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Enchantment - The Snow White Round: Enchantment is open until the 30th

Les Encantades - Snowhite Dress, mesh body compatible, nine options available, 200L each. Shown is the original colours version - thank you Anouk

STRIPED MOCHA – gold Sprinkled apple (full bright) decor, 110 (these are full bright and come in multiple colours and are resizable - yes!

[e] Tallulah Ravens (sale still on 72L a color pack) in store


Jian - Bunnies and deer in store

( thank you to Kynne and Duchess for the forest)

Genesis Bento Head Sofie

Maitreya body

Skin: Shada Fatpack from last round of the Epiphany

Pose: Del May


I was trying for a storybook effect.

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- Genesis Lab: Shada skin applier on Sofie Bento head / Forest Whisper makeup / Look into soul eyes applier / Shaman Hat rare / Fur Cape



Dead Dollz - Goth Matron gown @The Epiphany

Genesis Lab - Shada Skin + Forest Whisper Applier @ The Epiphany

Enjoyed a brief spree at Octover 2017 Epiphany and on Pocket Gacha while I waited!

Style Card:

Beusy The Midnight Gacha Thorn 6 Ombre Pack


Genesis Lab Kiana Head


Genesis Lab Shada Skin Tones (Head Skin Applier) in Vanilla


Genesis Lab Eyeshadow More Glitter


Genesis Lab Lipstick Ruthless Ombre


Genesis Lab Lady Monster Eyes


Swallow Gauged Ears


Cae Obey Collar


Candy Doll Mala bodysuit Fall Denim


Belle Epoque Le City Gloves Black


Dead Dollz Go Ask Alice Spinning Cards


Speakeasy Silent flight (GROUP GIFT, FREE w Group


O meu Deus é o Deus do impossível

Jeová Jireh, O grande El Shadai

Que abriu o mar vermelho e ao seu povo fez passar

Que da rocha água limpa fez brotar


O meu Deus é o Deus do impossível

Que liberta encarcerados das prisões

Faz da estéril mãe de filhos, restaura a alma do ferido

E dilata o amor nos corações


Que dá vista aos cegos e aos surdos faz ouvir

Faz a tempestade se acalmar, andou por sobre o mar

E aos mudos fez falar, Paralíticos e coxos fez andar


O meu Deus é o Deus do impossível, É o mesmo hoje e sempre há de ser

O meu Deus é o Deus do impossível, E fará o impossível pra você


Desde da JMJ - Jornada Mundial da Juventude estou para subir a Trilha que leva ao Pico do Morro Dois Irmãos, inclusive havia comentado com alguns amigos aqui do Flickr, mas por varios motivos acabava cancelando, mas Sábado fez o dia perfeito que estava aguardando para subir e o resultado pode ser visto na foto principal.


* As Fotos da sequencia estão abertas, pois já foram publicadas anteriormente e elas foram tiradas nas Pedras do Arpoador e da Praia de Ipanemaque estão marcadas na foto principal, coloquei estas fotos para os amigos que não são do Rio possam saber onde eu estava no momento da foto Principal, Eu estou no Pico mais alto do Morro Dois Irmãos


* A musica escolhida para hoje era Dia de Domingo com Gal Costa e Tim Maia, mas por algo inexplicável acabei chegando nesta antiga e bela canção da Aline Barros, já tive experiências suficiente aqui no Flickr a respeito destas "coincidências", então espero que essa linda canção possa ir de encontro a quem precise desta mensagem.


Foto: Eu - Me - Pico Dois Irmãos - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil

Video: ♪ Deus do Impossível ♪ - Aline Barros


Conforme a Lei 9.610/98, é proibida a reprodução total ou parcial ou divulgação comercial ou não sem a autorização prévia e expressa do autor (artigo 29). ® Todos os direitos reservados.


According to Law 9.610/98, it is prohibited the partial or total commercial reproduction without the previous written authorization of the author (article 29). ® All rights are reserved.




Cam: Nikon D7000

Lens: AF-S NIKKOR 16-85mm, f: 3.5-5.6 ED VR.

