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During ab boat trip at Spree in Berlin I got this view of the Berlin TV-Tower (Fernsehturm)


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1 of 11 photos from my Simple Things exhibit which is part of The Edge Gallery Artistry Show.


Now running till December 23rd.


The Edge Artistry is a collection of works from some of SL best photographers. I am honored to be part of it.


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Photo Taken@ Vuk

i'm wasting so much money on that useless TV service.



part of the Focus Magazine and Sea Brook Photography Challenge!


@ Mother Road


Diva TV Priscilla Grace got a new nap spot in her very own TV, she is very happy with it and got in it as soon as it was put together, watch for her new program!

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The Heinrich Hertz Tower is a landmark radio telecommunication tower in the city of Hamburg, Germany.

Designed by architect Fritz Trautwein, in co-operation with civil engineers Jörg Schlaich, Rudolf Bergermann and Fritz Leonhardt, the tower was built between 1965–1968 for the former Deutsche Bundespost (German Federal Post and Telecommunications Agency, now Deutsche Telekom's subsidiary Deutsche Funkturm GmbH) near Planten un Blomen park.

With an overall height of 279.2 m (916 ft) it is Hamburg's tallest structure, consisting of a 204 m (670 ft) steel-reinforced concrete lower section topped by a 45 m (148 ft) steel-lattice tower and a three-segmented cylinder of about 30 m (98 ft), which supports various antennas.


Remember waking up at 3 am in the 90s to infomercials on the TV? I do.

While watching the documentary 'Golden Earring. That Day'

Just watching TV and channel hopping


@Media Harbour in Düsseldorf (Germany)

Old TV tower from down

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I was watching "Monet, The Master's Secret"

Adjacent to the Foxy glyph seen below.


I cloned out quite a few bullet pock marks in the photo.

This Old Tv Prop was for a Sitcom on USA Network, the show was called Manhattan AZ and aired for one season in 2000. Most probably have never heard of the show, same here, had to lookit up.

Jacumba California



If your comment concerns the watermark here, then just get the fuck out.


No group awards !!!

Juniper watching her favourite TV show

♡ For all the details, credits and direct slurls please see the blog post @ ♡ Babbling Brook ♡

The Diner cats demanded Tra do something about better TV reception in the storm...Tra's a sucker for the cats...and they know it..


DRD - Acid Rain Lookout Post



Pix'd @ Beautiful Post-Apocalyptic Tralalas Diner


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I'm just a vision on your TV screen

Just something conjured from a dream

Seen thro' your x-ray eyes, a see-thro' scene

The image is no images, it's not what it seems


Lyrics By Steven Severin


Looks like an ideal spot for a TV-less dinner :)

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Fall has passed here, the wind blew the leaves from the trees.

Daniel David designer clock for the Smile on Saturday group, challenge: Timepieces. Happy Saturday.


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