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"Back lighting can create a dramatic dreamy look to your photography...."

Every photography web site starts off with this pearl.

And then they tell you to change camera settings, move so the light is behind you, or get up at the crack of dawn to get a better photo.

"The Hermit Thrush’s beautiful, haunting song begins with a sustained whistle and ends with softer, echo-like tones, described as oh, holy holy, ah, purity purity eeh, sweetly sweetly. It pauses between each phrase, and the song is about 1.5 seconds long. Hermit Thrushes also deliver an extremely faint “whisper song” in spring." allaboutboids

Bird spotted by W9.

Temescal Mountains near Lake Elsinore in 2019.

Distanced book pickup! One of several branches I have access to. I like this one very much. Friendly people and very fast and easy. You text them that you are ready to pick up, and they bring your book, in a paper bag, to the door! Nice folks.


'History--(Local Wiki/Oakland):

The branch was originally named the Alden Branch of the Oakland Free Library. (Solomon E. Alden was a settler in the area in 1855; the name Temescal didn't come into common use until later.) The building was designed by Charles W. Dickey and John J. Donovan in the Tudor Revival style, built in 1918 by R.W.Littlefield, and is on the National Register of Historic Places, #96000105. This branch, along with three others, were designated as an Oakland Landmark on November 4, 1980. It is one of six Carnegie libraries in Oakland."

road construction at west macarthur boulevard and telegraph avenue - temescal, oakland, california

san francisco skyline and eastern span of the bay bridge - hiller highlands, oakland, california

temescal - oakland, california

Lake Temescal, Oakland, CA

This was taken during Golden Gate Audubon Society's annual Oakland Christmas Bird Count led by Dave Quady and Bob Lewis. A preliminary total of 175 specieis were counted this year.

Lake Temescal, Oakland, CA

"Wrens love brush piles for cover, protection, and a source of insects. If you need to prune trees or cut brush in your yard, consider heaping the cuttings into a pile as a safe place for birds to gather."allaboutboids

W9 stops. A bird call I don't even hear stirs a memory. A background bird call heard on a Cornell hummingbird cam. W9 thinks a minute and announces the ID. And then we search.


For the W9 movie with sound

W9 and I hike into the canyon from Sunset Blvd. A trickle of water runs here year round, even during the drought. Sycamore trees shade the narrow path.

It takes a beat to settle in and watch for movement through the layers of green and listen carefully. We are hearing the cutest bird call. A grosbeak is feeding his big handsome babies.

Manuel Grosselet


"....result is a seemingly effortless flow of weight-sharing, leaping, catching, falling and balancing, not to mention a constant questioning of how-did-they-do-that? While most of their routines are choreographed, they "listen" with their bodies in a way that's reminiscent of contact improvisation."Allaboutboids

Temescal Canyon Road runs alongside Interstate 15 from Alberhill to Temescal Valley, California. The Cleveland National Forest sits in the background, and its peaks are covered with blankets of snow from this week's winter storm. My neighborhood is nearby, too.

Please be careful if you go after this bird. There are TWO "pointless" photo inforced stop signs at the park. Bird found with W9. This is an ID shot only. But a lifer? Yup!

Temescal Regional Recreation Area, Oakland California

Lake Temescal, Oakland, CA

map of the lake temescal drain tunnels


After dinner the hubs and I took Toby for a walk around Lake Temescal. It was a beautiful evening and it was fun to watch people playing out on the beach and fishing . . .



I am so behind on my Project 366-1 so all my captures are all out of whack. Only one more picture to go then I'll be caught up but I still have to post them. Anyhoo, hope you all had a great weekend and I'll be by very soon to visit your stream. Thanks to all that have recently dropped by. Sorry it's taking me longer to visit these days. Ciao for now . . . Lulu ;-)

I have already uploaded this photo and appreciate all of your comments; however, I had to "omit" my stamp on this photo so that it can be judged by Destination Oakland for their upcoming photo entry. They will use this photo directly from my Flickr.

Temescal Regional Recreation Area, Oakland California

Looks like someone spilled white paint on a street, then later someone drew an image of "Grumpy Cat" on top of it. Temescal district of Oakland.

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Sigma DP1m Full Spectrum

Hoya X1 Green filter

Custom WB

Foveon Classic Blue Color

It was a rainy, overcast, windy day at Lake Temescal. We were just in between the raindrops but were able to capture a couple of quick shots using high ISO. This Black Crowned Night Heron was tucked in between some trees. As we approached, the light held out just long enough for us to snap his pic. Located between two major freeways this hidden gem of a lake is surrounded by a trail and trees on one side. Originally constructed as a storage lake for drinking water, it is now home to many types of birds and other wildlife.