Exif Data: Focal lenght 45mm || f-8,1/160seg ||160

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# +8801684003759

brishti nemeche aaj akash venge

haatchi aami metho pothe

moner canvas-e vashche tomar chhobi

bohudin tomai dekhi na je.


tomai niye koto shopno

aaj kothao harai

purono gaan-tar shur

aaj more kaadai.


tumi to diyechile more krishnochura ful

ami to boshechilam niye ei gan er shur

tumi to diyechile more krishnochura ful

chole gecho kothai amai fele bohudur.


shada kalo ei jiboner majhe

rongin chile tumi shudhu

tomai niye lekha koto kobitai

diyechilam koto shur.

aaj amar haat-er muthoi

nei je tomar haat

bhorer alo futbe kokhon

vebechi koto raat.


juddho sheshe ghore fire

dekhi nei tumi je paashe

bhebechilam tumi thakbe dariye

krishnochura ful haate

tobe ki juddher belai

tomai harate

epitaph-er lekha gulo

pori jhapsha chokhe




another one of my fav song tht i love to listen to when its rains.........hope u ppl will lik it...


this is the second pic from my new set brishti


Please don't use this image anywhere without my permission.

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''Nothing is ever forgotten, not completely, and, if something can be remembered, it *can* come back.''

Shada and I went to another Outstanding In The Field dinner on a beach in Delaware. I attempted the dinner in a glass concept again with better results.


Here are two alternatives:

take 1

take 2

A few years ago I made a Doctor Who Team-Up Infographic. It was OK, but it didn't come out the way it looked in my head and I never really liked the design.


So I finally took the time to redesign it, and add the additional team-up episode that aired in 2013 (timely I know, but hey, I'm busy).


Obviously you'll have to view "Original Size" to read the text.


Every now and then the Doctor faces a situation that even he can't tackle alone. That's when he uses his TARDIS to go back in time and recruit his past selves for help. Think of it as your 30 year old self using a time machine to get your 20 year old self to help you move your couch.


So far most of my infographics have been 12" x 18." I knew I'd never fit all this info into that size, so I decided not to worry about it, and just let the material dictate the height.


For non-fans of the show, those circular symbols in the background are Gallifreyan words.


There was a lot of moving around of elements and rewriting of text to get everything just right. I'm a lot happier with this version.


As fun as these team-up episodes are, historically there's always been some sort of problem with each one, making them less than perfect. For example, in The Three Doctors, actor William Hartnell (who played the First Doctor) was in poor health and was only able to interact with the other Doctors via a view screen, so it was really just two Doctors running around. Pity.


Then in The Five Doctors, Hartnell had sadly passed away and was replaced by actor Richard Hurndall. He did a good job, but naturally it just wasn't the same. Tom Baker, who played the Fourth Doctor, declined to participate, and appears for only a few seconds through the magic of stock footage. Baker has recently said he regrets his decision.


In The Two Doctors, actor Patrick Troughton had aged visibly since his tenure on the series, and his hair had gone almost completely gray. This was distracting to say the least, since he was supposed to be the same age as the last time we saw him. This would have been such an easy fix— all they had to do was dye his hair black. Does hair dye not exist in England?


The Day Of The Doctor is marred by problems as well— namely the absence of the Ninth Doctor. In the episode, The Moment brings the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors back in time to show the War Doctor the massive guilt he'll experience if he destroys Gallifrey.


But Ten and Eleven don't seem all that guilt-ridden or damaged, seeing as how they spend a good amount of screen time joking around with one another. The Ninth Doctor was the one closest to the tragedy and the one who always had an air of sadness and tragedy about him. He'd have been a great example for The Moment to have used. So why wasn't he in the episode?


Unfortunately actor Christopher Eccleston, who played the Ninth Doctor, has some sort of beef with the BBC and refuses to reprise the role. That's his business of course, but you'd think he could have set aside his differences for the sake of the fans. Story-wise it makes no sense for him to not be in the episode, and hurts it overall.


I knew that show runner Stephen Moffat's plots were overly convoluted and needlessly complicated, but nowhere was that more evident than when I started writing up the synopsis for The Day Of The Doctor. I was able to distill the other episodes down to a few short paragraphs. It took many times that to try and explain Day, even after leaving out a ton of stuff.


