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For entertainment purposes and with some Hard Work (tm) here is a fun and working example of an all-in-the-Cloud proof of concept. Like any IT guy worth its salt I made this drawing *after* R&D and implementation :)


In front of the wall are some free but also paid web services ( things like hotmail vs gmail vs 365, salesforce vs CRM2011 vs SugarCRM and so on.. ) used either as a front-end UI or as presentation layer that collects, receives or sends data to and from the Internet or behind the wall. The VM behind the wall is one compact prepared VM from which you deploy functionality in a matryoshka-way. Very easy, quick to deploy, cost-effective scalable and it is just a lot of fun to build and work with. Did I mention most of these are Open Source, or that they can be replaced vice-versa ? Now I did :)


This proof-of-concept destroys several implementation barriers that are hauled and hailed within the cloudspace phenomenon such as AD in the cloud, ADFS interchangebility with other services such as 365 and any other single signon services in the cloud that might be needed ( CRM, DigiD ) It also explores the idea and measures performance of VMs that are started in a VM, with some very surprising results; the mark that has been set is "no more physical serverroom !" as the price & performace battle in the cloudspace only began to emerge from the fogs of the virtual machine war.


Used technologies among others are


Windows 2008r2 x64 Azure prepared VM

Azure Connect IPv6 Client and Virtual Networks Configuration

Azure Management Portal & Subscriptions ( DB, Storage )

Oracle Virtualbox 4.08 x64 & x86

Ubuntu Cloud & Server 11.04 x64 & x86


Windows 7 Thin PC RC x86

Ubuntu Desktop 11.04 x86


Microsoft Office 2010 x64

Oracle Open Office


SCVMM 2012 beta 2 x64 VM image

Cacti, Nefsys, SMB & OpeniSCSI target software

Apache2, PHP5, Oracle MySQL ... and many others


Will produce a screenshot of the view from the client and post it to webwereld's 2nd leg of the contest; not in a hurry though, having lotsa fun to play with the several layers of revolutionary innovative new stuffs and options that are created in this way.


The whole idea behind this is to create a secure private cloud with a hybrid cloud interconnect to be able to host within the public cloudspace so you gain the flexibility and pricepoint of that public cloud host, yet the securety of a private one. With key features implemented with free and/or lowcost frontend webservices and/or Open Source backend VMs you receive maximum functionality, flexibility, scalability. In this way I was able to objectively get a baseline on what can be done and I'm now able to use this little project as a measuring device against any and all current and future cloud offerings ( and act accordingly )

rather satisfying. now possible due to our upgraded OpenID 2 support