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For a brief moment in time, you forget about all the issues going on in the world. This very protective Black Skimmer Was trying to control three little ones. She had another under her, as the sun was rising behind me.



House - Trompe Loeil - Silje Cottage Black - NEW at FaMESHed


Bathroom -


Sink - Fancy Decor: Verona Double Sink - Available in three textures. Black shown- NEW at FaMESHed


Mirrors - Fancy Decor: Verona Backlit Mirror - NEW at FaMESHed


Lotion - Fancy Decor: Verona Hand Lotion Bottle - NEW at FaMESHed


Tray - Fancy Decor: Verona Tray (texture change) - NEW at FaMESHED


Soap - Fancy Decor: Verona Bar of Charcoal Soap - NEW at FaMESHed


Flower Vase - Fancy Decor: Verona Flower Vase - NEw at FaMESHed


Towels - Fancy Decor: Verona Towel Stack - NEW at FaMESHed


Picture frame - floorplan. wood frame letterboard / dog - NEW at FaMESHed


Wall Wainscotting - SAYO - Raleigh Wainscotting - Texture Change - NEw at FaMESHed


Bathtub - Fancy Decor: Crane Bathtub - FEATURED


Plants - Mithral * Hanging Hoya Set - FEATURED


Makeup Pouch - -David Heather-Makeup Pouch - FEATURED


Puppy - [Rezz Room] American Bully Puppy Sleep - FEATURED


First of all a great big Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends in Flickr land. As much as the year had had its' struggles, our hobby seemed to help us in some stress relief. Digging through some old files from the September 2019 trip to Ontario with Nick Palazini, there was lots to be thankful for. On our first day, we lucked out getting a southbound ONR work extra with heritage SD40-2 1730 in great afternoon sun. We had some puffies that presented a challenge, and at each spot for a time, it was a crapshoot. Along Monahan Road in Matheson, ON it seemed we were headed for a BIG C-F-ing, so naturally I said to Nick that I'd buy dinner if we got it in sun....well, dinner was good and beer tasted even better. We HIGHLY recommend the Kenogami Bridge Inn just west of Swastika, ON for a great endings to great days on the ONR. For the 17 locations that we shot the train, we lost out on only one. Here the 1730 is flat out in the 8th notch with 49 stone loads and 2 vans passing a neat Amish farm on Sunday September 15, 2019.

Taken last Thursday night I'd still say I've even impressed myself with how sharp I managed to achieve the Grey Heron in this shot when hand holding with my 150-600mm at a 1/15 shutter speed to get as much motion blur in the water as I could. Wished id brought my tripod with me but think I'd have prob spooked the bird messing about with that. I was amazed he let me creep so close in the first place.


Shortly after this I slipped on the rocks and really gave myself a sore one and back and wrist been sore all week. Small price to pay for getting the shots though... my 5 or so mins with such a big bird at close quarters was fascinating.!

Studying for tests , especially finals can be so stressful. This is when music and smokes come in handy. Throw on some mozart, have a smoke, sit all the way back and let it all go.



This is my first time adding smoke to an image. On the first try it looked like Cheech and Chong came to visit so I toned it down :)


This pic is for #AdamsPhotoChallenge , the music challenge.


It may look sinister, but it's only a corkscrew device. Makes quick work of removing a wine bottle cork.

.. not really, just love poppies

Kelly Rowland - COFFEE


Coffee and sex in the mornin'

Breakfast in bed, got me moanin'

(Moanin', ah, ah)

Before you go to work

I need you to go to work

Pardon my sincerity

You know I'm a rarity

My love be your therapy

All around remedy

Baby, who instead of me?

These bitches won't ever be

Put it down like it's heavy, baby

Honeymoon, that wedding day

That wake up (wake up)

Soon as we wake up (wake up)

Wish we could lay up (chillin', woo)

Still stack our pay up

You running late but (late but)

Need you to stay up (stay up)

It's almost eight (eight)

No time to waste (no time, no time)

No time to waste

You know you got the best of me

I know you need the stress relief, babe

Before we both get dressed to leave

Want you to try this recipe, babe

I know we just woke up

I know you gotta go but

Breakfast isn't over

I see the way you rose up

Hmm, they say mornin' wood do a body good, babe

Clearly you agree, don't be tryin' to leave

Stay here with me

I'll put you right back to sleep

I'll get you right for the week

We can vacay in the sheets

Let you parlay in the pink

I need that wake up (wake up)

Soon as we wake up (wake up)

Wish we could lay up (chillin', woo)

Still stack our pay up

You running late but (late but)

Need you to stay up (stay up)

It's almost eight (eight)

No time to waste (no time, no time)

No time to waste

Do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do

No time to waste

Waste, waste, waste

Baby, no, no time to waste

No time to waste

No time to waste

No time to waste

Tipping's Pond, Newfoundland.

The apple blossom is the state flower of both Michigan and Arkansas. The flower was chosen as the state flower by the Michigan legislature in 1897, and the specific variety chosen is Pyrus coronaria, the crabapple, because it is native to Michigan.


Not only do the blossoms turn into apples, but the blossoms can be eaten themselves! It turns out, they are high in antioxidants and have a sweet flavour to them. When made into a tea you can experience benefits like clear complexion, better digestion and stress relief.


Apples have been grown in the UK for for well over a thousand years and the blossom and harvest times have always been key dates for growers. There is now a huge amount of information about when particular varieties blossom and fruit which can help the gardener.