I kept whittling away at it and slashing elements until I got it down to a manageable size. You may notice that the Zygon subplot, that takes up a good amount of the run time, is barely mentioned in my synopsis. That's because I realized it's completely superfluous. It has absolutely nothing to do with the overall War Doctor plot line and could be edited out of the show completely without harming the episode one bit. Such are Stephen Moffat's scripts.


Hopefully there won't be any more team-ups for a while, so I won't have to update it again.


There have been several other team-ups in the various Doctor Who audio books, novels and comics, but I'm just listing the more well known televised ones.


Drawn and designed all in InDesign.


Want to see more? Check out my new blog! All the cool kids are doing it!

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Day two of "If the Broom Fits" Badge for GS


Style Card:

Reign Cat Onesie #10 (currently at epiphany Oct '17 round)


Reign. - Thigh high monster slippers #15 (currently at epiphany Oct, '17 round)


Truth Hair Brighton (for hoodie) black (hair is a fatpack!)


LFC Floating Lanterns White


Alaskametro<3-"Wytch"makeup (omega) (at Salem oct '17)


Alaskametro<3 "OCCVLT" Nail Art (at Salem oct '17)


Speakeasy "Girl Boss" Tattoo


Bow Collar maitreya (CULT K9 Birthday gift, Oct '17 at Kustom9)


Genesis Lab Kiana Head


Genesis Lab Head Skin Shada fat pack Rare (in Vanilla, PocketGacha Oct '17)


Genesis Lab Eyes Applier Dead Monsters (PocketGacha Oct' 17)


Featuring Genesis Lab "Call of Spirits" GACHA @ The Epiphany


Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Shaman Staff (White)

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Shaman Hat RARE

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Leather Belt

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Fur Cape - Black

01 Genesis_Lab_Skin_SHADA - FATPACK RARE

(Shown in Cream)




Genesis_Head_Ariana_3.2 Bento

Genesis_Lab_Eyes_Ariana_v.3.1 Bento


After the Event, find this Gacha @ Genesis Lab Mainstore


Also featured: [White~Widow] Deepwater - White



Genesis Lab. @ The Epiphany

"Call of Spirits"

Main sim :: Mirror sim


Head - Sophie by Genesis Lab.

Skin - SHADA by Genesis Lab.

Genesis Lab. - Shada shape (for GL Sofie Bento Head)

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Fur Cape - White (Fitted)

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Shaman Hat - Unrigged

Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Bone amulet - Unrigged




Body - Slink Physique Natural

New Shada Island, Italian sim,Per Maria e Marino

Group acces only but if you ask its free,ask marino669 rossini


a tune: Summertime

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photo, decor and model by Purple Leonis ( Nel4481)


Jacket Violencia by United colors @ Fameshed Event

Top and Short Violencia by United colors @ Kinky Event

Hair Lordie by Tableau Vivant @ Uber event

Mesh head Molly by Genesis Lab

Skin head Shada - Cream - gacha Rare by Genesis Lab

Skin body mesh - cream by Genesis Lab

Color Eyes - Hazel by Genesis Lab


Bhalobasha holo - Prithibi ta shada kalo, ar ami tumi rongin !!

Bondhutto holo - Ami, tumi abong prithibi shob kisu shudhui rongin !!


In love, World is black and white and we are colorful.

In friendship, Everything is colorful.


Aftab Bhaia wanted me to do a picture on this theme. So I came up with this silly idea... :P

Genesis Lab. "Call of Spirits" @ The Epiphany

(Shada applier, hat, fur, necklace, staff) - on Sofie head


Genesis Lab. "Beauty Horror" @ The Pocket Gacha

(Bloody look eyes, Lady monster eyeshadows, Ruthless ombre lipstick)


Genesis Lab:

The Epiphany:

The Pocket Gacha:

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kan a7llla day walla


fdeetkkm klkm =*****

الله يخليكم لي

يعتبر جبل شدا الأعلى امتداد لجبال السروات إلى الغرب موازيا لها تقريبا، وقد تكون نتيجة لحركة الرفع للدرع العربي قبل ملايين السنين، وكون منطقة انتقالية بين رف البحر الأحمر ومرتفعات السروات، يرتفع الجبل عن سطح البحر بحوالي 2200 متر، وتتكون المرتفعات من صخور بازلتية تنحدر منها أودية، ومن أهم أشجار المحمية العرعر والعتم أو الزيتون البري،