Well today is my last day until I go back to work . . . TOMORROW!!!! I was off since December 22nd and I really really dread going back to work (but I am thankful that I have a job). I was getting used to this long furlough!!! ;-) I couldn't just stay home and bake more cupcakes today so this morning Toby and I went to Lake Temescal for a good one hour walk (and to take pictures of course). It was a bit hazy . . . low 50's but it was rather nice to be outdoors. This is the first time I've ever been to Lake Temescal in the winter. Where else can you see people going fishing, kids playing on the beach and see a water fall . . . all at one location? The fishing area is at one side of the lake and the beach area is on the other side. Permits are required to fish . . . I think they catch rainbow trouts. Anyhoo, it was nice just Toby and me . . . . ;-)



I'll be hitting the sack soon to prepare myself for the early morning rise at 4:30 a.m. . . . from 4:30 a.m. to 5:00 a.m., the hubs gets ready for work . . . I make the lunches for the hubs, AC and me . . . . then I go back to bed when the hubs leaves at 5:00 a.m. . . then I wake up (again) at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for work . . . this is going to be a shock to my body as I've been used to sleepin' in . . . ;-)

I'll visit your stream tomorrow . . . have a wonderful day/evening ya'll and thank you for your visits and comments. . . ~ Lulu

didn't renew my pro account on time, so more than half my photos were wiped out... they're back now, and hopefully i'll get a decent camera this year and revive my stream.

With several good shots of this flycatcher I had to choose just one to post. The other photos had different backgrounds and poses. Why pick this one? The catchlights drew my eye.

Processed with VSCOcam with j1 preset

W9 and I hike into Temescal Canyon from Sunset Boulevard. Dappled sunlight filters through the trees. We hear bird calls we can't readily identify and our excitement builds.... the game is afoot.

Then a cute young Nuttall's lands fairly close and proceeds to groom himself in full derp.

"California's oak woodlands are the place to look for Nuttall's Woodpeckers. If you find an oak tree in California, even in suburban areas, there's a chance that a Nuttall's Woodpecker will be around. These small woodpeckers don't just forage on trunks and branches, they also forage on tiny stems in willows and alders where they might look more like a sparrow messing around in a shrub than a woodpecker. You'll probably hear the dry rattle before you see a Nuttall's Woodpecker, which will help you pinpoint its location. When they rattle they usually stay put, giving you time to find them." allaboutboids yeah, rite.

Temescal Canyon Gateway Park (in distant low light)

It makes us smile and laugh to hear their "...distinctive call is a very high-pitched, drawn-out whistle, often rising from one level pitch to another (teeeyeee) or falling (teeeyooo). "audubon. It sounds like tiny birds having a Valley Girl conversation.

Lake Temescal, Oakland California

Woman eating ice cream in Temescal Alley, Oakland, CA.

Sigma DP1m Full Spectrum

Hoya X1 Green filter

Custom WB

Foveon Classic Blue Color

This baby has not fledged yet. He hops around on the ground and blends in with the dried leaves. The parent finds him and stuffs him full of bugs.

Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm, Olympus XA, November 2020

"This woodpecker is of moderate conservation importance, primarily because of its limited range, low overall density, and its association with intact oak and riparian forests. As a primary cavity nester, this species provides nest sites for many other species in these forests. Populations appear to be stable at present, and this species is common and somewhat tolerant of human activity." Allaboutboids.

Sunset timelapse at Temescal Beach in Pacific Palisades, California (part of the Los Angeles area). Shot on iPhone 6s using ProCam to take a RAW photo every 3 seconds, then processed the raw frames in Lightroom (desktop) to get control over highlights, shadows, contrast, etc (and removed a couple frames where people walked right in front of the camera). This allows for more dynamic range than shooting using the built in time lapse video mode. Then I used the app Zeitraffer (desktop) to put the frames together into a video at 35 fps. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with a “phone” these days? Though it isn’t really a phone anymore, its more like a pocket computer/camera that just happens to make phone calls.


Note: The one I uploaded here was downsized to 1080p for easier uploading and viewing. I actually tried to upload a 4K version but Flickr didn't seem to like it. The original video of course is just made out of a sequence of full frame iPhone photos, but that file is pretty big.

Sigma DP1m Full Spectrum

Hoya X1 Green filter

Custom WB

Foveon Classic Blue Color

Temescal Regional Recreation Area, Oakland California

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