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Tiny Eastern-tailed Blue butterfly hiding-out in a clump of tall meadow grass. Seasonally common and about the size of your thumbnail...

Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly taking nectar from an invasive spiny Common Teasel flower head. Teasel spines inflict serious damage to the butterflies that visit. Note this delightful specimen has lost a the lower part of its wing, already.


the sunlight also has rain and smoke from all of our forest fires in it

This overlook of round valley (includes the towns of Eager and Springerville) gives the best view of this beautiful country. The monsoon clouds don't hinder the photo either :)

A flock of crows drew me to this place but by the time I got out of the truck and got my camera and set up they flew away! I was so disappointed when they flew away, they are just out of the frame. Crows are very spooky because they get shot at all the time! But it was still a beautiful scene.

After a dry summer we got a beautiful snow at Concho Lake. I hope the rest of the winter brings us more we need it!

Fresh Monarch Butterfly sipping Bee Balm nectar.

Roosevelt Lake as seen from highway 288 Globe to Young Highway, Arizona. Saguaro cactus in the foreground.


David Munyon - Ridin' High, 1977


Looking up river from Station Square. I also shot this during the day.


Pitt Panthers Victory Light visible behind the left side of the Smithfield St Bridge. I am not sure what the spotlight on the right is from.


Don't forget to check out the Max Zoom.

The Virgin River winds its way towards the Watchman below a delicious sky lit up as the sun sets. One of a series taken from the bridge at Canyon Junction - this was the 3rd best combination of sky and light on the Watchman from that series.

The early morning is magical along a branch of the Snake River with the Grand Tetons in the background. While I missed the autumn colors, the scenes are still stunning

Tune \o/

They've never drove through Indiana,

Met the men who plowed that earth,

Planted that seed, busted his ass for you and me,

Or caught a harvest moon in Kansas,

They'd understand why God made those fly over states

New Post Featuring B-Made for full credits check my Blog

For the month of July, I'm continuing my series featuring black & white images. This is the famed Walnut Street Bridge in Chattanooga, TN at night following a rain storm. ƒ/5 | 1/80 | 24mm | ISO3200 | July Project: Black & White

Deadhorse Point is excellent for sunrise and sunset - on this day there were no clouds in the sky, but nearby wildfires and the resulting smoke impacted the sky color

Beautiful male Blue-wing Teal duck in full display plumage slowly maneuvering its way through a tangle of cattail stalks to open water.

Pretty little Leonard's Skipper sipping nectar from a fresh Dense Blazing Star floret on a very windy afternoon.


Considered uncommon due to its limited season of about two weeks.

Dainty Checkered Skipper warming on a spent Queen Ann's Lace flower head at the edge of an Alfalfa Field.


Uncommon and cute.

Handsome Black Swallowtail butterfly sampling nectar in a patch of Bee Balm flowers.

Eastern Phoebe carrying a beak load of soft moss to line its nest and make it a more comfortable place to raise its brood.

...wish you had a pink bill and white eye-ring," says this cheeky-looking little Field Sparrow. Migrant and common rural resident during the warmer months. Absent during Winter.

Body of a dead Bumblebee impaled on the spine of a Teasel flower-head.


Not supposed to happen. Teasel spines present a very real danger to butterflies and other insects, but this is a first for me..


A nervous Pearl Crescent butterfly poised to escape should it sense danger.

Bloodroot blooms in the early spring with a beautiful blossom having white petals and many golden-yellow stamens. Very common native woodlot wildflower.

Edith Ann’s Taste of Home, Huntsville, AL

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, Boston, MA

Bald Eagle


Milpitas, California

Finally, the temps feel like Spring as 2016's first Honey Bee (for me) visits an awakening Grecian Wildflower in my garden.

An American Kestrel hiding in the solid superstructure of a power pole. It appears to be patiently waiting for an adventuring Vole, the favorite food source of this tiny (100g) and colorful falcon.


Although I've seen several this season, Kestrels are considered uncommon to rare.

No larger than the first knuckle of your thumb, a fresh male Common Checkered Skipper spreading its wings to capture some Spring sun on the first warm-ish (60F) afternoon since the last cold snap.


Considered an uncommon immigrant to this area by some, I've found them around this time in this general location for the past several years. Perhaps a very small permanent colony exists, here.

A change of pace...

Photos do not do justice to the beauty of this landscape at Little Sahara in Utah

No dramatic clouds on this sunset - but was the end of a great day of exploring pristine dunes

Just playing around trying to do something for Halloween. Don’t know if this will be the final version. But I am pretty happy with it.

Unused rail line in Indian Wells State Park. Shelton, Connecticut

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