The Mount Ashdown Top extension of Sarawat mountains to the west parallel to her about, and may be a result of the movement of lifting the Arabian shield millions of years ago, and the fact that a transition zone between the shelf of the Red Sea and the highlands of Sarawat brings the mountain from the sea at about 2200 meters, and consists heights of basaltic rocks descend Valleys, and the most important protected trees of juniper and wild olive or darkness

Ononto jibon jodi pai ami -- Ta hole onontokal eka prithibir pothe firi ami dekhibo sobuj ghash fute uthe -- dekhibo holud ghash jhore jay -- dekhibo akash shada hoye uthe vore....


----Ruposhi Bangla, Jibonanondo Das.

after a long long time i had a chance to go for a walk all by myself! after dropping my brother to his college and leaving the car with the driver, i started to walk. i felt a bit shy approaching people! i guess it was because of that long break!


so as i was walking, i saw this cemetery which seemed pretty ancient and decided to have a look around. but guess what! two of the guard-dogs didn't like me sneaking around at all!! they were barking at me and following me around! one of them was looking pretty eager to have a bite of me! i got somewhat scared and then this guy came out of a room and called those dogs off my back! and those dogs seemed to obey his orders!


Shoren Sharkar, is a guard of this cemetery. asked me if i was gonna put his picture in some newspaper! looked pretty upset when i confessed that "I'm just a kid with a camera", nothing more!!


yes i thanked him and left that place as fast as i could! damn dogs! i was starting to get some spiritual vibes! :(


Wari, Dhaka.



.."anonto jibon jodi pai ami --ta hole anontokal eka

prithibir pothe jodi phiri ami dekhibo sabuj ghas

phute othe --dekhibo holud ghas jhore jay--dekhibo akash

shada hoye othe bhore --ghhera muniyar moto ranga raktolekha

lege thake buke tar sandhyay --barbar naksatrer dekha

pabo ami ; dekhibo achena nari alga khopar phans

khule phele chole jay --mukhe tar nai aha godhulir narom abhas;.."..

(- jibonanonda das )

Kuwait art photo


Dad is someone to look up to no matter how tall or old we've grown.

Happy Fathers Day to all Dads out there ;)

The Flash Family for my DCEU


Sam Claflin as Wally West/The Flash II

Jeremy Shada as Bart Allen/Impulse

Scott Speedman as Barry Allen/The Flash I

George Clooney as Jay Garrick/The Flash of earth 2

We decided it was Aurelia's turn to be Spiderman. Credit goes to Shada for holding Aurelia upside down while I worked on the shot.


Strobist Info: 2 430exIIs triggered by pocket wizards. 1 into 3x4 soft box in front of aurelia and spiderman. 1 into 2x3 ft. soft box camera right behind them.

"On A Different Level"

-- Sometimes to create a new life for yourself and escape the past once and for all, you must burn some bridges. Not all but the ones that fest within your life and cause you to feel like you will fall...fall forever into nothingness. Those are the ones to destroy, because your better than are on a different level --


Body/Head/Skin: Maitreya Mesh Body w/ Bento Hands

Genesis Bento Head - Sofie RARE

01 Genesis_Lab_Skin_SHADA - (Vanilla)


Hair/Makeup: little bones. Dita (was a gacha Rare)

Default Genesis eye liner from Head HUD

CHAIN - Gloria Lipstick Pack (Genesis Lab Applier) - Darks


Outfit/Jewelry: [NyDesign] Dark Seduction Outfit

..Sabotage..: Knife Knee Boots - Satin Black

[CX] Vermin - Silver

[ContraptioN] Atreus-02 Eye



Props: +Dreamcatcher+ The magic of ice Spikes /13



|- Location: Baribadh, Dhaka, Bangladesh.


|- Shooting Date/Time : 5-May-13, 2:15:40 PM


|- Gear : Canon 550D


|- Lens : EF-S18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS


|- Focal Length : 135.0mm


|- Shooting Mode : Manual Exposure


|- White Balance Mode : Auto


|- Metering Mode : Evaluative Metering


|- Tv Shutter Speed : 1/4000


|- Aperture Value : 1/5.6


|- ISO Speed : 500


|- Picture Style : Standard


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