Blossom and harvest dates are relative to each other. This means that if blossom is delayed / advanced then the same will normally be true of the harvest time. Also if one variety of apple is delayed / advanced for harvest / blossom then generally all other varieties will be affected by a similar time frame.

Captured this Song Thrush singing its song at Quarrymill Woodland Park just outside Perth on Thursday night. It was a lovely place... I just really struggled with control of noise on the pics as it was soo dark in the evening under the summer canopy.

Would you believe this is the first photograph of a Robbin I've ever shot. This little chap gave me about 5 sec of his time in close quarters. Thankfully I had my settings right on M with 1/640 to ensure sharpness and the lowest Fno I have on the lens to get the bokeh... but the auto ISO had to ramp right up to 25600. Which is another first for me till that evening in that dark wood. I've done some high ISO stuff before but you was that high. To be hair though it's amazing you can go that high at all and shows how much cameras have come on. Between the superb capture at that high ISO and the good job affinity makes of reducing the noise you can actually get an ok image. I know its not perfect... but its my first Robin shot and one in a poor light situation that I'm amazed you can even take at all!!!

Another shot from last night where I came across this Grey Heron fishing in the Annaty burn within the Quarrymill Woodland Park.


It was a magical moment but where he was sitting was right at the bottom of a waterfall which was very dark. With the 150-600mm not being the fastest of lenses I had no choice but to let the auto ISO ramp right up so I could get a fast enough shutter speed to get a sharp shot. How id love an f2.8 400mm lens! Hopefully one day ill find a lamp and a gene will appear!

The Temple Of The Elephants by Daniel Arrhakis / Karl Rudhyn (2017)


With the music : Relaxing Sleep Music: Deep Sleeping Music, Relaxing Music, Stress Relief, Meditation Music


Work made for the :


December 3 Of 2017 - The Elephant Day Campaign - Save Elephants :


The Monotone version you may see here or in the first comment box :




Composition made with stock images and garden sculptures.




A bit more workplace therapy / midday faffery..

Out in the park with my trusty Heliosfor a little stress relief


With Panasonic Lumix GX8 + Helios 44-2

Had a magical five mins with this Heron who I spotted fishing in the Annaty burn near Scone Palace in Perthshire. I was discovering Quarrymill Woodland Park which was a wonderful treat to the senses and a walk in there was exactly what I needed after a very long day in 6hrs of meetings.


I started off way back but slowly crept in and he didn't seem bothered by my presence at all. I took lots of shots with a much faster shutter speed... it was very dark... and wished id had a faster lens... however I decided to really push my IS and handholding skills and go for a longer exposure to blur the water. I like the fast shutter speed shots too... but I'm just impressed I managed to shoot at 1/10 with such a big long heavy lens!



Late night with Skelly


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::Follow The Skeleton Life:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Skeleton Life part 1


Skeleton Life part 2


Skeleton Life part 3


Skeleton Life part 4


Skeleton Life part 5


Skeleton Life part 6


Skeleton Life part 7


Skeleton Life part 8


Skeleton Life part 9


Skeleton Life part 10


Skeleton Life part 11


:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::SKELLY EXTRAS!:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::


Miss You.


Old Painting


Off to school

A quick 5 mins in the garden with the gang this afternoon, much needed stress relief after 'one of those' weeks!


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Sitting here in this warm evening light with a cup of coffee and dark chocolate is the ultimate stress relief.

Location: Tjurpannan, Sweden.

Astia film simulation.

My kind of stress relief- was going for a Norman Rockwell calendar vibe.

I welcomed my daughters snapchat and then manipulated the screenshot for a contest for fun (and stress relief)!

CN 385 ducks under the signals at Paris West with IC 2463 CN 5454 and GECX 7383.


After a long and stressful day at work I was ready for some down time trackside. In an hour I shot CN 331 with CN 2106 and GECX 9124. Another day of the Dash 8!

I found this weeks challenge difficult. I only came up with this idea yesterday when I remembered people use crystals for stress relief and relaxation. Happy Macro Mondays everyone and......relax : )

This has been a wonderful, busy year and I have gotten back into my photography. I am still working on my nursing degree and photography gives me a much needed distraction and provides some stress relief.


I am very grateful to all of you that I have met through Flickr. Even though things have changed on this site, I have built some relationships that I treasure! I wish you all a very happy Christmas Season!

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Welcome to the uncanny valley.


A stress-relief type thing. Haven't been in the best of places.

well the game i was playing didn't go as i wanted so went to Kustom9 and brought a few thing .. much better but i might need a new tv >.<


Hair:VCO HAIR _ Mango [Sky]


skirt:AMITOMO - LOVESOME GACHA - Maitreya - 16


Kustom9 LM:

the 2 northern outcrops of Watern Tor form what is known as the 'Thurlestone' - meaning holed rock, a name it has had from at least the 13th century (as it appears in the 1240 Perambulation).


Although seperate now, these two stacks were once joined, forming a hole, hence the name.


The distinctive horizontal jointing is due to geological stress relief, allowing horizontal lines of weakness to form which have subsequently been exploited by weathering

Have a closer look...


A place for relaxing, a place for stress relief, peaceful and quite and really good atmosphere. But my mood is not the same as my photo, something happening on my stomach. I think I need to see doctor again...


Hope this will cheer up my day!!!! And have a great weekend to all!!!!

Honeymoon Island, Dunedin Florida

Gotta take care of your mind and body....

Mr. Black Cap Chickadee,still for a Second.

The way i deal with stress... rocking the block :)

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