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Taken through glass, I caught this rainbow over Leeds today. The buildings along the waterfront (River Aire and Calder Navigation) are expensive apartments, They have restaurants alongside too.

Leeds Royal armoury tower looking up

I previously uploaded this photo but wasn't very happy with the editing of it, it was a bit dull. Now I've had a bit more time to work on it I'm much happier with it.

Doge's Palace, Venice

The rooms of the Armoury contain a valuable historical collection of weapons and armaments from several sources. More details at

ETTC Sepoys man an armoury in Jameston, vigilantly guarding against Bluecoat attack.


Last one from the other nights trip to Clarence Dock


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After the recent Lotii raid destroyed the settlements stockpile of small arms, authorities in Spudkirk have ordered stores dispersed to small locations. Here a group of sailors deliver gunpowder from a visiting Royal Navy vessel to one of the new armouries.


A free build for Brethren of the Brick Seas on Eurobricks.


Inspired by this build by Jonas Obermaier

This former armory in Chatham-Kent, Ontario is now used as a banquet hall.

Swords, pikes, halberds, pole-cleavers, battleaxes, muskets and armour stretching as far as the eye can see - Royal Armouries, Leeds

Sourced from:



1912/01/01 to 1914/01/01





The Bay Street Armoury is a large structure whose form and detailing conjure up the images of a fortress through the incorporation of towers, crenellated turrets and a low wide arched entrance, reminiscent of a fortified gate. The Armoury is located on the edge of Victoria’s downtown core and is situated in a mixed urban environment. The designation is confined to the footprint of the building.


The Bay Street Armoury is a Recognized Federal Heritage Building because of its historical associations, and its architectural and environmental value.

Historical Value

The Bay Street Armoury is closely associated with the militia building campaign of 1896-1918, in which more that 100 drill halls and armouries were erected across the country. These buildings played a significant part in the militia reform by functioning as both training, and recruitment centres.

Architectural Value

The Bay Street Armoury is a very good example of an armoury designed in the Tudor Revival style with references to medieval military architecture. Structurally the building exhibits the most integrated use of new structural materials available in the early 20th century.

Environmental Value

The Bay Street Armoury reinforces the present character of its mixed, residential, commercial and industrial setting on the edge of Victoria’s downtown core. It is a conspicuous and familiar building in the community.


Jacqueline Adell, Bay Street Drill Hall, Victoria, British Columbia, Federal Heritage Building Review Office, Building Report, 90-220; Bay Street Drill Hall, Victoria British Columbia, Heritage Character Statement, 90-220.


The character-defining elements of the Bay Street Armoury should be respected.

Its reference to medieval military architecture designed in the Tudor Revival style, structural design and high quality building materials, for example:

- the simulated features typical of medieval military construction that include a low prominent tower; crenellated turrets that flank the main entrance, crenellated parapet walls that crown the building, and masonry pilasters on the exterior elevations formed like medieval buttresses;

- the symmetrically organized façades with windows of various shapes;

- the high quality masonry work;

- the steel frame and arched steel trusses;

- the structural materials consisting of steel and iron encased with fireproof materials and reinforced concrete used together with wood, stone and brick.

The manner in which the building reinforces the present character of its mixed residential, commercial and industrial setting and is a familiar building within the community as evidenced by:

- its relatively low scale and traditional materials which harmonizes with the mixed urban neighbourhood.

The Armeria Reale is one of the world’s most important collections of arms and armour, formed in Turin by the Savoy family. The museum is now part of the Musei Reali di Torino.

The armoury was designed as the headquarters of the 8th Lancashire Rifle Volunteer Corps and built on the remains of Bury Castle in 1868. It is a Grade II Listed building.

Built 1907 to a design by T. W. Fuller.

Distinctive windows a t the Moss Park Armoury building on Queen East. Built in the mid 1960's, the facade was renovated in 2010. What you cannot see in this view is the surrounding barbed wire security fence

Wall of battle-axes and swords

The Armoury, Castle Bolton, N. Yorkshire

The Royal Armories

Bamburgh Castle - DSC_7453_54_55_Aurora_HDR_2019

Top-break, double action, .44 revolver.

Crane #351 at Newington Armoury Whalf

walking through this beautiful castle.. it's a must see when visiting innsbruck. very old yet well managed! !

Just found this pic on my old phone. This was the first MOC I attempted, a few years ago now.

Left -> Right:

- Twin folding night sticks

- Bi-spectral photon blade, sabre mode

- Bi-spectral photon blade, stiletto mode

- Electromagnetic disuptor rifle

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