnaps clothing

I'm so excited to have #SelfieSnaps Jade! I wanted to take a boxed pic of her first because it would be a shame to not have at least one boxed pic of her. I'll be liberating her later today when I get home from work.


I love that I got Selfie Sasha like...2 or 3 months ago and I just opened her! :o)

her hair stressed me so much before like I love the neon green streaks but I hated them with just her brown hair so I gave her some blue extensions hehe <3

please check instagram in order to have a clearer picture of the story im trying to tell :) @bratzluvofficial

And here's Yasmin, she is great honestly. I am not really a fan of her tacky selfie font, that's about it. Oh and the cheap jewelry but oh well. The rest is on point honestly.

Forgot to post this hehe, this doll is whatever honestly. I like the other Selfie Cloe more. At least her clothes are cute I guess?

Got her today, love ha, means I completed this collection too :)


I love that I got Selfie Sasha like...2 or 3 months ago and I just opened her! :o)

her hair stressed me so much before like I love the neon green streaks but I hated them with just her brown hair so I gave her some blue extensions hehe <3

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